Weekend Ethics Warm-Up, 6/9/18: PART II, The Bee-Free Zone…Facebook Friends Behaving Badly, Stupid Pardon Tricks, More On The Dancing Doctor, And Another “Good Illegal Immigrant”

Now that we have the unpleasantness of Samantha Bee out of the way, your gorge is safe. Well, sort of…

2. Short version: “Grow up!” If the long-time theater friend who just defriended me on Facebook is reading (yes, I know who you are), this is a message for all the people who can’t tolerate, or remain friends with, anyone who challenges their anti-Trump fanaticism by pointing out–nicely!– that they sound like lunatics. I know you assume that you are in the warm, comforting womb of a left-wing echo-chamber, but friends don’t let friends write stupid, or shouldn’t. You, let me remind you, stated in black and white that Al Franken was the best hope to defeat Trump in 2020 (See how nice I was? I didn’t even challenge that nonsense!) until Republicans secretly engineered his destruction. I wrote in response that this was tin foil hat stuff, which it is; that implicitly accusing Kristen Gillibrand of being in cahoots with the GOP  was bonkers, which is accurate, and that you should get help, which you should.

Your response was defriend me. Nice.

This has happened with about five theater friends, and in all cases over hysterical assertions that would be only acceptable from a 12-year-old. They, like you, are used to making ridiculous, hyper-partisan statements without being challenged, and regard a dissenting argument as a personal affront as well as the mark of Satan. You should not want to remain deluded, you should want to be called out when you write something idiotic, and you should not react with hostility to a friend who does so in good faith.

What I have learned about the resistance is that their logic, facts and debate skills are fatally flawed or absent. Their only defense against rebuttal is to censor it.

You really should not want to hang out with this crowd, my friend. Get well soon. I mean it.

And shame on you. I don’t deserve that.

3. Google is your friend, Mr. President. Yesterday, President Trump floated the idea of pardoning the late Muhammad Ali, who was famously convicted of draft-dodging during the Vietnam war. Ali, however, needs a pardon as much as I do. (Less, really, since he’s dead.) His conviction was overturned by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. There is nothing to pardon him for.

This kind of thing is an unforced error that justifiably undermines trust in the President. It’s just inexcusably sloppy—typical, I concede, but sloppy. I don’t blame Trump for not knowing that Ali’s conviction had been reversed: I had forgotten that myself. Making impulsive statements based on flawed information and snap decisions, however, suggests that the President might take impulsive actions based on misunderstandings as well.

Well, he does that, too.

More on pardons: I have seen several news sources, including the New York Times, contrast President Trump’s political “celebrity” pardons with President Obama’s pardons of less high profile Americans. Fake news. At this point in his administration, how many pardons do you think Obama had issued?

None. Zero. Zilch.

I wrote about the first pardon Obama issued to “someone who wasn’t a turkey” here. and quoted the withering verdict of the Presidential Pardon blog:

682 days into his presidency, Barack Obama, the slowest Democratic president in history to exercise the pardon power, has finally discovered the dark corners of Article II of the Constitution and, you know, the whole “checks and balances” thing. Yes, today, the President hasgranted 9 pardons. Why, even William Henry Harrison, who only served 32 days before having the poor taste to die, found a way to grant 3 pardons!

Trump just passed the 500 day mark. so he is a full half-year ahead of Obama in issuing pardons. Any pardons are better than no pardons. The mainstream media, however, intent upon bashing Trump and facts be damned, compared his pardons in  less than two years in office with Obama’s in eight.

I repeat: you cannot trust these people.

4.  Good! The “dancing doctor” I wrote about here has finally been suspended from practicing medicine.  She’s claiming racism. She’s black, so of course she is.

5. Another “good illegal immigrant” story. The Times is pumping these out almost every day. Let the Times tell it:

Pablo Villavicencio Calderon, 35, an undocumented immigrant [Psst! He’s an illegal immigrant…] , was making a delivery from a brick-oven pizza restaurant in Queens to the Army base next to the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge on Friday before lunchtime.

According to his wife, Sandra Chica, he presented a New York City identification card, as he had done in the past. The card, provided through a program called IDNYC, was supposed to give undocumented immigrants a method of proving their identification when dealing with city agencies, including the schools system and the Police Department, neither of which is allowed to ask about immigration status.

But on that day, Ms. Chica said, it was not enough for the military police officer on duty, who said Mr. Villavicencio needed a driver’s license, which he did not have. A background check revealed an open order of deportation from 2010. Military personnel detained him and called Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers, who took him into custody, an official for the immigration agency said.

He is scheduled to be deported to Ecuador next week, his wife said.

He was a fugitive. The Times, in this and follow-up articles, keeps saying that he had no criminal record. He not only is in the country illegally, he is defying a deportation order.

More from the Times:

“The arrest of Pablo with a municipal ID is sending shock waves throughout the immigrant community because they were told they would have some form of living in this city without harassment,” Eric Adams, the Brooklyn borough president and a Democrat, said at a news conference on Wednesday outside the Army base. “Now everyone with those IDs are afraid what will happen.”

So they “were told” that they were no longer accountable for their illegal presence here, we they? Who did that? I suppose it’s the Mayor and the pro-open borders progressives who cal the shots in New York.  Unfortunately (for them), the President supports enforcing our immigration laws. “Is this city, state and nation safer because they took a pizza delivery guy off the street?” asked Justin Brannan, a Democratic city councilman representing Brooklyn, at the news conference. Now that’s pretty typical of the pro-illegal immigration crowd’s illogical, emotion-based arguments. Is that the standard we should use for whether to enforce laws in individual cases? If it doesn’t make the nation safer, then let the law be defied?

Do illegal immigrants really think they have a right to stay here? If they “were told” that, then they were cruelly deceived, thought it appears that the news media and the Democratic Party is, in fact, telling them that.

Predictably, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo called the arrest “an assault on New York’s immigrant families.”

It was an outright lie.

19 thoughts on “Weekend Ethics Warm-Up, 6/9/18: PART II, The Bee-Free Zone…Facebook Friends Behaving Badly, Stupid Pardon Tricks, More On The Dancing Doctor, And Another “Good Illegal Immigrant”

  1. U.S. Army equals The FED and very probably does not give a flyin’ damn about Adams, Brannan or Cuomo’s opinion, however stupid it may be. Just an FIY, if you’re going to drive any sort of a vehicle on an Army base (and I suspect all the other services, as well), you must have a valid drivers license, either Army issued or State.

  2. #5 I’m guessing this guy is like Ricky Bobby from the movie Talladega Nights, delivering pizzas by using the bus. Otherwise I didn’t know that a NYC ID automatically confers driver’s license status. How dumb must people be to flaunt their disrespect of the law like that. He got all the comeuppance that was in store for him. They also might as well check his wife’s papers for good measure, since she plausibly knew his fugitive status, so that could be aiding and abetting.
    This reminds me a lyric from the Guns n’ Roses song One in a Million:
    Immigrants and fagots
    They make no sense to me
    They come to our country
    And think they’ll do as they please

    Even though the protagonist of the song is a small minded country white boy, he’s not stupid. Also, I’ve got nothing against gay people, no piling on. Thanks!

  3. The Times has taken a completely indefensible position. Some may complain about selective enforcement of the law — a ‘good’ illegal immigrant should be allowed to stay and a ‘bad’ one shouldn’t. Others, oddly, ordain some kind of honorific to all illegal immigrants: hence, sanctuary cities and so forth. I will never understand it. This guy ignored a deportation order. Period. I don’t care how nice a guy he is, he ignored a legal order to leave the country.

    Just like outstanding warrants for any law-breaker: ignore the warrant if you choose, but it you happen to be picked up, pay the consequences.

  4. #4 GOOD!!!!!!! My only question is what the hell took them so long to suspended her?

    Absolutely no surprise that she is claiming racism, it’s the go-to for everything now.

    #2, #3, #5 Even though I didn’t vote for Trump the first time around, the anti-Trump resistance is using a D9 Caterpillar to literally shove me into voting for Trump in the next Presidential election. It’s quite unlikely now that I’d support any candidate that the anti-Trump resistance would support, they have sunk themselves.

    Good job Progressives.

  5. ”implicitly accusing Kristen Gillibrand of being in cahoots with the GOP was bonkers, which is accurate, and that you should get help, which you should.”

    *You can’t climb a fence leaning toward you,
    *You can’t kiss a girl leaning away from you, and
    *You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to be helped.

    • To be fair to my addled ex-FB friend, George Soros just accused Gillibrand of whacking Franken to remove him as a rival for the 2020 nomination. That’s not quite as tin foil hat as claiming she was conspiring with the GOP, which was not trying to establish a “an unconsented grope 20 years ago standard” since they had some vulnerable Congress members themselves. And as awful as Gillibrand is, 1) she couldn’t possibly think Franken was a real contender and 2) that those kinds of tactics wouldn’t ruin her as well. Moreover, Gillibrand’s stance was the same one she has been parading since Mattress Girl.

          • In a way, he was: he removed every legitimate conservative leaning contender from the GOP field. Hillary and the shills in the media conspired to give him all the press, after all.

            Doesn’t that make him a kind of (unintentional) mole for the Democrats?

            Just an interesting thought, in a philosophical sort of way.

            That he turned out to strike a cord with the deplorables was moral luck, no?

            • Absolutely. The GOP fell into the Moral Luck Dream Pudding. The block of Obama’s SCOTUS nomination could have easily backfired, and it worked, stupid and unethical though it was. Not blocking Trump’s nomination could have lost both Houses and installed Hillary, and it did the opposite. Trump might have proven as mad and inept as so many predicted, but he’s been effective in many ways—moreso than Obama. All moral luck.

              • All moral luck.

                Or karma.

                Or cosmic balance.

                The perversity of the American common man when being told to listen to his betters.

                Divine intervention, if you believe that way. Jeremiah 18:8


          • A very very tiny percentage of me still says that. Just a mole they’ve lost control of.

            Like releasing a virus on an enemy population only to have it waft in the breeze back to your own people.

              • I suspect part of the reason is that no one else actually tried, but it also seems to me that Trump knows when to identify with people rather than looking down on them. I think that’s a large part of what’s gotten him this far. We may finally have a president who appears to be involved in and competent at foreign policy. If so, that’s a relief; I was getting tired of waiting.

  6. Should factory-installed breathalyzers determining sobriety (or stupid@$$dumbfuckalyzers determining…well, you get the picture) be mandatorily engaged prior to posting to FacePlant?

    A reportedly caucasian White Lefty Guilt suffocated Rutgers Professor idiotically signals hilariously imbecilic faux-virtue, hillarity ensues.

    “A white professor at Rutgers University is being investigated by the school for a Facebook post captured by The Daily Caller that railed against white children eating in a Harlem restaurant while he was there.”


    The kicker? The Harlem Restaurant he was referencing (heh!) BANNED his sorry @$$.

    The kicker 2.0? He’ll probably get fired.

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