On Misandry, Keith Olbermann, “Mansplaining,” And The Bloody Head

Heads, we lose…

What a day. First I have to defend Bill Maher, and now I have to defend Keith Olbermann.

Ethics is hell.

Yesterday, the former winner of the Ethics Alarms “Asshole of the Year” tweeted to Kathy Griffin and her lawyer…

To @kathygriffin and @lisabloom: you could not be doing more to help Donald Trump if you were Putin. Please stop this selfish nonsense.

I love this tweet! For one thing, it confirms what I have been saying regarding the “resistance’s” supposedly principled objection to Griffin holding up a fake bloody head of the President of the United States. It isn’t because she “crossed the line,” or because, in their insatiable hate for the President, they didn’t enjoy the implications of the gruesome image. Democrats, progressives, “never Trump” conservatives and “the resistance” recognized that the backlash harms their mission, by making its supporters look exactly as vicious and ugly as so many of them are. Olbermann is a prime example, in fact, as this typical Trump-related tweet from the MSNBC jerk-in exile illustrates…

Classy guy, that Keith!

However, as self-indicting as it is, Olbermann’s tweet to Bloom and Griffin was  true, and also good advice. The exact same opinion could have come from any number of female “resistance” members: Maxine Waters, Samantha Bee,  Madonna, Whoopie, Meryl, Debra Messing, Ashley Judd.  Yet here was the reaction from Bloom (who is Gloria Allred’s daughter, carrying on the family business of dubious feminist muckraking for dollars):

Thanks for the mansplain! Super helpful! Will wait meekly for your advice on the right time for a woman to stand up against Trump. https://twitter.com/KeithOlbermann/status/870684220594593792 

Bloom’s bigoted, sexist and offensive theory, and indeed the theory behind the”manplaining” slur itself: a man can’t ever point out something to a woman without being accused of being per se sexist. (But women lecturing men is just a superior gender passing along wisdom.) This is an illicit tactic to deflect witticism, and  ‘ve been just waiting for the perfect opportunity to shoot it down as the unethical, below-the-belt, cowardly tactic it is. Thanks, Keith!  Although if Keith had any integrity or guts, he possesses the verbal and intellectual skills to tell Bloom exactly what her  tweet proves she is. He doesn’t have integrity or guts, however, at least when it means shooting down someone from his own “side.”

The “mansplaining” tactic just means, “Shut up! Your gender means I don’t have to take your opinion seriously or accord you the respect that you must accord me, for I am one of the favored ones.”

Not in my book you’re not, Toots.

On the good side, you and your client are neck and neck in the early race for the Ethics Alarms 2017 Asshole of the Year Award.

One thought on “On Misandry, Keith Olbermann, “Mansplaining,” And The Bloody Head

  1. Make it a double award, Jack. They are working as a team, after all. Kinda like those Olympic skaters who play shuffleboard with big special granite from Scotland (Curling). With about as much entertaining value, too.

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