Unethical Quote Of The Month: George Takei

That tweet—cynical, desperate, pathetic, ridiculous, hilarious—by the minor “Star Trek” supporting actor turned gay rights warrior turned pop celebrity pitch man turned Kevin Spacey—has been taken down, but it’ s too late. Poor George Takei has set a new mark for complex and creative virtue-signaling as an incompetent crisis management tactic. It’s interesting that this relatively new art form has become so popular for riders on the Harvey Weinstein Ethics Train Wreck, because it has backfired every time.

It’s gratifying that these Hollywood types are beginning to grasp the cognitive dissonance scale, but the damn thing can’t work miracles.

First Harvey announced that he was going to go after the NRA as he sort of apologized for assaulting, abusing, intimidating and raping actresses, because Weinstein gambled that this would make Hollywood say, “Oh,  you’re a good guy then! We’ll ignore the rapes, as long as your enemy is our enemy.” I can see how he may have thought this would work; after all, it had worked with Democratic politicians his whole career. When Kevin Spacey’s protective Wall of Silence  was starting to crumble, he tried the “I’m gay! Love me!” version of this tactic, figuring that he would more than double his support in the show business community. This did not go well.

Takei had come out long ago, so he couldn’t try that, and he hadn’t been giving millions to the Democratic Party, so a pledge to destroy Ted Cruz or Roy Moore or some conservative organization that he thought people hated more than they have problems with gay sexual predators wasn’t likely to work. What do do? Wait…wait! People blame the Russians for electing Trump! I can’t say I’m going to go after Russia, but I can say that Russia’s going after ME! Sure, that can work! I’ll blame the whole Scott Brunton “Sulu molested me” accusation on Russian bots! Then I’ll take a heroic stand, explain the Putin’s out to get me because I called him out on Russia’s anti-gay policies and proclaim that I won’t be silenced! It’s perfect!”


Here’s the theory. This is the cognitive dissonance scale, devised by Dr. Leon Festinger. I post it often…

Let’s say George was at + 8, generally liked, not a superstar.  Sexual predation is suddenly much less tolerated than it once was in Hollywood, so let’s say it’s a – 100 now. (At least that’s what Hollywood wants you to believe. Never forget..these are actors…)

Dr. Festinger said that in a case like his, a safely positive figure suddenly attached to a hugely negative activity, George would fall somewhere in the negative 90s on the scale once everyone’s dissonance was resolved. George, then, wants to use dissonance to get himself back into positive numbers. If he attacks someone or something deep in negative territory, he gets positive momentum up the scale. The NRA? Nope, Harvey already tried them. Anti-gay marriage bigots? No, Takei’s opposition to them is how he got all the way to +8.

AhHA! Russia! Russia must be at least as low on the scale as a one-time sexual assault!

The problem with Takei’s theory is that “ridiculous theories that insult everyone’s intelligence” are also low-rated on the scale.

I need a name for this tactic. I was thinking of calling it “The Lohan,” after Lindsay’s desperate claim when she was arrested with coke in her pockets that she was wearing someone else’s pants, but that was just a bad defense, not a transparently self-serving “I’m someone you should admire and/or a champion of justice, so whatever I did doesn’t matter!” defense. Should we call it an “O.J.”, after the Juice’s post-acquittal pledge to spend the rest of his days hunting down  Nicole and Ron’s killer?

Maybe it should just be called a “Sulu”…

15 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: George Takei

    • The thing is though…. They didn’t HAVE socialism in the United Federation of Planets. If a Ferengi heard that, their lobes would explode. Even within the military of the Federation, Captains still had bigger offices, better quarters, and more luxurious homes.

      I don’t know if pressed, Takei, or anyone else in Hollywood for that matter would be able to verbalize a working definition of Socialism.

      • Best memetic comment regarding Venezuela, was an actual headline to the effect of “Venezuela considers rabbit meat as solution to food shortage”.

        Meme says “Socialists start by talking about free health care, and end by taking about considering rabbit meat to solve food crisis”.

  1. Intitially, I thought “the Weinstein-Takei Manipulation” had a nice ring to it – but then, I’d forgotten about Spacey.

    And although this ethics train may be wrecked, it still has plenty of momentum. God only knows when the carcass will actually grind to a halt, and there will most likely be plenty more casualties who deserve inclusion in such a title.

    So that’s a nonstarter. But in honor of our mutual inspiration James Taranto, I suggest we call it the “Oh Look – a Squirrel!” maneuver.

    • In a previous post/comment Jack used the following scene https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pv3oDHGXdKI

      Larry: Look what you did! You killed my wife.
      Owen: No, I didn’t… Yes, I did.
      Larry: You’re a sick man, Owen. You need care and I’m taking you to the police.
      Owen: Did you know that Hawaii is a series of islands that was all spit up by the same volcano? I never knew that.
      Larry: You killed somebody! You killed a person. You’re a murderer. You took a life!
      Owen: You’re right. You’re right, I’m no good. How could I do that? I’m a sick pers… cows! (points at passing billboard)

  2. In the CNN Entertainment piece George Takei denies sexually assaulting model in 1981 about the Brunton accusation, it says “Brunton said he saw Takei again at a 1994 book signing in Portland and that the actor remembered him. He said he wanted to confront Takei about the alleged assault, but there were too many people there. Instead, Brunton said Takei signed a copy of his book for him and slipped him his Los Angeles address.”

    I’m curious, if you really had wanted to confront an accuser privately about a perceived assault over 40 years ago, as this statement suggests, wouldn’t you have found a way to do over those 40 years and certainly since the book signing 23 years ago? If Brunton really wanted to confront Takei privately about his accusation then after the book signing 23 years ago seemed like the perfect opportunity to do so, after all, he said that Takei gave him his address which is a clear indication that Takei wanted contact.

    In another article titled Portland man who accused actor George Takei of assault only wants apology over in the Oregonian, it states that “Scott Brunton just wants an apology from George Takei.” I’m going to state it outright, bull shit Mr. Brunton! If that’s all Mr. Brunton wanted there would have been absolutely no reason to go public with this accusation.

    I’m not a George Takei fan, but I don’t think Brunton is credible with all his claims, I think he is quite likely exaggerating about some things and probably openly lying about other things. I’m cautiously skeptical about anything that comes out of Mr. Brunton’s mouth.

    As far as George Takei is concerned, it seems to me that everything he does is trying to keep himself in the limelight; he’s been hanging on the coattails of Star Trek since the series ended. His persona has become almost cartoon’ish over the years. He was an average talented actor for his time but I no longer have much respect for the man.

    • “There were too many people at the book signing to confront him, so I’ll wait two decades until technology enables me to confront him in front of the entire planet…”

      As you say, Takei gave him the information necessary (his address) to obtain an apology privately if that’s really all he wanted.

  3. Jack: Sooner or later, you’re going to have to add “The Russians!” to your list of unethical rationalizations – it’s the “It’s anyone’s fault but MINE!” Dodge.

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