Apology Of The Year (So Far): Patterico

I’m not a fan of the blog Patterico’s Pontifications for a lot of reasons, beginning with the fact that he doesn’t supply his real name. He appears to be a generally conservative blogger whose assessment of mainstream media bias comports with my own. He also has been a vocal Never Trumper, and since November of 2016, that way madness lies, as we can see from some of the hysterical commentary from the likes of Bill Kristol, George Will, Jennifer Rubin and others. Patterico’s brain jumped the shark with his ratification of the absurd Angry Left and “resistance” conspiracy theory that a former aide to Judge Kavanaugh, Zina Bush, was flashing a white supremacy signal behind him during the first day of the Senate hearings on Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court. I wrote about it here; the controversy was beyond stupid, and in my opinion, so stupid that I did not feel it was worthy of a stand-alone post. I considered checking my Facebook friends’ posts to see how many of them were swallowing this idiocy, but chickened out.

The furious anti-Trump warriors become even more infuriated when you call them deranged, but the Zina Bush uproar is an excellent example of why it is not only fair to do so, but essential. They need to know. There is no reasonable justification for assuming or concluding that Zina Bush. or Brett Kavanaugh, or Donald Trump are white supremacists any more than there is justification for assuming or concluding that they are cocker spaniels or invaders from the Planet Zontar. If you think any of these people are really white supremacists with a white supremacy agenda, then you have slipped a cog somewhere, and need help.

I think what has happened to such sufferers is that they heard too many repetitions of certain dishonest and divisive parts of the Democratic party’s disinformation campaign to seed their coup, and at some point began to believe them, The white supremacy delusion seems to arise from the repeated smear, a standard one since Trump entered the Presidential race in 2015 by a frontal assault on the nation’s policy of encouraging and romanticizing illegal immigration, that opposing illegal immigration was the same as opposing immigration itself—hence xenophobia, hence “nativism,” hence racism, hence “white supremacy.” In fact, nothing in Donald Trump’s vast history of dubious conduct and ill-considered statements suggest a white supremicist agenda or beliefs in any way.

This has been completely ignored, and then forgotten, by the Trump-haters, who no longer are capable of recognizing how silly the accusation makes them appear. Now they really believe that Trump is a racist, which makes the Republican Party racist, which makes anyone who doesn’t want the election to be overturned (and the Constitution be damned) a racist. Anyone who agrees to work for Trump is a racist, anyone the President hires or nominates is a racist, and anyone who worked for that nominee is a racist. The Trump Deranged have a massive bias growing in their brains like a thriving tumor, and it has made them astoundingly stupid. Only astounding stupidity would lead someone to conclude that the wife of a U.S. Attorney is giving secret racist finger signals on television, and to let anyone else know their brain is malfunctioning to that extent.

Thus it was that so many people, who were once as sane as you or I, were certain that a random hand position by Zina Bush was evidence of a Vast White Supremacy Conspiracy. Democrats who knew this was ludicrous nonetheless allowed it to  play out, since they would literally be grateful for anything that could derail Kavanaugh’s nomination, and because they have no integrity in this matter, no shame, and there are no depths to which they won’t stoop.

But I digress. Patterico, being NeverTrump, allowed his bias to gull him into accepting the crazy theory as true, and so he argued. When the fog lifted, he authored a terrific, Level One apology on Twitter and his blog. On Twitter…

I Am an Idiot: Zina Bash’s OK Sign Was Completely Innocent After All. (Apologies to @USAttyBash and Zina Bash.) I’m just going to take my lumps on this one. I deserve it.

On his blog:

There’s no sugar-coating this. I was wrong about this. Badly, badly wrong. Laughably wrong. Zina Bash, the former clerk of Kavanaugh’s who made the OK sign did it for an innocent reason…

I utterly screwed the pooch on this one. I’m leaving the post up with a prominent update and a link to this post. You guys were right and I was wrong.

I think it’s important to publish this because I think very few people have seen this explanation and/or the video I linked here. In all the people calling me an idiot over this, not one person supplied the information — which doesn’t make you ill-informed, but just tells me that the real explanation has not gotten enough publicity. Here’s hoping that this post can do just a little bit to fix that.

My sincere apologies to Zina Bash and her husband for contributing to the silly noise over this issue. I feel sick about it. I think (other than my usual Sunday morning post) that I’ll take the rest of the weekend off.


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14 thoughts on “Apology Of The Year (So Far): Patterico

  1. It seems that a thiriugh apology would be “This was a presumptively ludicrous assumption,” rather than, “Sorry, their story checks out on tape.” Most of the blog post is devoted to evidencing that others are using the OK sign in a smart-assed way, so that in absence of exculpatory documentation Bash’s use of the sign would justify labeling her as part of that group. It wouldn’t.

  2. Since the insular concept of white supremacy would contain a certain amount of xenophobia, it is not surprising that it is also non-inclusive of the many and various reactions one can get from making our “okay” sign – tips of thumb and forefinger making a circle – in front of the rest of the world. In Japan, as I recall to my embarrassment, it means “money.” The French, pragmatically, see it as “zero” (I’ve used that one myself) And in Germany and Russia, and elsewhere, I’ve been told, it stands for “asshole”. Infants can make the sign as well, though there is some confusion as to whether it indicates “pick me up,” “change my diaper,” “feed me,” or “Okay, I ain’t got no money; give it here, asshole!”

    I can only surmise that the flawed microscope the left is carrying around these days is creating a crack in its brain.

    • I think it’s well attested in several scientific journals that when babies do the sign it means, interchangeably, “The South will Rise Again” or “If Germany had only delayed on attacking Russia, a far brighter and more prosperous future for all Aryan Peoples would have been realized”.

      • If Hitler had ANY sense Great Britain would be speaking German today, and Russia would have been taken out after a short rest period.

        A two front war in the 1940s was a really stupid idea. Ask the Japanese, who had indigestion over China before they attacked Pearl Harbor.

        • I’ve read and heard many arguments on those lines. But it wasn’t just Hitler’s lack of sense. The higher general staff weren’t, at the end of the day, the best the Germans could ask for, though there are of course notable exceptions.

          We place way too much stock in Germany’s military acumen. When, in summary, at the end of the day, MOST armies on this planet will win outright with Blitzkrieg tactics, which rely on massive, coordinated, SURPRISE assaults on broad fronts with one or two focal points.

          German success against Russia wasn’t so great and benefited greatly from Russian ineptitude of its own at high levels (for all the same reasons Germans weren’t so hot at their highest levels).

          German success against all other nations? Look at the line up of nations they clobbered… Not a single one was anything other than a lopsided match in NUMBERS and Material. Plus the Blitz.

          The only exception to this is France, which actually held up relatively well against blitz and ultimately showed that the Germans had to rely on a meat grinder like they did in World War 1. Meatgrinders do not favor nations in protracted wars, which this would become. The German Navy would not clear the British navy from the seas and therefore any German attempt on England was fraught with peril. Outside of SURPRISE (and often treacherous) blitzkriegs, the German army was AWFUL on the defense — it’s primary defensive tactic was to give ground to an attacker, and then immediately counterattack with small scale blitzes…which often successful, cost the German army increasingly devastating numbers of manpower.

          For history, I’m about 75% determinist / 25% things-don’t-have-to-turn-out-a-certain-way. But, there was no way Germany wins WW2 the way it was fighting it (and it can’t be blamed entirely on Hitler, but on the type of sycophancy that all totalitarian regimes engender).

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