Comment Of The Day: Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 2/15/18: Money, Massacres, Mudd And More (Item #1 School Shootings Demagoguery)

This comment grew on me the more I read the increasingly dishonest and unhinged arguments, all too familiar, from the anti-gun hysterics. It was sparked by a comment from another commenter, who asked how many of the proposed measures would stop a student from bringing a gun to school.

Here is the Comment of the Day, the first of several waiting for re-publication, by one of our Texas participants, slickwilly:

Aha! Good point, as most of this is aimed at the external threat, the shooter who is not a student.

Our High School Principal came out with a letter this morning, showing the ongoing policy for the student shooter angle. This was sent to teachers and staff, and I got it courtesy of my wife, a teacher. (bold is mine)

As I look back on this week, I think about all the positive things taking place here. We have kids competing at State competitions, teams in playoffs, in addition to all the great things taking place in the classroom. Our hospitality committee provided a great lunch on Valentine’s Day, and the list goes on and on. When I hear about the events that took place in Florida this week. I think about how blessed we are that we have not had to face a situation like that, and pray we never do. I wonder, if there is one thing we could do to prevent it from happening, what would it be? I keep coming back to relationships. I know many of you work hard to build great relationships with kids, and I know some are hard to reach. I asked at our last faculty meeting, could we all choose one student a week to send a positive email home about. If we all had a student in mind, about 120 parents a week would be hearing from us. We may never know what that could mean in that student’s life or ours. I hope you all have a great Friday. Thank you for all you do.

This policy of establishing relationships with students has stopped several potential students shootings in the past couple of years.

It would not have stopped Florida, but in that case, the flags were missed from so many angles. Did the teachers know what the students are now saying was ‘common knowledge?’ In Texas, my area anyway, the kid would have been in front of police the first time a teacher was told about the potential threat. His social media alone would have gotten him in court, and on the radar years ago. Such as Nick Cruz simply do not go to school, if those flags are discovered by ANY school employee.

No system is perfect. We protect where we can.


6 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 2/15/18: Money, Massacres, Mudd And More (Item #1 School Shootings Demagoguery)

  1. Excellent comment. Many comments I’ve seen in the media describe Cruz as an almost demonic person. Classmates now recall how they all felt that if there was a shooting at the school, he would be the one to do it. How many of them acted on this knowledge and tried to intervene? How many, teachers or peers, had a relationship with him?

    Some statements from classmates culled from various media sources: “The problem comes from the community, everyone created this because no one really was ever there for him, and someone needed to be there for him and I’m sorry for not being there for him,”; “We couldn’t help him at all. No one had ever been a friend to him,”; “Someone could have approached a faculty member, a guidance counselor, a teacher and said, ‘This kid gets bullied a lot, someone should do something,’ . . . I regret definitely not saying anything.”

    Comments from a neighbor who knew him for years, “He was ostracized his whole life,” said Gold, who said he was one of only four people, including Nikolas, and his younger brother, Zachary, who attended the funeral of his mother, Lynda Cruz, in November. . . Gold recalled seeing Cruz as a kid attempt to join other kids riding their bicycles in the neighborhood, but the kids brushed him off and called him names.”

    You can’t form a relationship with people who shun and bully you. Chris M, in a perceptive comment earlier today, discussed bullying and the role it plays in suicide. The above quotes are not meant to excuse Cruz, he is responsible for what he did, but I have to think being ostracized and bullied played a role in this tragedy. As Chris noted, this points to a place where an intervention might actually show benefit rather than just being another “common sense” law.

    • The problem that worries me with “see something, say something” is it looks a whole lot like something that can rapidly become “we don’t like you, so you don’t get the same rights the rest of us do” or “we don’t like your social preferences, so we’re going to constantly put you in a situation where you have to defend yourself in court just to be a citizen like the rest of us”.

      • Good point, TexAg (may you post forever)

        In practice, this system is not without flaws, missteps and overreach. One kid was arrested for snapchatting a picture of a watermelon he shot to a classmate during school hours, and a teacher saw the image and reported. Sherriffs to the kid’s house over an innocent sharing… and the teacher was following policy.

        This is where relationships come in: if you have relationship, trust evolves and this lubricates rough situations.

        We as a society have to learn where trust should (and should not) be placed. For example, concealed carry holders are statistically more responsible gun owners than the police. They are vetted far better than police. If a policeman can carry in a school, a CCL holder should be able to as well. But folk’s ‘feelz’ dictate otherwise.


    Children have thousands of times more odds of dying in a car wreck than a school shooting – which though being horrific and appalling, are rare.

    And yet how many advocates of banning weapons are willing to turn the keys of their Assault Vehicles in to the local sheriff’s office. Why? Well, “F-you, I like my car.”

    Your car is a luxury. They have existed only for a little more than a century – but look at the carnage! Where are the gun-control folks arguing that “if just one life is saved, it would be worth it”?

  3. Thank you, Jack, for the honor.

    However, the principal at my local High School deserves the credit, both for the letter and the policy.

    Sorry I am (once again) late to the party: I have to catch up on postings these days.

    Again, thank you

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