Ethics Tweet Of The Month

Patrick was the long-time blogging partner of Ken White on Popehat.

Haberman, currently employed by the New York Times to manufacture negative news stories about President Trump, was fully engaged in trying to re-elect Barack Obama by spinning everything about Mitt Romney’s 2012 campaign as negative. Seven years after participating in one of the most disgracefully biased Presidential campaign coverage jobs by the news media in U.S. history, Haberman now evinces regret. Unbelievable. I suppose seven years from now, after the nation has been torn apart by hyper-partisan violence arising from the Left’s media-enabled coup attempts, Haberman will tell us that, upon reflection, that her shameless peddling of “resistance” narratives and Big Lies may not have been such a good idea.



2 thoughts on “Ethics Tweet Of The Month

  1. Patrick was a bit more charitable that I would have been. In the Dark Ages those who wrote lies were sometimes punished by amputation of their thumbs, to silence their pens. Obviously we don’t do that anymore, but damn, people like her and Charles Blow sometimes make me wish we did.

  2. If the violence goes how I would game it out (following a logical progression of events, which is just a shade better than guessing), Haberman would not survive the chaos, as the press would be singled out for retribution by those they deem deplorable, who will look at it as simple self defense.

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