Harassment At Starbucks: If This Were An Isolated Episode, It Wouldn’t Be Worth An Ethics Post—But It’s Not. Now What?

At a Palo Alto Starbucks this week, a man wearing a red Make America Great Again cap, minding his own business, was confronted by a furious Rebecca Parker Mankey,  an appointed member of Palo Alto’s North Ventura Coordinated Area Plan Working Group and co-chairs the Bayshore Progressive Democrats.

She began shouting that he was a”hater of brown people” and “Nazi scum,” and exhorted the other  Starbucks customers and employees to join her in shaming him, . Mankey later said she was “heartbroken” that other “white people”—like her target— didn’t join her assault.   “I called him more names and told him to call the police. Then I yelled and asked someone else at Starbucks to call the police. He wouldn’t call the police, so I called him a wimp. He got his stuff together to leave. I followed him to the register while he complained about me. Then chased him out of Starbucks yelling at him to get the fuck out of my town and never come back,” she wrote. One he was in the parking lot, she threatening  to post pictures of him on social media—which she did—along with her version of the incident. She asked the public for help finding him so she could make sure he was harassed, saying, “I want him to have nowhere to hide.”

After her ambush went “viral,”  Mankey was fired from her job as an accountant. Her former employer, Gryphon Stringed Instruments, said they were inundated with angry phone calls and emails .

Mankey, meanwhile, in Stage Five Derangement, is urging people who encounter the man to harass him.

“You do not want to be the person who didn’t speak up as we slipped into fascism,” she posted.  “I am going to publicly shame him in town and try to get him fired and kicked out of every club he is in. I am going to go to his house march up and down carrying a sign that says he hates black people. I am going to organize protests where he works to make him feel as unsafe as he made every brown person he met today.”


  • Stand proud, Democrats. You are 100% accountable for this social malignancy.
  • It is fascinating to witness the deranged resistance members who have complained of the danger of fascism since November 2016 behaving like fascists themselves. choosing bullying and intimidation to try to prevail in their political goals. They should be called on this in explicit terms.
  • I want to see Howard Schultz asked why his employees at the Starbucks didn’t protect and defend their customer.
  • Similarly, why didn’t other customers confront Mankey as she was abusing the man? I would have, because that’s what my father taught me to do in these situations, but I assume most–many–some Americans still believe in the community’s duty to stand up for the mistreated and oppressed? Or would Howard’s rich little caffeine addicts also have sat silently while brownshirts harassed a Jewish man?
  • It was appropriate the this maniac was fired, but why didn’t her two progressive organizations also eject her? I have to assume that they approve of such conduct. Similarly, I am waiting to see widespread reporting and condemnation of the episode from non-conservative news sources and websites.
  • The accounts keep emphasizing that the man Mankey attacked was elderly. So what? Her conduct would be equally horrible if he were 25.
  • Every decent, able and responsible citizen should think about how he or she would respond if one of these attacks occurs in their presence.
  • The news media is complicit in this phenomenon for spreading the Left’s Big Lie that the Trump administration “hates brown people.” Ask nascent Mankeys to back up that claim, and they literally have nothing (yes, wanting to enforce immigration laws is, in fact, not evidence of bigotry.)
  • Has this phenomenon ever surfaced before since the Civil War. I don’t recall confrontations like this between veterans and hippies wearing peace signs, though I’m sure it happened. “Billy Jack” was about a redneck town bullying hippie students at a progressive school, but in that over-wrought morality play it was vicious and moronic bigots behaving that way.

How did the Left become what it once most despised?

42 thoughts on “Harassment At Starbucks: If This Were An Isolated Episode, It Wouldn’t Be Worth An Ethics Post—But It’s Not. Now What?

      • If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck. As for the closing question, the left has always been despicable. I’ve been aware of this fact for all of my 52 years. I am glad the sheep’s clothing has finally fallen off so the rest of the world can finally see the left’s hypocrisy. In keeping with my unintentional animal theme here, like you always say, “fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly.” They’re just a doing what comes naturally.

      • That is a great point Jack. This is exactly what she did and it would be hypocritical to admonish her actions of accosting someone for the cover they wear (literally), and then in the next breath use her appearance to judge her. She should be judged by her actions not by how she dresses, just like this guy should not be called a Nazi racist because of how he is dressed.

      • You can’t blame somebody for their skin color, eye color, facial structure, etc..

        But that haircut is a choice. You can judge someone for the stupidity of their haircut.

        • Now now, the haircut cannot be held against her as it stems from a pre-existing condition, and we must cover such conditions as a matter of law under the ACA.

          The pre-existing condition? She was a wackjob BEFORE she got the haircut. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

          Like the cool surgeon (an Aggie!) who recently removed my gall bladder (before it removed me, fortunately) said: “Sometimes, people just explode. Natural causes.”

        • A neighbor of mine had a daughter who was a ‘nonconformist, exactly like all her friends”. She wore white makeup, lots of black eyes shadow, black fingernail polish, and outrageous, all-black clothes, just like all her friends. The would go to the mall and sit in the middle of the food court as the people shopping walked by. One day, she complained to her father that everyone is bigot because “everyone stares at us”. He dad replied “You dress like that because you want people to stare at you. You don’t get to complain about it. If you don’t want them to stare, stop dressing like an idiot.”

          • My next-to-eldest grand-daughter, who was living with her baby father (No, I didn’t approve, either of him or of having two children out of wedlock) once waltzed into a gathering at her father’s house wearing what I can only describe as an ‘evil witch’ costume…blue and black diaphanous fabric, with blue and black lace in odd spots…you would have had to see it. I asked her if she was going to a costume party. She replied, “No, we’re going to a concert. Why?” I responded “Because what you are wearing is a costume, not an evening dress.” As you can imagine, some verbal recriminations followed, before she and her idiot boyfriend stormed out of the house.

      • Jack Marshall wrote, “Now, now. You can’t judge a book by its cover….”

        This is one of those rare cases where I don’t think that should be applied.

        I’m a person that point out pettiness, it’s one of those things that really irritates me; however, this is different. This is NOT natural part of a person’s facade that should be ignored, it’s not orange hair and it’s really not fashion statement, it’s an outward representation of the persons psychosis it’s literally part of the behavior. Like her antisocial verbal attacks, it’s intentionally unnatural, intentionally provocative, it’s their delusional badge of honor, and it’s intentionally in-your-face they want you to react in a very negative way so they can rationalize their behavior. It’s a clear statement that they are choosing to be outside the norm’s of society, it’s a visual representation of their rebellion against that which they perceive as authority and “the norm”, what she’s showing is an antisocial personality disorder. In Benjamin B. Wolman’s book Antisocial Behavior: Personality Disorders from Hostility to Homicide he talks about “antisocial behavior takes on many forms, from rebellious teens with green hair and pierced skin…”. Check this woman’s record, this is certainly not the first time her antisocial behavior has gotten her into trouble. As far as I can tell Rebecca Parker Mankey appears to be suffering from an Antisocial Personality Disorder plus I think she’s just a general delusional piece of shit and when a lunatic like that publicly attacks a person for such pettiness as a political hat the attacker needs to be removed from society and put away until they can be treated. In the mean time just stand up face the wacko and smile like Nathan Phillips did.

        The Starbucks should have immediately ejected this woman for harassing one of their customers, told her not to show her face there ever again, and called the police. Others in the Starbucks should have physically put themselves between this lunatic and the man, not doing so because he had a MAGA hat on his head is an unethical rationalization.

        It’s my opinion that the man should have a restraining order placed against Rebecca Parker Mankey, there’s absolutely no telling what that woman will do.


        Signs of antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) in adults:
        The signs of ASPD can vary widely from person to person. In addition, one person’s symptoms may change over time. When reading through these signs, keep in mind that all humans exhibit this kind of behavior from time to time, especially when they’re upset. They aren’t always signs of ASPD.

        Unlike someone having a particularly bad day, people with ASPD never feel any remorse for what they’ve said or done, even if it caused someone a great deal of harm.

        1. Lack of empathy
        One of the most notable symptoms of ASPD is a lack of empathy. In response to another person’s feelings, they may come across as:
        • cold
        • unfeeling
        • callous
        • overly critical
        • harsh

        People with ASPD don’t always realize how harmful their actions are. In other cases, they may simply not care that their actions hurt someone.

        2. Disregard for right and wrong
        People with ASPD generally have no regard for boundaries, rules, or laws. Someone with ASPD may:
        • lie
        • cheat
        • steal from others
        • break laws
        • be in constant legal trouble
        • be in an out of jail for minor to major crimes

        When disregarding right and wrong, people with ASPD usually don’t consider the short- or long-term consequences of their actions.

        3. Wit and charm
        In addition to their more negative behaviors, people with ASPD often come off as very charismatic and charming. They may use humor, flattery, intellect, or flirtation for personal gain. In other cases, they might use these techniques to get someone to do something that’s harmful to them.

        4. Impulsiveness
        People with ASPD tend to act without considering the consequences. They might regularly engage in life-threatening activities without considering their own safety or the safety of anyone else involved.

        This impulsiveness and disregard of consequences puts people with ASPD at a high risk of developing an addiction to a substance or behavior, such as gambling.

        5. Arrogance
        People with ASPD may act as if they’re above those around them. In addition to acting extra confident, they may also be condescending or easily irritated by others, especially those who disagree with them.

        6. Aggression
        People with ASPD are often psychically or verbally abusive. They may physically harm people without any consideration of the resulting injuries to the other person.

        Verbal abuse might include:
        • insults
        • deprecation
        • negative statements
        • public or private humiliation

  1. “Has this phenomenon ever surfaced before since the Civil War.”

    This stuff was pretty common when I was in college 3 decades ago. You learned to keep your head down and your mouth shut. The editor of the conservative student newspaper was black and the campus liberals went after him like crazy. They even demanded the school change his race to ‘white’ for university purposes, meaning he couldn’t qualify for race-based scholarships, couldn’t be admitted to the minority lounges, etc.

  2. You know, I wore a black NCIS hat one time in VA and one guy cuffed me on the back of the head like Gibbs, I cuffed him back, saying that it wasn’t wise to do that, because if I were a real NCIS agent, I’d have a gun.

  3. I don’t know who is worse: This progressive who attacked an elderly MAGA-wearing fellow, or this guy:

    Steven Lee, who serves on the Palo Alto Human Relations Commission, knows Mankey, calling her
    “beloved by many in our community for her progressive activism, myself included.”

    “Let me be clear. The MAGA hat at its best represents a distorted and inaccurate view of America, its history, and its place in the world, and, at its worst, is a symbol of hate and everything that is wrong with America today.”

    But, he added, “We must resist sinking down to their level. We must hold out our hand and help pull them out of the muck.”

    So, a MAGA-hat wearing guy caused this whacko to go nuts and assault another person and it is Trump’s fault? Got it.

  4. When the desired result is not forthcoming, bullies will resort to physical attacks. It is what they want: to push someone to hit back, thus furthering their ‘fascist’ narrative.

    Then someone get killed… and we slouch toward civil war. This is the progressive goal, thinking it will give them the ability to destroy their enemies and enact their fascist fantasies.

  5. As much as I love seeing her get a heaping dose of karma, I have to wonder if getting fired from her job is really called for. Her political organizations yes, because she’s more of a representative there, but she’s not her employer’s spokesperson or a public figure in the business, she’s their accountant. Wouldn’t canning her just be catering to a different mob?

    Incidentally, it seems she was removed from the BDP’s board:

    • Her now former employer has a business to protect. Her employment was stated in the first reports of this several days ago. He got calls at the business about it, apparently non-complimentary. She had to go unless he wanted to sink his business in a tidal wave of bad PR. Who knows, maybe he has already had problems in the workplace and this was his golden-key to letting her out the door.

      If I were him I would already have a forensic accountant in to examine the books, just in case.

      And its good to know about the attitude of the Palo Alto Human Rights Commission towards such issues.

    • The linked article also had an update that she resigned from the Democrat organization.

      The other organization is a public board that she served on, part of the city government. I don’t know the exact laws in CA, but I would assume there are legal requirements for posting meetings and taking votes on actions. A decision to expel her, or request her resignation cannot be formally made outside of the meeting.

      I serve on a board in my hometown. Frankly, I would be shocked if a fellow commission member behaved like that, and would have no idea how to handle conflicting duties to open meeting rules and protecting the integrity and reputation of the board. I’d likely keep my mouth shut too, like the city.

      Sadly, I now have the opportunity to ponder such a previously unthinkable scenario…

  6. Wackos like Rebecca Parker Mankey psyche resides in an emotion based reality, they are irretrievably broken from actual reality. This particular Mankey wacko must be insane because she appears to be in a state of mind which prevents normal perception, behavior, or social interaction; seriously mentally ill.

    • I just read that she is aware of her problem and is consulting with a Japanese macrobiotic dietician. He has her on a 2-week brown rice diet.

      Just over the last 3 days, according to her won report, her entire outlook has changed. Yesterday, she went to Walmart for 20 lb bag of brown rice. She was seen interacting normally, smiling, going up and down the aisles like a *normal American*. When passing an enormous couple who were them too wearing the MAGA caps she did sort of growl-whimper like a confused dog might — a normal reaction in her initial stages of reintegration — but did not bare her tooth and kept on about her business.

      “I am in a process of internal reconstruction”, she said, “and ask for America’s support as I slip back into normalcy. Try to imagine me as if I had been circling one of Neptune’s moons and now have come back again to Earth-orbit”. Many there responded in a group, “Hmmmmm, yes” and the metaphor made sense.

      When asked if she wound herself put on the bright red MAGA hat with its bold white lettering and iconic phrasing, she waved her hands at the interviewer as if to say “Please, please, I’ve done all I can — for today — but that is a bit too far”.

      This seemed such a human gesture it brought tears to many of the Fake News people who were assembled there. They nibbled on the synthetic Walmart cheese snacks that were brought out for them and mused about the ‘transforming effects of truth’.

      It was really impressive!

      She’s looking for sponsors who are of sound mind, psychologically integrated, who know how to handle weapons and respect the First Amendment.

      Zoltar? Might you reach out to her? Make America Great Again by helping in the recovery one lost soul!

  7. How is it not racist & utterly egotistical to assume people of color need the constant blathering of woke whites to defend them? The message folks like Mankey actually send to racial minorities is “You poor weak brown people…I will protect you because you can’t protect yourselves. I will yell at people in MAGA hats because you can handle potential discrimination in other areas of life on your own. I know best about what you need because you’re to stupid to figure it out. You need me! You need me! You need me because you can’t handle life on your own.”

    It seems unhinged folks like this use being an “ally” as a means to control others because their goal isn’t equality but making a fuss & signaling their righteousness. Perhaps it’s mental illness, perhaps it’s a misplaced “white knight” syndrome or something. Whatever it is, it’s sad & I hope this girl can find some internal peace.

    • How is it not racist & utterly egotistical to assume people of color need the constant blathering of woke whites to defend them?

      What an awesome question, and I mean that sincerely.

      Too bad Mankey doesn’t have the self-awareness to consider it. The implication is that the minorities she knows are somehow incapable of or unwilling to defend themselves, and require a “woke” white person to stand up for their interests.

      Perhaps it’s mental illness, perhaps it’s a misplaced “white knight” syndrome or something. Whatever it is, it’s sad & I hope this girl can find some internal peace.

      You are too kind, really.

      I assume she holds her beliefs sincerely, although the volume of her demonstration suggests that it’s as much about demonstrating here “woke” bona fides as anything else. A more secure person disinterested in advertising their virtue and comfortable in their own beliefs would more likely have a quiet conversation than a raucous demonstration followed by a social media assault.

      This Mankey person needs whatever social opprobrium we can manage, because she’s clearly getting the wrong message from her associations.

      • Yeah, abusing an old man as he buys his coffee REALLY proves that she is brave and strong, doesn’t it? Almost like she saw a movie about female overpowerment and thought that justifies being a jerk just because she is younger and stronger. I would love to be on an elder abuse jury for this. Losing her job is not enough.

        The left has long been a coalition of groups out of power, but they no longer respect their own allied groups because of derangement. If Trump was leaving office tomorrow they would NOT stop bullying white men. The cancer in people like her has metastisized and teaching basic respect for the diversity of American citizens requires more than job hunting,

    • It is more than that. They are saying that minorities shouldn’t even have to,be exposed to racists. They are better than everyone because they can see what others can’t or won’t see. Their virtue is boundless.


    • Mrs. Q,
      I think this is a symptom of a much bigger problem: people are very quick to presume they understand the motives of other people.

      For my part, I often try to imagine what other people think, but try not to believe that my imagination reflects reality.

      Case in point: the Covington incident. People looked at that picture of that kid and believed they knew exactly what he was thinking. Of course, all of it was pure speculation.

      Same thing here: not only did she presume to know that this guy hated “brown people,” she wanted to make him feel as uncomfortable as he made all the brown people who saw his hat.

      It does not get much more presumptuous than that. She knows what he thinks, and knows how a whole group of people feel in response to him. One can only hope she is that perceptive in her introspection, but I doubt it.

      Slight tangent: scariest line from the article was when she said that it is the duty of every white person to object to this. 100 years ago (and more recently) such words stirred lynch mobs. 50 or so years ago, it was interracial marriage.

      Mob mentality never changes.

      Note to Jack: a bit of accidental proof-reading prevented me from mentioning “lunch mobs,” which would rival some of your funniest typos.


  8. Jack said;
    “I am waiting to see widespread reporting and condemnation of the episode from non-conservative news sources and websites.”

    I wouldn’t hold my breath, were I you.

  9. Gamereg wrote:

    As much as I love seeing her get a heaping dose of karma, I have to wonder if getting fired from her job is really called for.

    Yes, yes, and yes. As an acoustic musician myself, I can tell you that her employer – Gryphon Stringed Instruments – enjoys a national reputation for offering the very best in new and vintage acoustic instruments; it’s one of less than half a dozen such entities in the United States; it does business brick-and-mortar – people will actually fly cross country if they’ve got something extraordinary in stock – and online. It’s the closest thing to the legendary Gruhn Guitars as exists west of the Mississippi River.

    As a result, their client base is likely to be all over the map, politically, and
    Gryphon took it in the shorts on Yelp, Facebook and Twitter because of this whackjob’s antics.

    I feel sorry for them. I really do; I’ve little doubt that many of their staffers were fond of this nutcase, who was probably open about her political leanings behind the scenes – this is in uber-progressive Palo Alto, after all… but hey – who among us hasn’t worked with someone who was out-and-out nuts but still fun to hang out with, even if we knew they were crazy?

    I’m a crisis communications specialist by trade, and my hat is off to Gryphon. I am planning to use this incident in my training sessions going forward, because 1) it shows how your business can be sucked into a crisis even if the business did nothing wrong; 2) they did EXACTLY the right thing by firing her, 3) they believably explained why her views don’t reflect the views of the organization (which may be bullshit, but it was well-written) and, most importantly, 4) they have been supremely engaged with their social followers since, sometimes repeating essentially the same message every 10 minutes.

    That last part is important because when something like this explodes, nobody is going to read the preceding 3000 posts prior to adding their own dudgeon.

    From my perspective, Gryphon is doing EVERYTHING exactly the right way.

  10. I Googled “Mankey” on my phone to see how people are reporting this.

    Top result was the Pokémon encyclopedia:

    “Mankey is a small, monkey-like Pokémon. They are a mostly tan in color, with a round body, long limbs and a tail. They have a pig nose due to it being the Pig Monkey species. Mankey are also renowned for their pointy ears and medium length fur. They have triangular eyes with red irises; this clearly represents the anger this Pokémon is known for.

    Mankey can have the abilities Vital Spirit or Anger Point. Vital Spirit allows Mankey to be immune to sleeping. Anger Point raises Mankey’s Attack when it is hit by a critical hit. Mankey are very easy to anger.”

    I hope that clears some things up.

  11. I don’t recall confrontations like this between veterans and hippies wearing peace signs, though I’m sure it happened.

    Oh, listen my children, and you shall hear
    The confrontations of yesteryear . . .

    COMMIE! >>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<>>>> <<<<<*spits* (only at men)

    *clash* hippies usually started it; soldiers, especially marines or vets, usually finished it … and anti-war women, in groups, particularly ones with megaphones, were avoided whenever possible by both sides.

    It became a bit confused toward the end with a fast growing number of VFPs (Veterans for Peace).

    • Either WordPress is in on the censoring game now or else it doesn’t like the placement of certain symbols or decided they were math equivalencies of zero and blanked out everything in between . Or … (paranoia kicking in) they have swallowed the New Zealand line and decided the vocabulary was too violent to print. My previous post l was copied in its entirety but only part of it was pasted. The evidence is in the symbols “>” and “>>>> <<<<< Hippie retort word

      Instead of posting what I'd written, the other two lines were eliminated, so rather than argue the point, here's what I wrote (sans symbols) with one addition:
      DRAFT-DODGER vs, *spit* (only from a safe distance or backup)

      Let's see if this makes the cut.

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