Mostly Non-Baseball Ethics Musings While Nervously Watching The World Series [UPDATED!]

1. Dave Roberts did indeed get a standing ovation from the Boston fans when he was introduced in the pre-game ceremonies. As I promised…

2. Another family has written an attack letter against a member running for office. This is the second instance of this ugly campaign tactic this election  cycle. I don’t care what party is involved, or who the candidates are. Amy family members who would do this are contemptible.  The Laxalt family members, the culprits this time, even wrote that they didn’t know their target very well. If they don’t know him, why do their opinions matter?  Have they no decency? Has no one any decency?

3. I thought my left-wing echo-chamber addled Facebook friends were kidding when they suggested that President Trump and the Republicans were paying for the herd of illegal aliens marching on our borders. No, apparently some progressive pundits and journalists are actually claiming this, with a Blasey Ford level of evidence. You know, none. So illegal immigrants, encouraged by open-borders rhetoric from American progressives, Democrats and the biased news media, set out to force themselves past our laws and borders, and because this display risks enlightening the public about just how irresponsible and dangerous the left’s romanticized fantasy about illegal immigration is, they are denying that it’s real, and blaming it on Trump. Amazing.

4. Now here’s a campaign controversy you don’t see very often: the Democratic  candidate for the Minnesota State legislature may have married her brother. I  might argue that such incest is not necessarily relevant to her qualifications as a legislature, except that there is evidence that the marriage was a factor in possible immigration fraud and student loan fraud.

5. Note the tone of the Daily News story about what appears to be  blatant female on on male sexual harassment in a police precinct.  The tone signals that this is cute, or funny, or no big deal. Althouse, who flagged this, notates…

Sources said Guerra has a salty reputation among her colleagues and has been known to joke about the size of her subordinates’ manhoods.

Salty? Imagine using that word to describe a male in the workplace who used verbal and physical harassment?

“She is a piece of work,” one source said. “She is always emasculating men and commenting on the size of their anatomy. She’s a bullying man-hater.”...Guerra wasn’t trying to gag the detective — just rub his nose in it a little, the source said. “She just put it up to his nose,” the source said, chalking up the incident to “exaggerated squad room banter.”

Again, imagine if the sexes were reversed.

Guerra is the squad room’s second-in-command and is responsible for approving overtime and changing detectives’ shifts….

He’s a subordinate employee.

In addition to the alleged panty raid on his face, Falcon claimed Guerra had repeatedly denied his shift-change requests so he could make court custody hearings about his autistic son, sources who have seen the document said…

“Panty raid on his face”…


As I wrote in the previous post, if #MeToo doesn’t establish itself as equally applicable to both genders, it will fail.

UPDATE (12:08 am]: The Sox win, 8-4.

28 thoughts on “Mostly Non-Baseball Ethics Musings While Nervously Watching The World Series [UPDATED!]

    • But make no mistake, we do know that the caravan was an organized event. Former Honduran politician Bartolo Fuentes of the far-left political party “Libre” is on record as having organized the mass movement. Interestingly enough, he’s on record as holding very very anti-American attitudes. Hm. I wonder his and the walkers motives here?

      The Leftwing here in America either does or does not know that the massive support for illegal immigration actually leads directly to more reasonable Americans being much much less supportive of a more generous *legal* immigration policy. It’s as if they know the chaos this sows and want that chaos.


      • The Leftwing here in America either does or does not know that the massive support for illegal immigration actually leads directly to more reasonable Americans being much much less supportive of a more
        generous *legal* immigration policy.

        They have ceased to care what the voters want: they should have been the dictators by now, so they want to act like it. Theirs by birthright.

  1. Regarding #3: it is equally plausible that the caravan is a conservative scheme to boost Trump as it is a progressive scheme to smear him.

    Except: Progressives lose nothing in this scenario. If Trump guns them down at the border, he looks mean; progressives win. If he lets them in, Trump loses and progressives win. If he keeps them out peacefully, he is mean and progressives win.

    If Trump caused this, he only wins if he finds them off AND that victory outweighs any increase in his meanness factor.

    In short, I don’t think this is Trump. He has little to gain, but a lot to lose.

    Is it a liberal group. Better guess. They can gain a lot but risk lising a little.

    Or, you have a bunch of illegal voters rushing to cast their ballot in the mid-terms….

    • Occam’s Razor has never been more relevant. The “caravan” is what it seems to be: a mob of poor Central Americans [I originally wrote “South Americans,” which is wrong] seeking illegal entry into the US. And unless the US machine guns them down at the border, I see no way this does anything but help the GOP.

      • But Jack, haven’t you kept up with the latest outrage? The Left sees the caravan chaos backfiring against them, so now they are convincing us that the word nationalism is proof that America is being destroyed.

        Caravan is so 10 minutes ago.

        • “Caravan,” by the way, is more media deception and spin. They might as well be called a “tour group.” Caravan sound like the carnival is coming to town—what shameless propaganda! This is a lawless mob seeking to do harm.

          I really like “walkers”…

          • John Kass, Chicago Tribune, on “caravans:”

            And now we talk of “caravans.”

            Doesn’t a “caravan” involve camels and spices, resting at some oasis, quietly munching figs in the shade against a sweeping old-Hollywood musical score, with cymbals?

            A caravan can be festive: old gypsy women telling fortunes, copper pots clanging from the back of wagons, picaresque rogues stealing into towns for adventures, stories told by campfire light, accordion music, dancing.

            The Irish Travelers have had caravans. As have the Karakachani, nomads who demonstrated their horsemanship outside small Greek villages when my father was a boy.

            Americans have had caravans, too, with Conestoga wagons pulled by heavy oxen across the American West, the pioneers searching for just the right spot for a little house on the prairie.

            In our fiction, at least, caravans are romantic. But this seems different, doesn’t it?

      • Jack, FYI it has nothing to do with South American and South Americans, it is entirely a Central American affair (Honduras mostly).

        But Latin America, speaking generally, is reacting to Trump and all his imagery and what he *connotes* in much the same way that American leftist elites are framing him.

            • No, you’re right and I’m wrong. Central America is part of NORTH AMERICA, meaning that South America is uninvolved. I was getting North America mixed up with “Northern” America, which doesn’t include “Middle America.” I’ll fix it.


          • The isthmus formed around 2.8 million years ago. This major geological event separated the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and caused the creation of the Gulf Stream. This was first suggested in 1910 by North American paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn. He based the proposal on the fossil record of mammals in Central America. This conclusion provided a foundation for Alfred Wegener when he proposed the theory of continental drift in 1912.

            Actually, at least geographically, a good part of Central America is sort of a new creation.

            Panama was originally a province of Colombia but so far away that it could not be administered. The Darien Gap had been, always, impenetrable. The real separation is there.

            As far as the political map goes, and also socially and culturally, Central America is linked more with North America, certainly with the United States, than with South America.

  2. 4. Well, as Hillary famously proclaimed, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Evidently it takes a village to conceive a child as well. But hey, diversity is inherently beneficial to any society. Well, any western and advanced society. In places like Somalia or Palestine or Iran or Egypt or Japan, diversity isn’t really that great a thing.

  3. Congratulations, Jack, for your successful prediction and the game outcome. Hope your moral- and Objective Fan-luck keep on hitting all the bases …. with the occasional out of the ballpark homer, to boot.

  4. I thought this was cute:

    “There are people who do not want an East African, Muslim woman elected to office and who will follow Donald Trump’s playbook to prevent it. Ilhan Omar’s campaign sees your superfluous contentions as one more in a series of attempts to discredit her candidacy.

    The Omar campaign claims that inventing accusation of sexual misconduct to discredit a candidate is from the Donald Trump playbook.


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