From The “Stop Making Me Defend President Trump!” Files, The Unethical Tweet Of The Month By Chelsea Handler

Nice. The cult snarky feminist comic bluntly advocates a military coup. If there is a joke in there, someone show it to me.

These are your stars, progressives; your compatriots, your allies, your spokespersons and “truth-tellers.” They are willing to give up the democracy and the Constitution because they hitched their leftist hopes and fantasies to a corrupt, dishonest, venal woman and the anti-speech, anti-personal liberty, anti-sovereignty, anti-equal protection, anti-due process, anti-democracy party that rigged its process to inflict her on the American public.

You must be so proud.

What the hell’s the matter with you?


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19 responses to “From The “Stop Making Me Defend President Trump!” Files, The Unethical Tweet Of The Month By Chelsea Handler

  1. wyogranny

    The matter is that for progressives issues cannot be discussed outside of talking points. Because, if you are off the reservation on one issue you are untouchable on all issues. What’s sort of amusing to watch is the delicate ballet when two or more “settled” issues collide. Like the currently resurrected meme goes…don’t be the first one to stop applauding.

  2. Still Spartan

    I didn’t realize that every star in Hollywood speaks for all Progressives. But if you feel the need for me to denounce this B-list star, I’m happy to do so.

    • Good for you.

      Next: Samantha Bee, Bill Maher, Colbert, Noah, and the rest. See, if Chelsea didn’t know her audience would applaud such tweets, she wouldn’t make them

      • Still Spartan

        See, I don’t feel the need for you to publicly denounce ever asshole Republican because I assume you do not identify with them. Let me know if I’m wrong. If so, I’ll start compiling a list.

        • I don’t see or hear any Democrats/progressives taking stands, publicly or privately, against the conduct of the Party core—the base—since the November elections. Keith Ellison just said that the President was MORE irresponsible than North Korea. The New York Timed editors argue that they can’t be held responsible for what their own paper published, so its OK to write lies about Sarah Palin. Debby Wasserman Schultz; Google’s political correctness fascism—yeah, these are bi-partisan disgusting and no, I don’t hear or see progressives saying, “I refuse to support this crap, or an ideology the leads to it.

          I am tired of matters that any objective person should object to being called a “conservative story,” and liberals who quietly think, “Hey, I’m not THAT kind of Democrat are responsible for the fact that they are.

          • Sue Dunim

            Tu quoque

            • Sue Dunim

              How about we both agree that this kind of thing, regardless of which side did it in the past or is doing it now, is a Bad Thing™.

              Pragmatically, it would make sense to concentrate on what’s happening now, and take the miscreants misbehaving how to task, in the naive and forelorn hope that they might pull their heads in.

              Or at least get ignored as dangerous idiots by anyone remotely sane.

      • Chris

        Wait, what did Trevor Noah say that crossed the line?

    • wyogranny

      I don’t know about Jack, but I feel the need for the left to break the lockstep. As a group progressives seldom criticize other progressives even when the criticism is richly deserved. It’s the part of progressivism that most resembles religion. I’m sure there are sound physiological reasons for it, but those reasons won’t be recognized and addressed as long as the dogma on the left remains unchallenged from inside.

      A parallel could be drawn to actual Puritans, the actual Jim Crow South, actual slave holders, and others in history. It’s a pattern of history. The sooner it’s broken the sooner reason returns.

      • wyogranny

        Sorry, reply meant for Still.

      • Still Spartan

        I couldn’t disagree more. Democrats eat their own. One of the reasons that we can’t win elections.

        • Andrew V

          This is a still a popular progressive canard – that the real reason that Congress isn’t 95% Democrat is because the Party mucks it up. It couldn’t possibly be that the party advocates ideas that stink a mile away.

        • “Democrats eat their own.”


          • Chris

            This is hilarious. The Berniebros hate the “I’m With Her” people, and vice versa, and they both hate Stein voters. The “woker than thou” crowd hates “white liberals.” Everyone hates antifa, and antifa hates everyone else. You will never find a more backbiting group of infighters than the Democratic party, until you look at the Republican party.

            I guarantee you that on another website right now, perhaps Media Matters, someone just wrote “As a group conservatives seldom criticize other conservatives even when the criticism is richly deserved,” and they think their comment is just as true as wyogranny thinks hers was. Everyone always thinks that the opposing tribe marches in lockstep and that their own tribe allows for more diversity of thought and independence.

            • I think that the difference is that part of the psyche on the left is a dependence on group consensus. Where conservatives tend to value individuals, Liberals tend to value groups. So while I grant you that there are disparate groups within the left… I often wonder if the left as a whole almost sane, but they’re just abysmally bad at calling out their bad actors, or if the inmates really have taken over the asylum.

              I could give you dozens of examples of people ejected from progressive good standing for not being extreme enough, people who said “You know what guys? I agree with you on everything up to this point, but that next step is just a bit too far.” but I can only think of a couple of people who’s extremist vitriol crossed a line that progressives en masse decided crossed the line.

              I mean… That could just be the bubble I’m in, but once you get past Kathy Griffin… How big a list can you make?

  3. Wayne

    I don’t use Twitter because of all the crap like this tweeted. I know you’re limited to a certain number of characters which lends itself to thoughless stupidity like this tweet. The Trump derangement syndrome turns these morons into internet trolls.

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