An Ethics Alarms First! Ethics Hero/Ethics Dunce,Tennessee Titans Player Rishard Matthews

Tennessee Titans wide receiver Rishard Matthews tweeted today that he’ll quit the NFL if it follows through on  a rule  forbidding players from kneeling in protest of…something…during the National Anthem.

“No I will be done playing football,” Matthews wrote.

Confusingly, he later deleted the tweet.

So here are the possibilities;

  • Matthews is willing to give up millions of dollars a year as a matter of principle, however misguided.

Now that’s integrity!

Verdict: Ethics Hero.

  • Matthews is bluffing, as in lying. He would never quit the only lucrative profession  he is qualified for to continue a pointless protest that literally none of the players can consistently explain.

Making a promise that you know you have no intention of keeping is dishonest.

Verdict: Ethics Dunce.

  • Matthews was grandstanding, shamelessly, then realized, too late, that he would look like an ass when he dutifully  stood for the anthem to continue collecting his salary. He pulled the tweet, but no soon enough.

Verdict: Moron.

  • One last hybrid possibility: Matthews wants to quit because he’s afraid that CTE is building up in his brain, ensuring that he will die a premature, drooling death. He wants to leave with everyone thinking he is a principled  social justice warrior fighting for racial justice when he is really just trying to stay compos mentis past the age of 45.

Verdict: Dishonest, but at least it is a good decision.

Unlike kneeling on the field during the National Anthem.


Pointer: Instapundit

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