From “The Progressive War On Free Speech” Files, The Unethical Website Of The Month: “Leave Your Dog Poop On Crissy Field”

I’d like to take a national poll, a California state poll and a San Francisco poll asking who thinks deliberately littering the site of a planned far-right demonstration with dog shit is an ethical thing to do. I think it would tell us a lot.

Patriot Prayer, a far right group that has held several  “free speech” events in the Pacific Northwest, applied for and was awarded a permit to hold a demonstration today on San Francisco’s Crissy Field.  San Francisco’s officials, being totalitarians at heart and like their increasingly senile but steadily anti-speech member of Congress, Nancy Pelosi, hostile to the concept of free speech, tried to pressure the National Park Service to deny the group a permit. The Service, foolishly hewing to the Constitution, demurred. The city’s police department  planned for a riot.

To foil the demonstrators, an artist named (yes, I checked this one for being a hoax) “Tuffy Tuffington,” had a brainstorm, or perhaps shit-storm is the better description:  to make the beach uninhabitable for Patriot Prayer First Amendment protected proceedings, he urged San Franciscans to plan to festoon Crissy Field, which is normally a lovely beach by the shadow of the Golden Gate Bridge, with piles of their various dogs’ droppings

“I just had this image of alt-right people stomping around in the poop,” said Tuffy, a self-righteous asshole. He is convinced that this is the best way to respond to right wing extremists in the wake of Charlottesville.  Presumably, President Trump will be required under threat of impeachment to declare that there is nothing wrong with defiling a public place and breaking the law to make it impossible for a group to demonstrate, because it is a false moral equivalency to insist that all Americans have equal access to Constitutional speech. Do I have that correct, Tuffy?

“It seemed like a little bit of civil disobedience where we didn’t have to engage with them face to face,” the Shit-Master said.

To that end, Tuffington, a 45-year-old artist and designer (I already pointed out that he’s an asshole, right?) , created today’s featured Facebook event page,  and the dog owners of San Francisco responded in packs, declaring their intention to stockpile their dogs’ output for days in advance, then deliver them in bags to the beach. Tuffy’s followers were also planning to reconvene on Sunday to “clean up the mess and hug each other,” as one would expect from Good Progressives.

I shouldn’t have to explain in too much detail why making the scene of a planned protest unfit for human beings is unethical, regardless of who is demonstrating, so I won’t. Using dog poop to do this is no different in principle from using broken bottles, tarantulas, black mamba snakes, killer bees, mega-decibel Lawrence Welk music, or toxic waste. Tuffy and his budding totalitarians from the Left have convinced themselves that they and only they know who deserves the right of protected and unfettered speech, so they feel free to ignore the Golden Rule (Their version: “Do Unto Others As They deserve To have Done to Them Because They Are Others, And Not You”), defy Kantian principles (if everyone did this to those whose speech they disagreed with, there would be no free speech), and warp utilitarianism (no, the end of silencing adversaries does not justify the means of destroying access to speech, expression and assembly.)

Patriot Prayer cancelled the rally yesterday, so I’m sure Tuffy’ and his poop brigade are taking a victory lap, though there are many reasons why the group may have been intimidated out of holding its event.

People like Tuffy, even ones not named Tuffy, are the real danger to the nation. Patriot Prayer and its ilk are just an annoyance. Evelyn Beatrice Hall correctly summed up Voltaire’s attitude toward free speech as “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”  Today’s liberals do not accept the ideals of the famous French philosopher’s gadfly, which is why they are not really liberals, and why they pose a threat to democracy and free thought. Here is the Ethics Alarms version of Hall’s Voltaire Creed:

“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to not have to say it standing in dog shit.”


Pointer and Source: The Guardian

12 thoughts on “From “The Progressive War On Free Speech” Files, The Unethical Website Of The Month: “Leave Your Dog Poop On Crissy Field”

  1. Probably a quote penned by Evelyn Beatrice Hall in her 1906 book about Voltaire but never actually said or written by him, various attributions to him notwithstanding.Regardless, a perfect quote to make the point.

  2. In the link Jack provided to USA Today’s August 26 article regarding the cancellation of the Patriot Prayer rally, I saw this succinct paragraph, “On August 19 thousands of counter protesters peacefully but loudly rallied against a small handful of conservative activists who held a “Free Speech Rally” in Boston.”

    ABC previously reporting the same event said, “A total of 33 arrests were made Saturday, mostly from disorderly conduct and a few assaults on police officers, the Boston Police Department announced. Police Commissioner William Evans said at a news conference this afternoon that some urine-filled bottles were thrown at officers, and police indicated on Twitter that some demonstrators were throwing rocks at police.”

    Trying to reconcile these two impeccable sources, I come to the inescapable conclusion that throwing rocks and urine at police officers is peaceful as long as it helps to shut down free speech. Or could it be that one or the other or both are as full of totalitarian dog shit as Tuffy.

  3. Why do they always go for the most vulgar option, ie., ‘pussy hats’, jars of urine, and strewn dog doo? I hear so much about how elite and intelligent they are, far more so than the ‘crackers’ and ‘inbreds’ in ‘flyover country’, but I’m not seeing it….

    • It’s what I call a “noise war”, or at it’s least one side of it. The idea is to be as unpleasant as possible, to punish someone into compliance, without doing anything technically illegal (or, if you are doing something technically illegal, without going so far that you stop being sympathetic to the audience). Of course, to anyone who doesn’t have Protagonist-Centered Morality, it’s just pathetic.

      If two or more parties are engaged in a noise war instead of engaging with each other, nobody has a good time (unless feeling righteous is all they care about) and options for productive compromise are ignored.

      I’m currently working on an article deconstructing this entire paradigm, but it will take a while to get all the ideas organized.

  4. Really, if the rally and poop-ally had happened as billed, who thinks the ‘activists’ would have cleaned up after the area was trampled in? This was just an excuse for urban pet owners to feel virtuous about not cleaning up after their beloved canine companions…

    • Beat me to it. Yep, if the mountains of trash and filth left behind at each and every Leftist gathering since Woodstock is any indication, they were never going to clean it up.

  5. There is about a 0% chance that more than a handful of them would have actually shown up to clean up their mess anyway.

    The best outcome would have been for Patriot Prayer to somehow cancel the event AFTER the poop had all been dropped off. Then when, inevitably, most of it sits there for a week, the city would have to clean up the progressive crap itself, as always.

    • That is EXACTLY what they did. I was on site when they got word of the cancellation and clean-up commenced immediately. It was pristine grass land within an hour. And Saturday, there were multiple groups roaming the grass with pooper scoopers, gloves and bags picking up the waste.

  6. By the way, here is the description of the Patriot Prayer event, from their own site:

    ***Patriot Prayer Large Event***
    No extremists will be allowed in . No Nazis, Communist, KKK, Antifa, white supremacist, I.E., or white nationalists. This is an opportunity for moderate americans to come in with opposing views. We will not allow the extremists to tear apart this country.
    Specifically, Richard Spencer and NathanDamigo will not be welcome.

    Before you accuse Patriot Prayer as being hateful, please find specific examples. You will not find any hate speech, you are being lied to by corrupt politicians. SF is supposed to be a safe haven for minorities. If this is true then please be respectful to the speakers we are bringing in. 3 black, 2 hispanic, 1 asian, 1 Samoan, 1 muslim, 2 woman, and 1 white male. There will also be an opportunity for an open mic for moderate Americans. Love and Peace is the only way to heal this country- so we ask that you do not use hate against us with the intent of fighting hate. We are here to spread a message of love.


    These are the “right-wing extremists” that Bay Area Leftists feel the need to cause a bacteria outbreak over, right next to a major watershed. Any five-year old should be able to point out who the drooling maniacs are in this scenario.

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