From The Ethics Alarms “Irony” Files: “The Association For Honest Attorneys” Has No Attorney Members…

The ABA Journal reports that the U.S. Tax Court ruled against The Association for Honest Attorneys (Known as A.H.A! ) this month, denying  tax-exempt status for the organization. Why? Well,  it hasn’t had any lawyer members since its founding in 2003, and no lawyer could be found to represent the group in its tax dispute. The group’s founder, Joan Farr, spent association money at grocery stores, department stores and home-improvement stores.


29 thoughts on “From The Ethics Alarms “Irony” Files: “The Association For Honest Attorneys” Has No Attorney Members…

    • Because that’s the name of the file. I always put quotes around the file names in the headlines. Hence two days ago: “From The Ethics Alarms “Horrible People” Files: The Vile Progressive Professor (Yes, Another One, and Yes, I Would Fire Her) To be fair, sometimes I’ve put “Files’ inside the quotes.

      • Not sure the italics are needed or helpful. Putting them around irony hints at “not really.” Just don’t see using quotes around red file or blue file. Just a point of interest. I’m big on less is more when it comes to editing.

  1. April 1 was 20 days ago. Post on a joke article? …(checks article)…No, article was from April 18. Too many things wrong with this (puts down the keyboard).

  2. Is it irony when the name of the organization precludes membership?

    Like the ‘Society of Honest Politicians’ or ‘Association of former Easter Bunnies.’


  3. I’m going to jump in here, with very little information to go on. Texagg04 was chagrined at losing his temper at another commentator. If I recall his comment accurately, he was concerned that the anonymity provided by his handle may have thus provided him with sufficient cover that his responses were intemperate, to the extent that they were insulting and did not further the debate. As I interpret his last comment, he was not withdrawing from the blog, but would no longer use the handle ‘texagg04’. I suspect, but can offer no proof, that he is still with us, and would speculate that at some point in the future, he will reveal himself. At least I hope so. Like the rest of us, I miss my fellow Texan, and rival college graduate (I’m a Longhorn).

    • Chris can drive anyone right over the edge. Instructive to know what kind of professors he studied under and admired.

      And speaking of Baja Oklahoma (a friend and client’s term – he was an Oklahoma native and OU architecture school grad), my wife and I were in Australia earlier this month. We were walking down a sidewalk in North Sydney on our next to last day there and an American couple were walking toward us, he in a UT ball cap. I raised my right hand with my index and pinky appropriately erect (my Oklahoma friend’s explanation for which was it meant “Chapter 11,” at least in the mid-80s), to which he said, “Hook ’em.” I just chuckled and waved but realized after the fact that the appropriate response would have had me say “Horns.” Si o no?

    • …my fellow Texan, and rival college graduate (I’m a Longhorn).

      Texag and I would be your rivals, if the Aggies had not moved past UT several years ago.


      • Yeah, I know. And the Aggies are doing much better since moving to the SEC. The ‘Horns, on the other hand, are not doing well, either in sports or academics. (Sigh) Still my Alma Mater, and I still root for ’em.

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