Let’s Play “Fake News, Professional Incompetence, Or Just Plain Stupid”!

NEWS FLASH from MSNBC: Most Americans don’t do this…

Hello everybody!

It’s time to play the game show that is sweeping the nation, thanks to the escalating bias and partisan activism of the mainstream news media!

For today’s episode, our question concerns veteran broadcast news reporter Andrea Mitchell, once widely considered a trustworthy professional, now  member of the cabal of hacks that fill up the slanted hours on MSNBC.

Today, pumping for the NFL to turn itself into a weekly infomercial for anti-Trump protests, Black Lives Matter propaganda, and general progressive agenda agitation, Mitchell said this about the NFL’s ban on kneeling during the pre-game playing of the National Anthem:

The hypocrisy is so profound Take a look at any NFL stadium and people are getting hot dogs, people are getting beers. They’re not standing and saluting the anthem for a large part. They’re not. They’re distracted. They’re fans at an event.

Of course, as anyone who has ever attended a sporting event knows—and anyone who has any understanding of this nation and its poeple should know anyway–virtually everyone stands, respectfully, hats off, many with hands over their hearts, during the National Anthem at every sporting event, at every level from high school to the pros. What was Mitchell doing? Was she just lying to make her case? Was she stating as fact something she assumed was true but had not bothered to check, a gross  breach of professionalism? Or is Andrea Mitchell just dumb as stuffed cabbage?

So without any further ado,  let’s play “Fake News, Professional Incompetence, Or Just Plain Stupid”!


21 thoughts on “Let’s Play “Fake News, Professional Incompetence, Or Just Plain Stupid”!

  1. The description might reflect what goes on in certain luxury boxes, changing the food to beer and hot dogs to reflect what the hoi polloi would consume.

    Washington Post, 2013:

    “Dan Snyder has been steadfast when it comes to the guests in his owner’s box.

    “’He is absolutely loyal,’ said Andrea Mitchell, a regular in the primo seats, along with her husband, Alan Greenspan, for many years now.”

    • That’s fascinating. The conduct in luxury boxes has as much in common with the 30,000-50,000 regular fans as the habits of CEOs have in common with their employees. If that is the explanaation for Mitchell’s statement—that she doesn’t know this, and thinks that the people in the third level and behind foul poles watch the game like those in their air conditioned glass boxes with waiters, tables of food and champagne (and by the way, one reason I hate being in those boxes is that the privileged occupants are there to party, NOT to watch the game)—proves that the choice I checked is the correct one: she’s an idiot.

      • There’s actually multiple articles going back about ten years that mention Mitchell and Greenspan in owners’ boxes. Isn’t it good to know that the guy who was setting financial policy for the country for years thinks that football tickets are for free?

      • The people she hangs out with don’t respect the National Anthem period. They especially don’t respect it when the other party is in power, because then we’re a nation of overweight, trucker-hatted, camo-vested, loose-booted, gap-toothed, pickup-truck-driving, gun-wielding, beer-swilling, drawling, racist, sexist, anti-gay neo-Nazis, who deserve nothing more than “a kick in [our] yellow teeth and a punch in the throat.” Of course she won’t be the one to deliver either, she’s not going to scuff her Louboutins or risk breaking a nail.

      • So what she was really saying is that she and the people she hangs out with don’t respect the National Anthem when it plays.

        Fixed it for ya.

        After all, the rich progressives are much smarter than the peons in the cheap seats, and what they do is what matters.

          • I used to give folks I was not aware of the benefit of the doubt. I really did.

            It became a waste of time: Academia, the media, Hollywood, and the Elite Establishment are leftists to one degree or another, which means they are for whatever destroys American values.

            Just my humble opinion, based on the last three years of observation.

  2. Ah, but here’s the thing. Notice that you say “virtually everyone” shows respect for the flag and the anthem. That is undoubtedly true. But beer and hot dog sales do continue (I think there’s one NFL stadium that just recently shut down this practice during the anthem); people will still point at their own images on the jumbotron and wave and giggle; they’ll still carry on conversations with their friends. In a 50,000 seat stadium, these people surely number in the dozens if not the hundreds: a small percentage of the total spectatorship, to be sure, but not an insubstantial number in raw terms.
    If Mitchell’s “for the most part” line is quantitative, it is, as you say, a lie. If it could be interpreted qualitatively to suggest that those people who are buying hot dogs are indeed significantly distracted, then it’s a true statement.
    Representing a group based on the actions of a few of its members is always a risky business, whether the group in question is members of the Tea Party, or of Black Lives Matter, or football fans. Outrageous allegations are seldom convincing; plausibility matters. It strikes me that the sliver of truth in Mitchell’s description is what makes this statement particularly insidious.

    • Agreed. I have been to hundreds of live sporting events, and while I assume that some people keep eating and drinking, I honestly have never been aware of it. It has to be a tiny minority. The vendors, in my experience, always stop and face the flag.

  3. Andrea Mitchell, like most progressive elites, probably does not think highly enough of ordinary Americans to really examine or know them. I don’t think she’s ever attended a NASCAR race or a Little League game. She’s also clearly expressed her disdain for non-elite America, referring to the voters of southwestern Virginia as rednecks in 2008, while also showing a bias toward showing CONSERVATIVE elite people as out of touch boobs, sneeringly saying she didn’t think Mitt Romney had been in too many Wawas, when a clip was shown of him being impressed by a touch screen scanner, when, in context, he was commenting on efficiency in the private sector vs. an optometrist needing to file a 33-page government form to change his address, and jokingly comparing him to an urban legend that Bush the elder was unfamiliar with the devices.

    Frankly, I could return the favor, saying that a Jewish chick born to and raised by wealthy parents in New Rochelle (before it went to crap) and educated at the University of Pennsylvania before going into a career in journalism which kept her mostly in DC can’t be blamed for not having a clue about those who didn’t grow up in a brownstone, taking the subway everywhere, listening to their parents wonder how George McGovern lost when everyone they knew voted for him. However, I’d get slammed as a racist, a classist, and an anti-Semite if I did. How dare I say that someone who grew up privileged might not be in touch with working-class America? How dare I imply that someone who is of a faith that’s powerful in metro NY but a tiny minority elsewhere is wrong?

    Maybe my thoughts are “the quiet racism of low expectations” that conclude just those things, but I don’t think they’re misplaced here. Andrea has had plenty of time and opportunity to learn about and understand the rest of America. She has either chosen not to or doesn’t believe it’s necessary to, much the same as smug religion-hating jerk Richard Dawkins proudly says he has never studied theology, because you don’t need to study fairy tales to know they aren’t true. I loathe Islam, but I have studied it (under John Esposito, no less), and I think Communism was a political pestilence, but I have also studied that (in my undergrad years when the Cold War was still on). Only a fool thinks that hatred and disdain of the enemy are enough. To quote a proverb I’m going to place in the mouth of one of my own characters, although it probably sounds better in Italian, hate never made a marksman, rage never made a swordsman, and passion never made a leader.

  4. I think we’ve been sucked into an irrelevant narrative.

    Who cares what the fans do?

    No, seriously. Who? They aren’t being paid millions of dollars to perform an American pastime. They’re paying, collectively, millions of dollars to watch other people perform an American pastime, with all the attached bells and whistles. The fans generally can’t kick field goals, catch a pass to save their lives or do 10 consecutive pushups. Who cares?

    It doesn’t matter if the people walking around during the anthem is 97% of them, 50%, 10%, 1% or a fraction thereof. There *are* expectations on spectators, but they are different. The only situation where it might matter is if someone vehemently insisting the players stand did not themselves stand, because that’s hypocritical, point those people out to me and I’ll laugh at them alongside you, but I don’t think you’ll find many.

    • Oh, of course I agree that the fans and the players are held to different standards: the fans don’t have to be tackled, either. However, the Mitchell argument is really “this is just racism; fans don’t care about the anthem; they don’t stand themselves.” It’s still a false assertion.

      • See… I didn’t catch the racism angle, but you’re right… What else could she be saying? I watched the bit just to make sure I wasn’t missing something, but the context actually makes that more clear… BLM this… Kaepernick that… Why does politics have to be injected into literally everything. It’s literally a game, guys.

        • I think they would answer something along the lines that it’s the patriarchy that injects politics into sports by playing the national anthem before a game. As a result, protests are fair game. Blah, blah, blah.

  5. Actually, I’d guess MSNBC Staff and their listeners, all 4 of them, don’t stand…possibly because they’re too drunk to stand? Maybe something else, I don’t know.

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