Yes, It’s Come To This…Bernie Sanders Is Attacked By Progressives For Rejecting Discrimination

Senator Bernie Sanders told  Vermont Public Radio,

“We have got to look at candidates, you know, not by the color of their skin, not by their sexual orientation or their gender and not by their age. I mean, I think we have got to try to move us toward a nondiscriminatory society, which looks at people based on their abilities, based on what they stand for.”

Wouldn’t you agree that this position is unassailable based on basic American values and principles? True, it is a self-serving position for Bernie, who is almost certainly too old, male and white to be a viable candidate in the  female, minority, youth dominated Democratic Party, but surely even progressives concede that favoring candidates based on their color, age and gender is bigotry. Right? They have some shred of integrity left, don’t they? Right?

Well, not these progressives apparently:

Neera Tanden of the Center for American Progress on Twitter:

“At a time where folks feel under attack because of who they are, saying race or gender or sexual orientation or identity doesn’t matter is not off, it’s simply wrong.”

(Her statement doesn’t even make internal sense.)

Former Hillary Clinton aide Jess McIntosh: “This is usually an argument made by people who don’t enjoy outsized respect and credibility because of their race, gender, age and sexual orientation.”

(You mean like by blacks discriminated against during Jim Crow, and by women for most of our history, and by gays even now in many communities, Jess?)

 Stephen Colbert: “Yes, like Dr. King, I have a dream—a dream where this diverse nation can come together and be led by an old white guy.”

(I used to think Colbert was witty. It is now clear that he is simply a vicious, hyper-partisan, cheap-shot jackass.)

Writes Prof. Turley, who gets the pointer for this story:

“The Democrats are clearly all-in on identity politics despite the fact that it is viewed by many as inherently discriminatory and divisive. It is a reminder that the best thing going for Trump in the 2020 election remains the Democratic establishment.”

I don’t think anyone paying attention needs any reminders of THAT, professor. That was true in 2016, and has been ever since.

35 thoughts on “Yes, It’s Come To This…Bernie Sanders Is Attacked By Progressives For Rejecting Discrimination

  1. Writes Prof. Turley, “The Democrats are clearly all-in on identity politics despite the fact that it is viewed by many as inherently discriminatory and divisive. It is a reminder that the best thing going for Trump in the 2020 election remains the Democratic establishment.”

    I think this supports my projection that Democrats are going to have to nominate Kamala Harris as their Presidential candidate for 2020. She’s in Congress (more experienced than Obama), she’s popular (among progressives), she’s black (BIG check), she’s a woman (BIG check), she’s a progressive (BIG check), she’s got a loose cannon mouth (BIG check), she’s a social justice warrior (UGE check), etc, etc; she is the epitome of a fully consumed progressive and she checks all the appropriate identity politics boxes. What could go wrong? 😉

      • He is melanin challenged. Therefore he should file an ADA claim. If a blind guy can claim a museum must accomodate him should claim can a melanin deficiency is a handicap. As a consequence of the statement saying a melanin deficient person is unqualified as an advocate the speaker’s must be labled as qui debilitum phobic.

        • Damn, I wish I could edit better on this phone.

          If a blind guy can claim a museum must accomodate him, then he should claim a melanin deficiency as a handicap

      • “melanin deficiency is a handicap.”

        Regrettably, you may be onto to something with that.

        Lefties (most, not all) are positively, irretrievably consumed with race.

        UW/Madison (GO BADGERS!!) journalism Professor Sue Robinson:

        Race needs to factor into EVERY SINGLE DECISION being made on the (Madison Metropolitan School District school) board,” (bolds/caps mine)

        Reading that, all I can muster is borderline hyperventilating incredulity; all I can think is that it’s seriously, not to put too fine a point to it, FUCKED!

        To them? It’ll be deemed be a bold, forward-looking, policy statement.

        “Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats.” ― H.L. Mencken

  2. And yet Bernie pandered to identity politics when asked who he might choose as a running mate….”I think we would look for somebody who is maybe not of the same gender that I am, and maybe someone who might be a couple of years younger than me, and somebody who can take the progressive banner as vice president and carry it all over this county to help us with our agenda, and help us to rally the American people,” Sanders told The Young Turks, a left-leaning media organization.

  3. Jack: (I used to think Colbert was witty. It is now clear that he is simply a vicious, hyper-partisan, cheap-shot jackass.)

    As I said before: Colbert was funnier as a fake conservative than he is as a real liberal.


      • Yes, but not the first time I said it (even here). I thought The Colbert Report was amusing satire, and he played the satire well enough that you did not know what he thought (unlike Jon Stewart, who still managed to be funny in the beginning). Once his vacuousness list the veneer of satire, he just became a shallow critic.


  4. Once Al Sharpton figures out that LaRaza is making faster progress in terms favorable Hispanic legislation and that Hispanics will be browning America at the expense of native African Americans the attempts to maintain identity politics will be fun to watch.
    Intersectionality only works when you have enough little groups with a common desire to overwhelm the major player. Once the major player is vanquished, the intersectional group members will jockey for top dog position which will require a new scapegoat. What will be interesting is who will the feminists align with and who will the LGBTQ group side with. When this happens, none should contact me for support.

    • It will be ironic if a then-minority white demographic ends up playing kingmaker between the other competing groups. Even better if they end up favoring their own demographic through shifting alliances and deal making. I hope the American experiment does not degenerate into this.

      • Perhaps the worst thing about the impending decline/collapse of the new “diverse America” is that it eventually will spawn a significant racist White subculture, as White people take all the wrong lessons from the situation.

        They will assume that this is proof of White superiority, which is entirely wrong (the vastly different outcomes across White countries in Europe, and the changes of fortune within individual European nations from era to era, should have clued them in.)

        America had the secret sauce from the start by virtue of being both politically libertarian, and radically Protestant. It just so happens that the political elements who share none of those accompanying values have succeeded in rallying most existing minority individuals to their side (and continue to have success doing so despite their horrible politics and mores literally ruining entire minority cities.) At the same time, they push for more and more immigration from cultures that are irreconcilable with both Protestantism and libertarianism, while doing their best to keep out refugees from persecuted Christian populations or victims of Communism who would assimilate wonderfully.

        They can’t be 100% winners at this game (there are still plenty of minority individuals who exemplify all that is American) but if the Left had its way every Person of Color in the country would be an angry, broke Marxist foot soldier out to burn it all down, every White liberal would live in a gated community far away from them and working a lucrative and easy government job managing the details of everyone’s life, and every remaining conservative would be a racist scratching out a living in a dusty field somewhere out of sight.

        • Arguably the most depressing post I’ve read on this blog in quite some time. I hope to hell you are wrong. I’m not convinced that you are.

          • He isn’t. If it was up to the left all the wealth and power would be concentrated in two coastal strips and a few very large, superficially glittering cities. In the east Boston in the north and DC in the south would anchor the ends, while in the west the ruling strip would run from Seattle to LA. The cities would be connected by high speed rail, along which regular food trains and labor trains would run, while occasionally the leadership of suave black men, pantsuited women, and the occasional white male lieutenant, would zip back and forth in trains that would rival South Africa’s Blue Train, sipping champagne and nibbling smoked almonds and chocolate dipped strawberries, made by the black and brown populations that are happy to serve their liberal leaders. In between there would be nothing except a wasteland of untended farms, empty towns and villages with the roofs ready to fall in, and the crumbling remains of the major cities that once existed in flyover country, abandoned when the liberal leadership fled to the coasts and the rest went to hell. Somewhere out there, though, the white population hides, reorganizes, and prepares for the day when this artificial paradise must fall.

            • Simply problem with this scenario: food production. Note where it comes from, and who delivers it to the coastal strips. Truly a Hunger Games set up waiting to happen!

              (Except those in flyover country have the guns and the energy production as well. Do coastal cities glitter when the lights are out?)

              • I said if it was up to the left, not that it could really happen. In reality, trash the farms and the grass would grow in the streets of the cities. But hey, those people away from the coast are all closed-minded, barely educated, drawling, fat, racist, crypto-Nazis with rotten teeth who drive dirty old pickups, right? Not like those forward-thinking, progressive, advanced-degree-holding, perfectly spoken, svelte, broad-minded gentry with perfect teeth who drive hybrids, right?

                  • Agreeing with you slickwilly and with Steve-O, I refer to the two geographically and subculturally distinct demographic groups as “coasters” and “growsters.” I probably should have copyrighted those terms in that narrow political context, decades ago.

                    • I’m optimistic that another Great Awakening could break out and prevent this future outcome. Because unlike the racist alt-right, I don’t think the ethnicity ratio is the problem. Worldviews and politics can change. Of course, no mortal could make such a thing happen. Certainly not a government.

                      (Look out for a bigger, stronger, more coordinated wave of attacks on non-conforming religion, and the Bible in particular. Statists are well aware that any acknowledgement of a power higher than their own is a threat.)

  5. I clearly remember the Democrats calling Reagan a racist for saying we should strive to be a colorblind society. It seemed confusing as a child. I mean, why is it wrong to treat everyone equally. My teachers struggled to explain this particular concept. It basically boiled down to “Everyone is equal, but some people are more equal than others”. This has been mainstream Democrat policy for at least 30 years.

  6. For the love of God, I never found Colbert in the least bit funny – at least, once he had his own show (Colbert Report). He had his moments when he was still an underling to Jon Stewart, who is also hyper-partisan but who would occasionally drop the politics and just plain be funny.

  7. Oh, Bernie, Bernie, Bernie. Can you say “hoist by your own petard?” Of course you can. Hahahahahaha.

    Bernie, Russia has no black people. Hello. Marx was a Jewish Brit. Lenin and Stalin were white guys, like, you know, all the rest of Russia and Georgia and the Soviet Unions and all the stans. Your ideology doesn’t recognize people of color. It’s all about oppressors and the oppressed workers. Women can sort of join in but only as riveters. Was white supremacy even a concept in Mother Russia? Hell no. Why would it have been.

    You’re obsolete, Bernie. The left has moved on. The serfs have been freed, Bern. Jews can own real estate. Hell, they can own sports franchises and TV networks and Hollywood and the entire aluminum industry in Russia. They can do whatever the hell they want. The czars are dead, Bernie. There’s only Vlad the Accumulator now. The revolution has come and gone. You’re toast. Sorry, buddy. It’s not 2017, never mind 1917.

    Have a Snickers bar, Bernie. You’re not you when you’re an antique Commie.

    • Bernie, Russia has no black people. Hello. Marx was a Jewish Brit…

      That’s not quite true. There was a nineteenth century Russian literary figure who had African ancestry, though his name escapes me for the moment (was it Gogol?). And Marx was a Jewish German who just happened to hole up in Britain, not British at all.

      • Ah… on further research, I found that it was Pushkin I was thinking of. He was the great-grandson of Abram Petrovich Ganibal, a former African slave who rose to prominence at the Russian court.

            • So, let’s see. His great grand father was black. So, Pushkin was one eighth black? An octoroon? So, this proves that there have always been tons of people of African descent in Russia influencing thought and policy, directly or indirectly, for two or more centuries? Am I missing something? If Pushkin was black, Liz Warren was a Cherokee. Sheesh.

              • You are missing three things:-

                – I was – just there – only pointing out that it wasn’t quite true that there were no blacks in Russia, which does indeed matter for certain purposes (see my third bullet point, just below).

                – Sure, Pushkin isn’t a big counter-example, not himself. But he wasn’t the immigrant that brought in that African ancestry, his – 100% black – great-grandfather was.

                – Sure, that’s just one, and one swallow doesn’t make a summer – but that’s the wrong analogy. He’s just the one who was visible enough for us, here and now, to notice. We don’t see Pushkin’s cousins and so on. At the risk of triggering the wrong sort of reader, the better analogy is that one visible cockroach implies many you don’t see (which is why a commenter was wrong to dismiss my uncle’s French army experiences as a one off, when I made a point of stating that he stood as an example or illustration of many others that he described). It’s easy to find other isolated illustrations like Pushkin, e.g. Peter Ustinov also had African ancestry (though that may not have been on his Russian side, and it would be double counting if it was through the same ancestor as Pushkin’s).

                But, since you don’t want to go via examples, and you are switching to “oh, well, you need an actual, unassimilated, African-derived, ethnic minority”, consider this: Russia has one. It’s small, but it causes local resentment just by existing in the same way that a similar minority did in the Rhineland in the 1920s and 1930s, because it was visible and because it formed in the same way, as bastard by-blows of outsiders who the locals hadn’t asked for. Just as the Rhineland could see the bastards of occupying U.S. coloured troops (though not those of the whites), so also the Russians could see the bastards of Africans, mostly born between the 1960s and 1980s. These Africans were students being indoctrinated at Patrice Lumumba University and guest workers from Guinea (though most of those went to East Germany), and later guest workers from former Portuguese African colonies.

                Aside: a follow up expedition to Peary’s found a number of black Greenlanders where Peary had been. This was ascribed to Peary having brought along a black manservant.

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