Now THIS Is An Untrustworthy Legislative Staffer…And Incidentally, We’re Doomed

In March of 2016,  Stacey Plaskett, the delegate to the United States House of Representatives from the United States Virgin Islands’s at-large congressional district. entrusted her iPhone and its password to staffer Juan McCullum, who copied nude images and videos of legislator after offering to take the phone to an Apple store for repairs.

After he left Plaskett’s office, McCullum created a Hotmail account and “sent at least eleven e-mail messages to multiple persons, including politicians, members of the media, and other persons known to [Plaskett].” The e-mails contained “one or more of the nude images and videos,” according to this week’s indictment against McCollum. He also created a Facebook account, uploaded the visual content, and then Facebook-friended people in Plaskett’s district to spread the nude images far and wide.

A few questions:

How terrible a human being do you have to be to do something like this?

It doesn’t even appear that this was betrayal for profit. In other words, Judas was a better person than this creep.

How stupid do you have to be not to know that something like this won’t eventually lead to you’re being arrested?

Well, that was some recruitment, vetting and hiring job by the delegate’s office! What are the odds that this guy had no red flags suggesting that he might not be the best choice to work in the Halls of Congress? Nver mind, that’s unfair. Look at some of the people who were elected to serve there…

If Secretary Clinton handed off her Blackberry and password,  all her e-mails just waiting to be hacked, what would we call that?

How naive, careless and incompetent does anyone have to be to have nude videos of themselves on their phone? Yes, she was betrayed….but this borders on Darwinian self-destructive behavior. It’s signature significance. She almost as untrustworthy as her staffer.

Increasingly, I am coming to the conclusion that human beings are incapable of using modern technology without a critical mass screwing up disastrously. The problem is magnified by the fact that technology is evolving faster than humans are getting the hang of it. The inveterate incompetents and the opportunistic wrong-doers will always combine forces to make chaos inevitable.

It’s Jurassic Park.


24 thoughts on “Now THIS Is An Untrustworthy Legislative Staffer…And Incidentally, We’re Doomed

  1. Well, it was kind of dumb to take the nude videos. I don’t know if she’s still in office but it seems kind of ironic that she represents the Virgin Islands.
    Anyway the creep that exposed her should be prosecuted and learn what it’s like to be “Naked and Afraid” in a Federal prison.

  2. Jack, you are spittinginto the wind. “Out of the crooked timber of humanity nothing straight was ever made.” Kant. On the other hand sometimes it is the ethical thing to do.

  3. “The problem is magnified by the fact that technology is evolving faster than humans are getting the hang of it.”

    I disagree…

    There was a day in age where humanity had “evolved” to an understanding that your own nudity was such an EXTREMELY private thing, you shared it with not just NOBODY but your significant other but with NO THING that could potentially reveal the privacy.

    So no. We only gave up on those notions of sacredness that had developed over time because it was old fogey-ism.

      • It was back in the days when we hiked to the creek uphill both ways to go skinny dippin’ in the dark of the moon. You young whipper snappers need to get some respect.

      • Maybe you lost me when you said technology is evolving faster than our ability to handle it.

        What do you mean by that? When you said “ability to handle it” I thought you were alluding to knowing when to use and when not to use particular technology.

            • ”In my opinion; there is no reason for nude selfies.”

              I with ya there, for reasons FAR too numerous to mention, am I right? The chances of a nude selfie turning out well are slim to none, and slim just left town.

              Reminds me of a scene from “My Cousin Vinny.” an hilarious movie if you’ve never seen it.

              Toward the end a very comely Mona Lisa Vito (Oscar Winning Best Supporting Actress Marisa Tomei) is showing Vincent LaGuardia Gambini (Joe Pesci) a series of polaroids she’d been taking, one of which was Vinny emerging, sans clothing, from the shower.

              He: “Here’s one of me from behind. And I didn’t think I could feel worse than I did a couple of seconds ago.”

              • Such electronic photos and videos on an internet connected device are ignorant. Security is never good enough to prevent such things from being found and broadcast.

                EVERYTHING on an internet connected device is public information… treat it so

            • What I can’t believe is that kids take ’em in the first place (shudder) THEN SEND ‘EM TO BOY OR GIRL FRIENDS!!! Then, of course, they’re surprised when everybody at school has a copy on their phones.

      • I was saying, that there was a time we treated our privacy, especially our privacy as it even remotely related to our sexuality with utmost protection and sanctity and that for the most part (at least far more than we see today) the population would NOT be frivolously and venally taking images of their nude selves…and if they were, they would guard with absolute distrust of their fellow man, any device they saved those images on.

        No, I don’t think we were less Fallen back then. I do think we rigorously raised people to more rigorously combat that Fallen nature.

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