Sunday Ethics Warm-Up, 10/7/18, Part II: Fake Satire, Fake Racism, Fake Harvard

Good Morning AGAIN!

My OTHER favorite hymn when I’m feeling blue..

3. If I were the producer of Saturday Night Live…I would strongly push the show to do what satirical shows are supposed to do: make fun of everyone. It is just good business, as well as comedic integrity: make everyone watch to see who gets skewered.  But no: despite the over-abundance of potential and indeed near mandatory targets of parody and mockery, SNL took sides—the same one it has been taking now, virtually exclusively, for years. There was no Spartacus sketch, despite the preening of the absurd Cory Booker, and a skit that virtually writes itself. Lindsay Graham was cruelly mocked, but not Kirsten Gillibrand, nor Diane Feinstein. Ah, but Senator Susan Collins, who made a brave, clear, invaluable speech about her choice–women get choices, I hear—to buck the #MeToo bullies and lynch mobs and confirm Brett Kavanaugh, was mocked for THAT last night, aan portrayed as weak dupe. Yet despite the mannered, baby-talking, confused presentation by Blasey-Ford, whom I would deem a satirist’s dream, the show’s writers didn’t have the guts to touch her.

4. Speaking of jokes…Georgetown prof C. Christine Fair, who the college thinks can be trusted to be neutral and fair to white men in her classroom despite her racist and violent tweets, had an explanation after her Twitter account was suspended. She had written, you will recall,

“Look at [this] chorus of entitled white men. All of them deserve miserable deaths while feminists laugh as they take their last gasps. Bonus: we castrate their corpses and feed them to swine? Yes.”

Come on! Don’t you get the joke? She was kidding! Fair told the Washington Post, whose reporter didn’t have the integrity to respond, “How stupid do you think I am?”…

“Maybe this was not my most eloquent attempt,” Fair said. “And I will certainly concede I was attempting to make people feel uncomfortable,” but  “this idea I’m somehow calling for actual violence is preposterous.”

Gee, why can’t white supremacists and racists excuse their “jokes” the same way?

The Post’s writer, however, completely accepts Fair’s alibi, and impugns anyone who took offense at it as “extreme right wing.”  Read the article.

Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias!

5. Anyone want to trade a hamburger for my undergrad degree? Harvard, which ever since feminist social justice warrior Drew Faust took over as President, has been obsessed with political correctness and “diversity” while, as the decision in a block-buster discrimination lawsuit will soon reveal, systematically discriminating against Asian-Americans. It also enforces rules differently against male and female students, and is pretty much a hypocritical disgrace for a prestigious university (though still better than Yale.)

Now another lawsuit makes a strong case that Harvard Law School illegally favors minorities and women in staffing its Law Review. Here’s my favorite part:

…Harvard Law School has established a “Policy on Discrimination,” which declares that “[i]t is unlawful, and a violation of HLS rules, for any HLS student organization to discriminate in violation of the Law School’s Non Discriminatory Policy.” See (last visited on October 6, 2018) (attached as Exhibit 4).

20. Harvard Law School’s Non-Discrimination Policy, in turn, provides that: Harvard Law School does not discriminate against any person on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, national or ethnic origin, age, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital or parental status, disability, source of income, or status as a veteran in admission to, access to, treatment in, or employment in its programs and activities. The Law School has instituted these policies and certain procedures to ensure a safe and non-discriminatory environment and to meet legal requirements, including Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. All employers using the facilities and services of the career services offices must comply with these policies and procedures. Harvard Law School makes one exception to this policy. Under threat of loss of funding to the University resulting from the Solomon Amendment, the Law School has suspended the application of its non-discrimination policy to military recruiters. This exception to our policy does not in any way reflect acceptance of, or agreement with, discriminatory hiring practices. See (last visited on October 6, 2018) (attached as Exhibit 5).

21. Harvard Law School is not enforcing its Non-Discrimination Policy against the Harvard Law Review, even though it claims to require all HLS student organizations
to comply with it. Instead, Harvard Law School and Harvard University have allowed these discriminatory membership-selection and article-selection practices to
continue—even though they violate the clear and unambiguous text of Title VI and Title IX, as well as the Law School’s own non-discrimination policy.

Note that Betsey DeVos, as Secretary of Education, is named as a co-defendant.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Ethics Warm-Up, 10/7/18, Part II: Fake Satire, Fake Racism, Fake Harvard

  1. 4. I tried to read the WaPo article (it’s early in the month and it’s free- and worth every penny) but it’s incomprehensible. It’s Authentic Frontier Gibberish about Authentic Frontier Gibberish (and quotes lots of Authentic Frontier Gibberish), as near as I can tell. I’m not sure what the author’s point is or where she’s coming from (or going to). But it’s clear the Professor is wonderful and Tucker Carlson et al. are not.

  2. 4. “It escalated in a way I hadn’t anticipated,” Fair said. “But I knew exactly where it was going.”
    Um, yeah, exactly. Her firm grasp of logic here is a clue as to why she thinks misogyny has followed her around everywhere; she does not understand that when a lot of people attack and reject her, it’s not misogyny, it’s her.
    On the plus side (for her), she has the Georgetown President so thoroughly intimidated that he could not even issue a credible rejection of her comments.

  3. I wonder if anyone at Harvard has considered the consequences of making racial discrimination mainstream again.

    After all, if Harvard gets to favor minorities, why should not other private universities favor whites?

  4. That choir rendition of Glory Hallelujah is truly uplifting – wonderful piece to hear (while hearing still permits!) on a Sunday morning!

    However, due to recent events, culminating in yesterday’s mass US Senate vote-gasm, the song that has been on my mind most often is this:


  5. A hamburger for you undergrad degree?
    Sure! I mean, not a Smash Burger, but a White Castle Crave Case will certainly assist you in you purge.

  6. Gee Jack, you sure can pick ’em! Aren’t you Harvard College and Georgetown Law? When you go off the grid you can use those diplomas as tinder for your campfires…

    Re Harvard Law Review. Good for the group filing suit. This will really date me, but in the late ’70s working right out of college to raise funds for GU Med Center’s new cancer center, I had a conversation with a black oncologist there. He was furious with all the Bakke arguments, saying that from then on he expected to experience “injury in fact” (the legal term, not his) because patients would just assume he got into med school via affirmative action and not his real credentials.

    Also, I recall (and you mention it today) that you already wrote about the reverse discrimination going on at Harvard re Asian Americans. I bring it up here hoping you will re-run that post, because it also demonstrates the hypocrisy of this failing institution. If memory serves, you said that if credentials alone were the qualifiers for admittance, something like 65%-70% of Harvard students would be Asian-American. To avoid this embarrassment, and because, of course, grades are not the only qualifiers, Harvard is actively engaged in discrimination against Asian-Americans, using the “other” categories to ding them at record levels.

    I know a lawsuit is in progress, but even if they win billions, it won’t make a dent in Harvard’s endowment (as big as the 9th largest nation in the world). So when I read the complaint I laughed out loud at the request that Betsy DeVos withhold Federal funding from Harvard. I can just see the Harvard Board of Overseers snorting and laughing over their 35-year-old scotch. (Their financial managers make hundreds of millions a year… the managers…)

  7. # 3-” the show’s writers didn’t have the guts to touch her.”

    The Sheriff Sam Shaw (Walter Barnes in High Plains Drifter) supernal comeuppance mercilessly delivered by Clint Eastwood’s b>The Stranger:

    “The only problem you’ve got Sheriff is a short supply of guts.”

  8. Gee on three we are on same page on 4 gee she is a laugh riot even I can not defend her that it was poorly executed, as it wasn’t even an attempt at comedy, On 5 gee no thanks I would get more out of the hamburger

  9. Harvard isn’t necessarily hypocritical. It can just be unrepentantly racist and sexist or it can just be run by Democrats. Discriminating against groups that are allowed to vote Republican is just good politics.

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