A Canine Ethics Hero

What you see above, captured by a security camera, is a Border Collie who quickly recognized that his Canadian owner was about to back over his housemate the old Chihuahua, and acted, putting his own life in peril to rescue his friend.

I saw this video on TV this morning, and can’t get it out of my head. I am a great dog lover (I have a great dog, the latest of several), and I know that Border Collies, by some metrics, are regarded as even smarter than Jack Russell Terriers, but without their sense of humor. The herding breed’s members are serious workers and protectors, and they are always vigilant (though our local representative, who crouches by the street, waiting to herd cars, is a little obsessive, and Rugby steers clear of him).

Is there any other explanation for this dog’s actions other than a genuine concern for his little companion? Often dog behaviors are cast in human terms through wishful thinking and anthropomorphic  sentimentality, but I don’t think that’s the case here.

This is a real, canine Ethics Hero.

15 thoughts on “A Canine Ethics Hero

  1. How long before our friends on the left insist we rebrand them to Open Border Collies?

    Regarding the substance of your post: I’m convinced that we don’t deserve dogs.

  2. I have cats that I love dearly, but this video should put to rest any further argument about which pet is superior. I’ve seen videos of cats pushing other cats into swimming pools, off of furniture, etc. There is no video out there, nor will there ever be, of a cat risking its own life to rescue another cat from harm in such dramatic fashion. It is probably not even possible to create a convincing fake CGI video of such an event, so unbelievable would it be. Thanks to this amazing border collie, the competition is over. Dogs win.

    I’m going to go hug my dog now.

  3. As a co-owner of an old Chihuahua (18 years old this fall), this video really made my morning. Thanks for sharing it.

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