I Break My Own Rule And Publish A Social Media Meme…

Here it is:

The Ethics Incompleteness Principle holds that ethics rules don’t always work in anomalous situations. An Ethics Alarms rule is that internet memes are simple-minded agitprop, lazy ways for the uninformed and the critical thought-challenged to circulate pre-digested talking points and partisan distortions. I hate them.

But I was actually beginning work on a flow chart of the constantly changing arguments against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, and this magically appeared. (Pointer: Instapundit)

It’s perfect, fair, and true.


15 thoughts on “I Break My Own Rule And Publish A Social Media Meme…

  1. The flaw in this meme is the scale-less X-axis. If they skewed the X axis to actually equally represent time, you’d see a gradual increase in “severity” then a sudden massive ramp up in severity followed by a near immediate headlong dive into silliness.

  2. Well Jack, I guess rules are made to broken, aren’t they. Even by ethicists when the situation presents itself. Great bell curve. Works for me!

  3. Your insights and emails are one of the highlights of my day. I would love to hear your thoughts about the Jason Van Dyke trial here in Chicago…. Jody

    Sent from AOL Mobile Ma

  4. Shouldn’t Michael Avenatti have larger presence on this chart? A third axis all his own? A fifth dimension? An overlay? Special Michael Avenatti glasses to read the chart? A Michael Avenatti decoder ring?

  5. At this point in time I’m convinced that the anti-Trump resistance and the social justice warrior cult has sunk so far into actual delusional thinking that they would knowingly vote for the Devil himself.

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