At The Winter Olympics, U.S. Speedskater Shani Davis Goes For The Gold In The “Biggest Jerk” Event

African-American speed skater Shani Davis tied luge athlete Erin Hamlin in the voting among the athletes to carry the flag for the U.S. Winter Olympics team in last night’s opening ceremonies. The  team rules dictated that a coin toss should break the tie, and  Hamlin won. Davis threw a Twitter tantrum:

Particularly obnoxious is the Black History Month reference, a direct allusion to the fact that Hamlin is white. I must have missed it: does Black History Month require that all African-Americans get special advantages, privileges and thumbs on the scale in every walk of life, or just black Olympic athletes, or just Davis? Perhaps Davis was subtly claiming that the coin flip was somehow racially biased, or perhaps that the coin was.

That’s not all, though. To make sure he wrapped up the gold medal for toxic jerkism, Davis also..

  • …protected his Twitter account so only approved followers could see his race-baiting and ungracious tweet, presumably on the theory that anyone who would voluntarily follow such an ass would see nothing inappropriate about his snit, and..
  • …boycotted the Opening Ceremonies, refusing to join his team in entering the stadium behind a young white athlete carrying the U.S. flag.

The question for me is how Davis even got as many votes as he did. Davis has trained separately from U.S. teammates for years, including the last two summers in South Korea. This year, he chose to do his pre-Olympic training in Germany while the U.S. team had its camp in Milwaukee. In 2006, when he became the first black athlete to win an individual gold medal at a Winter Games, Davis decided not to take part in the team pursuit event. Teammate Chad Hedrick mentioned the episode in a press conference, and Davis stormed out of the room.

I wouldn’t trust a guy like this to carry the U.S. flag; he might decide to kneel on it or something.

Davis was successful, to some extent, in turning his loss of the coin flip into a racial controversy.  Reverend Jesse Jackson, who has won race-baiting jerk medals in the past, called upon the US Olympic Committee to change the flagbearer selection process, presumably to a method that always favors black athletes. Jackson tweeted:

“The choice to represent our country as #flagbearer in the @Olympics should never be determined by the flip of a coin. The Committee should immediately institute a more appropriate system to make such a significant determination.”

USOC spokesman Mark Jones noted in response that the selection procedures, including the coin toss tie-breaker, is known well in advance, saying, “The Team USA flag bearer is selected using a detailed selection procedure that is fully driven by athletes.” Some of Davis’s teammates also weren’t accepting the sour grapes. US Olympic bobsledder Nick Cunningham, tweeted,

“I bet you wouldn’t be talking if it went in your favor.Carrying the flag goes beyond wins and losses and it’s an honor to even be considered.You’re only proving the coin flipped to the correct side.”

Freestyle skier David Wise wrote,

“He or She who bears the flag for @Team USA should conduct themselves with both honor and HUMILITY. A true Champion would walk by their teammate proudly. Seems to me the dishonorable coin made the right choice. As far as 2022 is concerned … you won’t receive my vote.”

Davis should have been kicked off the team. There is little enough justification for the Olympics at this point anyway, as it is mostly staged for TV ratings and advertisers, but the games are supposed to celebrate sportsmanship. Davis undermines that message, and his team, and is an embarrassment to his country. I wonder what would have happened to a white athlete who threw a similar race-based hissy-fit after losing a coin flip to a black athlete?

NBC didn’t mention the episode or Davis’s boycott during its coverage of the ceremonies last night. Apparently it wasn’t newsworthy.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s it.


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22 thoughts on “At The Winter Olympics, U.S. Speedskater Shani Davis Goes For The Gold In The “Biggest Jerk” Event

  1. The Olympics is apparently becoming a vector to bash Mike Pence (who isn’t helping his own cause) and talk about how inept the US has been in handling the Korean problem. To read some of the articles, you’d think we need to just step aside and let the two Koreas work it out their own way.

    As for flag-bearing, this is the second time out. In Rio, swimmer Michael Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all, was chosen to lead the contingent and carry the flag. Unknown fencer Ibitihaj Muhammad, notable chiefly for the fact that she competes while wearing a hijab and won’t shake hands with male officials, came in second, and how much digital ink was spilled telling Phelps to “do the right thing” and step aside? Since then Mattel has put out a Muhammad Barbie, never mind that she got knocked out of individual competition in the second round and left with just a team bronze. It’s no longer about the effort, the results, or frankly the sportsmanship, it’s about do you or do you not forward the left’s agenda.

    Soooo, who here wants to bet on how soon a black American gold medalist will take a knee on the medal podium? You know it’s coming.

      • Only cool if hijab Barbie comes with a long list of everything she’s not allowed to do, so no child makes a mistake and causes her to do something that may get her stoned or a hand cut off.

        Technically you can’t even take her out of the box unless you’ve also bought one of her male relative Ken dolls to go out with her.

    • thats a very negative way to look at it. First, you’re assuming there was controversy when there wasn’t. Second, the Olympics is one of the few sports events that has a tradition in championing:special and unlikely stories. There are going to be dozens of medal winners in different sports that are apples and oranges so the sports broadcasters need a way to create heroes out of them. It doesn’t necessarily mirror other sports marketing that usually focuses on the best. Third, it’s not like IM complained about it. She was classy.

      So in essence, you’re hating a woman just for accomplishing a lot with a hijab

  2. Davis stated before he hadn’t even planned on attending the ceremony. This isn’t uncommon. Many athletes don’t who have competitions the next day. This makes his grandstanding even more ridiculous. The event is should be about the team and country. This just proves what a narcissist he is (jeez isn’t that something those on the left have been complaining about a lot lately?).

  3. Regarding, “Particularly obnoxious is the Black History Month reference, a direct allusion to the fact that Hamlin is white. I must have missed it: does Black History Month require that all African-Americans get special advantages, privileges and thumbs on the scale in every walk of life, or just black Olympic athletes, or just Davis?

    My understanding is that the Black History Month reference is not so much a direct allusion to the fact that Hamlin is white but more so an allusion to the fact that Davis is black.

    a) when Davis wrote, “I am an American […].” he mend us to understand, “I am a black American / Afro-American.
    b) when Davis wrote, “[…] when I won the 1000m in 2010 I became the first American to 2-peat in that event.” he mend us to understand, “I am the first black American / Afro-American to 2-peat in that event.
    c) From (a) and (b) ==> Davis, as an Afro-American made Black History.

    See also the Washington Post, who wrote, that Davis is” the first black athlete to win gold in an individual Winter Olympic event.
    ( )

      • For me the difference is, I’m black and I made black history and this month is Black History Month”.

        If she was black but had not made black history, he could have included that hashtag.

        The intention of my response was to explain why I found the Black History Month reference less obnoxious then based on a black-vs-white dichotomy

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