Unethical Quote Of The Week: Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich

“On Friday, June 16, 2017, Laura Loomer, a patriot activist and journalist, took the stage at Shakespeare in the Park’s performance of “Julius Caesar”, a performance where liberals applaud as President Trump’s assassination is shown in full bloody detail. Laura was arrested for speaking out against this performance.”

Lucian Wintrich on the right wing blog Gateway Pundit, describing the disruption of the Shakespeare in the Park “Julius Caesar “production

What makes a blog post especially unethical? Oh, many things: misstatement of facts, ignorant analysis, sensationalism, incompetence, not being able to distinguish right from wrong and good from bad, appeal to bias and stupidity. Wintrich’s post, absurdly called “Proud Conservative Woman Was Arrested Friday at Trump Assassination Play – Help Pay Her Legal Fees *HERE*!” has all of this and more.

The conservative woman, along with her conservative male partner in attempted censorship, has nothing to be proud of. She’s proud of emulating the leftist crypto-fascist students who have been using intimidation and riots to prevent conservatives from speaking? She’s not a patriot, since patriots don’t intentionally ignore core American principles like freedom of expression and speech whenever they feel like it. The word Wintrich is looking for in his limited vocabulary is “hypocrite.”

She was also not arrested for “speaking out” against this performance. This can only be a lie, or Wintrich is too stupid to be allowed to put his shoes on by himself. You cannot be arrested in the U.S. for “speaking out,” and nobody ever is. He is trying to inflame the stupid and ignorant, or he is stupid and ignorant. Laura, the jerk, was arrested for interrupting a theatrical performance that she had absolutely no right or justification to disrupt. Just so there is no mistaking his dishonest, inflammatory and ignorant description as entirely deliberate, Wintrich, the hack, repeats it, writing,

“The left keeps calling President Trump a fascist dictator, but speaking out against assassinating a Democratically elected President apparently gets you arrested in New York City.”

Let’s see, what else? The play is “Julius Caesar,” and while a Trump avatar is cast in the title role, it is not a “Trump assassination play,” because it isn’t even a Julius Caesar assassination play.  The tragic hero of the drama is Brutus, who speaks more than four times as many lines as Caesar, and the topic of Shakespeare’s text is Brutus’ struggle between the conflicting duties of honor, patriotism, and friendship.

Nor does anyone applaud “President Trump’s assassination,” since 1) President Trump hasn’t been assassinated, and 2) while the Julius Caesar in the production looks like Donald Trump, he is still called Julius Caesar, and lives in, you know, ROME.  Nor does applauding the assassination scene prove someone is a liberal. Maybe it’s well staged and performed. Maybe I would applaud. Yes, it is a production that uses dislike of the President to get cheap publicity while indulging the fantasies of the Angry Left, and it’s tasteless, and exacerbates the ugly political discourse, but that’s political theater and agitprop, and is as old as the Parthenon.

Wintrich writes as if he’s never seen a live play in his life.

I wonder…

….Is The Gateway Pundit the most unethical right wing site? No, I think Breitbart has that title wrapped up, but The Gateway Pundit is an easy second, at least among blogs I frequently see cited by commentators who should know better.

.…Are the most dishonest and biased left wing sites as unethical as the dishonest and biased right wing sites? I suppose, although I can’t see how any site can be much worse that a site that would allow something as bad as Wintrich’s hackery make it onto the web.

….Is the worst of “the new media” more untrustworthy, incompetent and dishonest than the worst of the mainstream media? No doubt about it. But the breach of professional ethics  by the mainstream media is what has allowed unethical sites like The Gateway Pundit to thrive.

….How stupid and biased does someone have to be to read the kind of junk that appears routinely on The Gateway Pundit, and yet keep coming back? Well, read the comments to Wintrich’s post. It almost immediately deteriorates into a debate about whether all Jews are Communists. Now, the post is so stupid and misleading that I suppose there is a chance that just reading it damages cognitive ability, but Occam’s Razor suggests that regular readers of that blog start out ignorant and dumb as sloths.

Two more conservative advocates of “we hate what you people do so we’re going to emulate you”  disrupted last night’s final performance of “Julius Caesar,” one  shouting, “Liberal hate kills!” and the other the ever-popular “Goebbels would be proud!”


4 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Week: Gateway Pundit’s Lucian Wintrich

  1. Jack,

    “You cannot be arrested in the U.S. for ‘speaking out,’ and nobody ever is. ”

    Clarence Brandenberg (and others) might disagree with your definition of “nobody.”

  2. Just got back to this post. I will not use this source in the future, now that I know they act as bad as, say, NBC, CNN, and so on.

    In other words, political shills who spout propaganda instead of telling the story.

  3. Wow. Gateway Pundit and Lucian Wintrich are not helping the Right. The Wintrich piece sets a new low for self-invalidating illiberalism.

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