Contender For Unethical Quote Of The Decade: Rep. Maxine Waters (D., CAL)

“If you see anybody from that Cabinet in a restaurant, in a department store, at a gasoline station, you get out and you create a crowd and you push back on them, and you tell them they’re not welcome anymore, anywhere.”

Maxine Waters, race-biting fool extraordinaire and, astoundingly, a member of Congress, endorsing the Red Hen restaurant’s denial of Sarah Huckabee’s right to enjoy a public accommodation with her family, and encouraging more of the same.

“Creating  crowd”  to harass someone who is doing no harm is called “inciting a riot.” If I see anyone trying to “create a crowd” to tell a citizen that he or she is not welcome, I’m calling the police. In the alternative, I’ll “create a crowd” of fair and decent Americans to make the point that bullies and bigots aren’t welcome in a civilized society. Fortunately most rational people realize that Waters is a vicious idiot, but the Democrats have an obligation to make her cool it.

She is going to get someone killed, and those who tolerate and enable her will be complicit.


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94 responses to “Contender For Unethical Quote Of The Decade: Rep. Maxine Waters (D., CAL)

  1. What do you think will happen when Conservatives have had enough of this bull shit and they resort to the same kind of behavior?

    This is where hive minds will take us…

    • Many are already there: tired of the outright BS of progressives. The pot is boiling, just waiting for the right incident to provide an explosion.

    • Chris Marschner_

      Z. Can you point me to the source for the video. I watched the whole thing.


      • Didn’t you read the text at the beginning? I actually had to watch this as a student shortly after it was release in the late 60’s.

        • Chris Marschner_

          I will go back and review.

        • Chris Marschner_

          I was looking to get the video file. Is this on youtube?

        • The movie might have been release to classrooms in the very early 70’s I don’t actually remember the year I saw it.

        • I just read something that said that the film was release in 1981, long after I was out of school. Can my memory be so screwed up that I didn’t actually see the movie in school and only studied the story in school long before the movie was released? I’m positive I remember having some kind of test about the story.

          Memory is a “funny” thing.

          • dragin_dragon

            I don’t think your memory is screwed up. I thought I saw this thing BEFORE I went into the Army in ’65, but it says it was made in ’67. I do remember seeing it, but don’t know when.

            • Actually it says the experiment was in ‘67, the only thing I could find about the date the movie created said ‘81.

              I guess this all is beside the point of the movie, which is why I shared it.

              Sorry for the deflection.

  2. You tube is the only place I’ve seen it in over 20 years. I don’t know how to get it otherwise, I’d live to have my own digital copy.

  3. Sue Dunim

    You get rubbish like this already.

    One Red Hen restaurant (it’s not a chain) has been vandalised in DC. So has a Red Lobster one. And another Red Hen one in Ottawa.

    “You have to be affiliated somehow or you couldn’t have the same name,” declared one Twitter user.

    Trump voters by and large aren’t exactly geniuses. The Leader calls – they answer his tweets with action. At his rallies, he used to reminisce about the “good old days” when hecklers got roughed up. “I’d like to punch him in the face,” he said of one protester. “Knock the crap out of them.” “The audience hit back. That’s what we need a bit more of.”

    Still, it could be worse. They’re just throwing eggs, not Molotov cocktails.

    • What’s your point? You kick a hornet’s nest and promote violence, you get violence. I know you know the difference between someone trying to disrupt a political rally and someone trying to use a public accommodation peacefully and non-politically.

      The wild stretches people will go to to rationalize outrageously unethical conduct on the Left!

      • Sue Dunim

        “After consultation with my staff and public health experts, please be advised that this establishment will not accept or allow members of the Cabinet to be served in any capacity in this public facility”

        I’m sure you recognise the Leader’s words.

        There’s a bit of a power imbalance here though is there not?

        Now we have the Leader using official communications to maliciously libel a business. Yes, it’s arguably a breach of criminal law too, but only if you take a broad view of the law prohibiting personal enrichment to include prohibiting the power of the Presidency to pursue personal vendettas.

        I think history will not look kindly on the Leader. I think it unlikely that many will admit to voting for him in twenty years time.

    • Trump voters by and large aren’t exactly geniuses.

      This slur… and slur it is… is part of what got Trump elected. The left thinking that they are the smartest in the room, any room, while objective analysis suggests otherwise.

      Are Antifa genius level? They use bricks instead of eggs… while the left either cheers or looks the other way.

      The left has been begging for blood in the streets, even to the point of spilling it themselves. And her we have Sue saying it is the right who is violent.

      Hang tight, girl: folks like you are ensuring you that which you project on the right!*

      *I am not rooting for violence -unlike many on the left- but simply giving the logical progression of how thing are happening.

  4. carcarwhite

    i must live in a bubble. i just don’t get it. a few ppl on the left i’ve spoken too think this is OK!!! cuz of HOW BAD THE RIGHT IT AND HOW INTOLERANT THEY ARE.

    I guess on both sides there are extremists… but OMG… i’ve never heard anyone say “this is what they deserve, fuck them” to ppl on the right.

    they really think this is OK. and we should do it more. the person told me it’s free speech. and that they have the right to “believe what they do” but there’s consequences to it. and what maxine did is OK, and nancy pelosi is part of the PROBLEM!!! and hurting the dems!!

    what did i miss?

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