Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 3/25/18: “March For Our Lives” Hangover Edition

Good Morning!

1 Exploitation carnage. I feel so sorry for David Hogg. No teenaged male so obviously locked into the arrogation asshole stage of the maturation process, should be exposed to public scrutiny like this. His intemperate and foolish rhetoric will haunt him for the rest of his life. He will either be humiliated when his brain cells kick in, or he will develop into a full-fledged monster. What if he wants to go in a different direction in his life and career? I wouldn’t hire him. Who would? He’s restricted to left-wing activists until he changes his name or does a high-profile mea culpa and goes on a reinvention tour. Celebrity, as Paul Petersen has spent his life trying to teach us, is disastrous for kids; never mind: the cynical, ruthless partisan operatives who made Hogg into their weapon and shield don’t care about him, just the momentary political advantages he represents. When he is chewed up and spit out, as he certainly will be, they will have forgotten his name.

2. A half-Fick sighting! A (she says) transgender woman who calls herself “Lauren” on Twitter claimed to be drugging attendees of a conservative conference in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday, tweeting

“I love my job at the phoenix convention center starbucks and i love slipping my spare estradiol pills in the coffee of anyone wearing a #WesternConservativeConference lanyard.”

19 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 3/25/18: “March For Our Lives” Hangover Edition

  1. As you noted some time back, this whole episode is Astroturf, organized and paid for by the usual suspects in the anti-gun crowd. The best I can tell at the moment, the main thing they have accomplished is an increase in firearms sales and new NRA members (maybe a few million). Hopefully, that will be the limit of their success.

    Another interesting commentary on Burger:

  2. Those signs are less articulate than the ones carried by the Westboro Baptist Church.

    Here was one of my favorites, from a journalist: “If there was no Second Amendment, what would you recommend then?” I love it. You can’t win an argument based on reality, so change the facts to what you can deal with. There is a Second Amendment.

    I wonder if this journalist would ask, “if there was no Fourteenth Amendment, what would you recommend then (regarding criminality among the black population?)

    “Warren Burger said that the Second Amendment was about militias!” Yes, a lawyer actually tried this one on me—a liberal lawyer, whose tribe detested Burger (who was a pretty weak justice.) A lawyer, who knows that an opinion by a retired Chief Justice that has since been definitively rebuked by an actual Supreme Court decision, resorts to a statement that he wouldn’t use in a brief or oral argument, because he knows it is worthless authority.

    Which goes to show that the anti-gun cult rests upon a foundation of dishonesty and invincible ignorance.

    and most irritating of all, insisting that the Second Amendment doesn’t mean what the Supreme Court said it means, which is not merely sort-of like, but exactly like anti-gay marriage advocates insisting that marriage is between a man and a women no matter what SCOTUS says.

    Here is what Justice Stephen Field wrote about marriage.

    “For certainly no legislation can be supposed more wholesome and necessary in the founding of a free, self-governing commonwealth, fit to take rank as one of the coordinate states of the Union, than that which seeks to establish it on the basis of the idea of the family, as consisting in and springing from the union for life of one man and one woman in the holy estate of matrimony; the sure foundation of all that is stable and noble in our civilization; the best guarantee of that reverent morality which is the source of all beneficent progress in social and political improvement…”

    In a lower court, Field’s words about marriage count the same as Burger’s words regarding the Second Amendment.

    Finally, I share you this comment stream from another web site.

    updated 9 days ago
    If you’re going to start out slow, an Assault Weapons ban is a good start. I’d like to get rid of ALL GUN OWNERSHIP. Make the possession of firearms a Felony.
    Why? Start with the assassinations of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and the wounding of Ronald Reagan. All had an army of well trained, well armed, marksmen surrounding them. Even Lee Harvey Oswald inside of a Federal installation with armed officers surrounding him, was shot dead by a pistol packing, Jack Hruby.
    Now tell me that some gun carrying “Ya-Hoo” will keep me and my children safe.

    This Is Jon
    9 days ago
    Reply to @peggyday: what’s your plan to get all the millions of guns away from gangs?

    updated 9 days ago
    Reply to @This is Jon: Stop and use your head! If gun ownership is illegal, then law enforcement will have the POWER & JUST CAUSE to frisk and search. Right now, unless someone is shot [INCLUDING A COP], the police hands are tied.

    This does beg the question of who exactly would be frisked and searched under Peggyday’s plan?

  3. Just because it is an issue of reason vs emotion does not mean it isn’t an issue of right vs left. The left has been waging a war against reason, logic, science, truth, mathematics, justice, and rights for a long time. This is just one of the battles. Look at the current state of sexual assault in society. Reason vs emotion. Right vs left. Reason is a Western European concept developed by dead white males, so the left is out to destroy it.

    • I guess my point is that there is nothing about the Left that demands that it reject reason and reality. Facts aren’t left or right; ideology shouldn’t make people tolerate bad reasoning and weak arguments. A liberal with integrity should be able to look at this controversy and say: this is baloney, and embarrassing. I have no ideology, because it demands that I support positions whether the facts and logic support them or not.

    • I think he’s a very good candidate for paranoid schizophrenia in the next year or two. There seem to be some demons lurking behind those smoldering eyes of his.

      I saw a piece that mentioned New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft flew some of those Broward County high school kids to D.C. on his personal jet. “To the revolution!” In style!

      Reminds me of the college class mate I knew in 1970 who went to and from the demonstrations in D.C. in her first generation high tech mogul father’s chauffeur driven limo, along with a few friends.

  4. So I went to the Boston “March for our lives” as an educational thing, because I’ve never been to one of these, and I wanted to talk to people about why they were marching. I am on the pro-gun side. The signs they had definitely were on the variations Jack has provided here. The sign with the kid in the subway car, that’s actually the Boston Red Line. This march was definitely an emotional thing, because of the 10+/- people I spoke with, nobody was very knowledgeable on guns, gun laws, background checks, what is an assault rifle, the failings of gov in the Texas church shooting, the Parkland shooting, etc. On average older people were more willing to have a longer conversation. On average younger people were more irritated with me, once I told them what side of the issue I am on. I was polite and respectful, so there was never a brawl or anything. One of the more egregious signs said 2nd amendment = white supremacy. I talked with the college girls with that sign, and they gave me the whole systemic racism shtick. They also had NRA = terrorism. They said the NRA buys politicians, I gave a counter example, that Planned Parenthood donates a lot of money too, where I was cut off immediately and told, that’s different, they’re not murderers, and it’s nowhere near what the NRA gives. Another woman I talked with, late 20’s maybe, told me how could I look into the eyes of children that are scared for their lives and not do something. I told her that it saddens me that kids are scared, but it saddens me more, that the police failed, the school failed, and the FBI failed in Parkland. She didn’t rebut me and I wished her a good day. I also was surprised when some young people told me, if I don’t agree with the march, what am I doing here. I told them that this is a free country, I can be here if I want and that I can speak with other fellow Americans, even if we don’t agree on everything. On a positive note, people told me they appreciated my desire to hear the other side and learn more. It was an interesting experience, but like Jack said earlier, it was a “scream at the sky” fest. Also, the chants were boring. “Hey, Hey, NRA, how many kids have you killed today”, “What do we want? Gun Control! When do we want it? Now!”, “No more guns! No more guns!”, and so on and so forth. I want to say there were more women, there were families with children, which also had signs, people from kindergarten age to old age pensioners.

      • Someone had to do it, might as well be me. I wanted to see how real are the scenarios you see on YouTube, where people at rallies are interviewed, and they kind of bumble on, and say “homina, homina, homina”. A lady when asked what kind of reform she would like to see, she said all the ones we are all marching for. Under further probing, she said she needs to get back to her friends, and they chanted together. Another lady from the get go said, that she was trying to enjoy her day and doesn’t want to start a conversation. I just found it amusing, that people who took the time on their weekend day to go march, one would assume, probably know why they hold their beliefs and be able to give the best possible defense for said beliefs. Perhaps an unwarranted assumption.

  5. Just for the hell of it, I checked to see what my favorite knee-jerk progressive, Ethics Alarms exile Barry Deutsch, and his merry band of commenters, were saying on this issue. What kept appearing, and I have seen this elsewhere, was that school shootings were “unacceptable.” What kind of commentary is that? It reminded me of the time my mother announced that the reality of death was unacceptable, cracking up my father. It’s just the flip side of “Do something!” It’s a lazy and fatuous reaction. Yes, we all know it’s bad, a tragedy, awful, heart-breaking.You have demonstrated your sympathy by announcing your indignation. But to use that word implies that acceptance is voluntary. OK, if you don’t accept it, what? What does that mean? Shouting your non-acceptance to the sky? Does that make you a more admirable human being? Serial killers are fairly common: let’s say they are unacceptable. What would that mean, if said seriously? What policies would follow, and would those be acceptable? If one says “war is unacceptable”, that means, presumably, that one will not “accept” the responsibility of fighting against an aggressor, and that existence, war free, under a despot is more acceptable than war. If people like Barry are serious that mass shootings, school shootings, are unacceptable, it means they will accept unprecedented restrictions on our liberties and rights to eliminate them.

  6. “Rights in a free society get abused. That’s a feature, not a bug.”

    In this instance I think it is a bug not a feature. I doubt that anyone had it in mind that it would be a good thing for the 2nd to be abused.

    The lack of understanding drives fear and apprehension. The reaction is based on not having a grasp of the subject, any issue that doesn’t impact you directly tends to become abstract, an abstract idea is easy to dismiss. Democrats, those currently in charge of the party, have chosen yet another subject that will blow back on them. Anytime democrats talk of life or death, think of the children or any moral equivalent the backdrop of abortion readly comes to mind. In addition it is yet another issue that splits down urban vs rural. Demonizing 2nd amendment supporters will drive more moderates from the Democratic party, it doesn’t provide them with more unity. The party that can focus on issues that unite us, typically non social issues, taxes the economy or defense will be more successful and not risk as much at the voting booths. Defence of a enumerated right has been successful time and again. The left, the former champion of the 1st amendment has forgotten this, the more the Republican party stays silent on social issues or frames them as a protection of rights the more successful they will be.

    The democrats have lost thier way and may be in as bad a place as when they fought against civil rights.

    • Here is why I don’t think it is a bug, Steve. A right that can’t be abused isn’t much of a right. For example, a right to free speech that was limited to the right to say inoffensive things wouldn’t be free speech at all. The right to own guns means the right to decide how to use the guns, restricted by law, or one’s willingness to accept the consequences of breaking the law.

      I default to Darrow’s quote: “In order to have enough liberty, it is necessary to have too much.” Exactly. The liberty to abuse the right. A feature, and an essential one.

    • Demonizing 2nd amendment supporters will drive more moderates from the Democratic party, it doesn’t provide them with more unity. The party that can focus on issues that unite us, typically non social issues, taxes the economy or defense will be more successful and not risk as much at the voting booths.

      It is like the antigun cult is a religion, that the Democratic leadership is willing to sacrifice what should be an easy victory in the 2018 House elections.

  7. Look what Parkland shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv is saying, while his sycophantic peers David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez parrot meaningless inanities as tools of the left.

    It’s refreshing to see a well thought out comment by one of the shooting survivors.

    I wonder why the media doesn’t focus on Kyle?

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