Now THAT’S An Unethical Judge!

But perhaps a potential Democratic Presidential candidate…or Virginia Lieutenant Governor maybe?

Judge Scott Gallina of Asotin County in Washington was arrested at the courthouse last week and charged with second-degree rape. He was also charged with fourth-degree assault with sexual motivation and indecent liberties, as described by  a press release by Washington’s attorney general.

Eleven women claim that Gallina subjected them to varying degrees of sexual misconduct including unwanted touching and inappropriate comments. The  women even adopted a buddy system so that no one would risk being alone with the judge in his chambers.

The rape charge involves a woman who  told investigators that she didn’t report Gallina’s alleged conduct  because she  feared she wouldn’t be believed. She did complain to Judge Gallina, who said he “could not help it because he liked beautiful women.”

And it gets creepier.

When Gallina called her to his chambers, she told police, he always locked the door. What typically followed were inappropriate comments, hugs and other unconsented to touching like shoulder rubs. The judge sometimes groped the woman under her clothing. Once he ripped her blouse when she refused to lift it up for him. Once he exposed her breasts and bit her. When he went so far as to take off his pants, she ran out of the room.

Then there was the time he crept up behind her, placed her in a choke hold, and penetrated her with his fingers through her underwear.

Supporting these allegations is  a letter sent to the judge by another court employee and provided to investigators. She warned Gallina that  he must “cease and desist from the kissing, groping and the lewd and lascivious gestures and comments.” The judge  allegedly responded with a text that said: “I agree with you even though I don’t want to.”


The judge denies all of it.

Of course, this is much, much worse than anything Joe Biden has engaged in, but the same question nags at me. How can men in high positions still engage in such workplace conduct in 2019? What are they thinking? Are they thinking?  Can they think? This is especially astounding conduct—yes, yes, alleged conduct—for a judge. Who does he think he is, a TV executive?

I think President Trump would really be pushing his luck if he tried nominating this guy for the Supreme Court.

11 thoughts on “Now THAT’S An Unethical Judge!

  1. I think my Ethics Alarms are ringing against me, but I immediately thought to myself “I wonder how close this is to Idaho.” Turns out, this county is a border county of Washington with Idaho.

    It’s sad that I could have the wherewithal to ask that question and have it affirmatively answered. I’ve visited that portion of Idaho between Spokane and Couer d’Alene and I can tell you that you can feel a bit of a rotten culture within the population and I’m sure it doesn’t help that this is a more rural area nearby.

  2. Based on the photo no one can claim that he is a product of a generation that saw women simply as objects of desire. He appears to be no more than 50 and more like 40.

    I do believe we need to consider the context in which the events took place. Beyond the harm he has allegedly inflicted on the women he has, if convicted, harmed an institution that requires the public’s trust. Given that, there should be sentence enhancements for officers of the court that abuse their power well beyond simple disbarment.

    • I think there was just as much harm done to the “institution” by the prosecutor or AG or whomever decided to have the state patrol arrest him at the courthouse during court hours. That, along with the fact that someone from the prosecutor’s office tipped off the media so they could be there when he was arrested. All of this created such drama that was unnecessary in my opinion and tarnished the system just as much if not more than the allegations.

  3. Re the Virginia black face and rape charge controversy. Whatever happened to that? It’s all gone quiet. Those guys are just still on the job. Did things cool off as soon as the Dems in Virginia realized if those guys were pushed out, a Republican would be installed as governor. Seems like a huge, “Never mind.” Very strange.

    • They don’t fit the narrative. Given where he’s from, there’s a fair chance this judge doesn’t fit it either, which could explain why I hadn’t heard about it until reading it here.

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