Is There A Rational, Ethical Basis For Giving Illegal Aliens The Right To Vote For Anything?

This isn’t a quiz, because I can’t imagine an answer other than, “Of course not.” And yet…

San Francisco has registered 49 undocumented migrants to vote in school board elections. However, a more pressing controversy may be the amount of money spent on the effort. San Francisco expended $310,000 to register just 49 people in the city. That translates to $6,326 a vote, which is also incomprehensible to me. Why would tax-paying citizens, even those as addled as so many who live in the City by the Bay, tolerate this?

The school board tactic is, of course, an obvious “camel’s nose in the tent” method—also known as the slippery slope— of  gradually getting illegal aliens the right to vote. Women’s suffrage efforts a century ago proceeded the same way, with states allowing women to vote and run as candidates in school board elections. Following the leads of Michigan and Minnesota  in 1885 and New York in 1880, Washington state enacted the School Suffrage Act into law in 1890 allowing women to vote for school boards. But women were citizens, in the nation legally, and these measures were necessary to right a cultural, societal, legal and historical wrong. There is no parallel valid argument that it is wrong to deny non-citizens who entered or stay in this country illegally the same privileges the women’s suffrage movement sought—or if there is, I lack the imagination to conceive of it.


Pointer: Res Ipsa Loquitur


8 thoughts on “Is There A Rational, Ethical Basis For Giving Illegal Aliens The Right To Vote For Anything?

  1. “The school board tactic is, of course, an obvious “camel’s nose in the tent” method.” Oh, you are far too kind. In Texas Democrats are registering non citizens to vote. Suspicion is growing in Florida that non citizens have been registered. And, no, I can’t think of any ethical, moral, or rational idea or reason why any political party would register non citizens except they are more interested in winning at all costs than being ethical, moral, or rational.

    • Virginia found lots of noncitizens registered. The study only looked at people who voluntarily canceled their voter registration because they were not citizens. Most counties would not surrender that information with a FOIA request and told the researcher to ‘sue them’. Of the ones who did volunteer the info, it would extrapolate to several 100,000 noncitizens in Virginia. The slippery slope started when Democrats convinced people we couldn’t remove illegal immigrants from this country.

      The rational and reasonable reason for this is that the Democratic Party can’t win elections with normal American voters anymore. That is why governors are allowing felons to vote, encouraging illegal immigration, and encouraging the idea that people from around the world should determine the outcome of our elections. The Democratic Party is pushing a collectivist vision on American and America doesn’t want it. People in Hispanic countries love collectivism until it destroys their economy, then they march to the US to destroy our society as well.

  2. They are constituents. If the local school district can’t turn the children away (legal or not), the parents are the voice for the child and, arguably, a constituent (legal or not).

    I don’t know necessarily agree with that, but the law creates a bit of a zunswang, or whatever you call it. State schools can’t turn children away, regardless of whether the students or their parents are eligible to vote. (Or are citizens).

    Imagine a school district whose students were all citizens (100%). But, 109% of the parents were non-citizens. Who votes for the School Board? Or, imagine that 99% of the parents and 99% of the students are illegal. 1% of the parents run the School Board?

    The School Board May say that, if they are forced to reach children if illegals (whether the students are illegal or not), the parents are constituents who should have a say in the operation of the school.

    After all, under federalism (if anybody still believes in that), the Feds, not the States handle immigration and the States, not the Feds, handle education (sorry, my urge to laugh at that last part prevented my head from exploding).


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