Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 5/3/2019: The “All They Had To Do Is Not Be Crazy, And They Couldn’t Even Do That” Edition [Part II]

I’d recommend reading the Introduction to this two-part post before diving into this. I also recommend holding down the top of your head…

1. You want crazy, I’ll give you crazy... The Washington Post, one of the two loudest media heralds for the  Woke, progressive and nuts, felt it was necessary to raise this question: “Why didn’t Chewbacca get a medal?” As I’m sure you know, Peter Mayhew, the tall actor who played the lovable, if inarticulate Wookie, died yesterday. Thus the Washington Post felt it was newsworthy to discuss whether the Rebels in the original Star Wars were white supremacists or something because the final scene shows Luke and Han wearing medals for saving the galaxy far away but poor Chewbacca with nothing, although he’s obviously being honored too.

We really do have to be trained to see racism everywhere, especially when white bitches like Princess Leia call the shots.

This comes on top of another Post  article by John Broich, who teaches WWII and British Empire history at Case Western Reserve University, and typifies why sending your kid to college today is irresponsible. His position:  “Allied leaders were anti-Nazi, but not anti-racist. We’re now paying the price for their failure.”

Now if I read this right, the logic of the current history-cleansing Left would require that all monuments to W.W. II leaders, generals and soldiers should be hauled down, since they enabled racism. He concludes,

“After Charlottesville, too, social media echoed with variations of the line: “My grandpa didn’t fight the Nazis only for them to return.” And it’s possible that a good many of our grandfathers might have fought the Nazis expressly to oppose their race supremacy. But it’s worth putting this plainly: The Allied leadership did not fight the war over fascist race-nationalism. That was the historical path not taken.”

The allied leadership and its soldiers fought the war to win, and did.  The total defeat of Hitler and Japan sent the most powerful message possible to the public and the world that genocide and race hatred were suicidal ideologies.

This arrogant twerp, who never hoisted a weapon in defense of his country in his life, has the gall to call my father, who liberated a concentration camp and was crippled during his war service, pro-racism because he didn’t lay the groundwork for the speech censorship today’s leftists favor.  I bet the professor is really upset over Chewbacca too.

2. Poynter succumbs to its sinking profession’s malady. Once, the Poynter Foundation was a reliable beacon of journalism ethics. I guess it was predictable that being run by journalists, the ethics rot destroying the profession would eventually wreck Poynter as well.

They issued  a list—you know, like Joe McCarthy– of untrustworthy or “fake” news sites yesterday, and they were almost all conservative, because, as you know, conservative means untrustworthy and evil.  ThinkProgress wasn’t on the list. MSNBC wasn’t on the list. But the list, apparently developed with the participation of the thoroughly ideological and recently disgraced Southern Poverty Law Center, included The Daily Signal, which writes straight and factual news with a conservative perspective. The former editor of the site issued a scathing op-ed condemning the smear, and….well whaddya know! Suddenly the list had vanished!

3. Here’s a story you’re unlikely to read on most of those sites NOT listed by Poynter…Democratic State Alabama Rep. John Rogers said regarding a GOP anti-abortion bill, “It ought to be a woman’s choice. . . . Some kids are unwanted. So you kill them now or you kill them later. You bring them into the world unwanted, unloved, then send them to the electric chair.” He continued by saying some children who face abortion could be “retarded” and “half-deformed.”

The bill, and now law if signed, is unbelievably unconstitutional, since it directly defies Roe v. Wade.

4. A Party that endorses group membership over ability.  From Karol Markowicz’s NY Post column: 

Asked at the “She the People” forum in Houston whether he will choose a woman to share his ticket, Cory Booker said, “I will have a woman running mate. To me, it’s really clear that we do that.”

Not “I will have the absolute best person I can find for the job,” but “Send out the search teams! Find me a vagina!”

Booker isn’t alone. Pete Buttigieg told Ellen DeGeneres he would consider a female VP ­because it’s important “to have gender diversity and gender balance.”

Even the lower-tier candidates are getting in on the sweet woman-pandering action. Eric Swalwell, previously mostly known for threatening to use nuclear weapons on gun owners, tweeted “SPOILER ALERT: I’m a white man. I know where I can’t speak to someone else’s experience.” He pledged to “pass the mic” and “ask a woman to serve as VP.”

Markowicz concludes,

What none of these male candidates are brave enough to say is that the voters should nominate the best person who will pick the best running mate and generally accept that sometimes that person will be a woman and sometimes it will be a man.

Nah. [Pointer: Amy Alkon]

5. Rep. Eric Swalwell is a pandering fool.

Admittedly, since no white male will be permitted to carry the Democratic Party banner in 2020, and since he is obviously an idiot even by the low standards of the current field of contenders, his gaffes have mostly entertainment values, nothing more. Still, the guy is a Democratic member of Congress. Here was one of his tweets yesterday:

Do you know how many times the word “Woman” is mentioned in the Constitution?


That is unacceptable. Women must be equally represented and equally protected.

Federalist founder Sean Davis quickly tweeted back..

“Do you know how many times the word ‘Man’ is mentioned in the Constitution? Zero.”


14 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 5/3/2019: The “All They Had To Do Is Not Be Crazy, And They Couldn’t Even Do That” Edition [Part II]

  1. 1. “Why didn’t Chewbacca get a medal?”

    Boy, these geniuses at the WaPo sure know how to ask the important questions.

    1a. “Allied leaders were anti-Nazi, but not anti-racist. We’re now paying the price for their failure.”

    This, such as it is, applies to most of the people in the allied countries, as well as the leaders. So in essence, this writer is asserting what Tom Brokaw called the “Greatest Generation” is really just a bunch of racist assholes who just happened to win a war of aggression against an even greater evil.

    So I, as a son of the “Greatest Generation,” must remember only the evils attached to them as viewed through the lens of modern “woke” racial politics? Some playwright somewhen imagined a character who said something to this effect when burying his friend.

    How remarkably self-unaware and stilted are the views of these blinkered millennial “journalists.” It is sad to see, and dashes all hope for the future of journalism into a billion “woke” pieces.

    2. Poynter

    I guess it was predictable inevitable that being run by journalists, the ethics rot destroying the profession would eventually wreck Poynter as well.

    There. Fixed that sentence for you.

    The editors did issue a letter of apology (or rather, “sorry we got called on it non-apology”) today. I expect the new list will be very similar to the old list, and if you think ThinkProgress will be there, well, I’d like to disabuse you of that notion as well.

    But several conservative publications will undeservedly be there. That’s going to happen.

    5. Swallwell

    The gift that keeps on giving. The Democrat primary hopefuls (or as I call them, Gropin’ Joe and the 20 Mental Midgets) are more fun than a barrel full of monkeys. Every day, one or more of them does something like this, exposing their ignorance and, occasionally, outright mental infirmity.

    Each of these absurdities is a nail in the coffin of their 2020 presidential hopes. Now, if Trump could only quit Twitter, he’d have a cakewalk. As it is, it’s more of a race to see who nails shut their coffin first.

    Sean Davis is a Twitter treasure.

  2. 1. The issue of Chewbacca’s medal has been a hot button topic for Star Wars fans for years. The general consensus is that short Leia couldn’t reach up to hang it around Chewie’s neck.

    My grandfather drove a medical truck in Europe during the war. He probably never made it out of grade school education-wise. Men like him weren’t interested in ideology; they just wanted to win the war and go home.

    I wonder what it would do to the Left today if they realized we only fought Germany because Hitler declared war on us?

    2. Maybe the list was “aspirational”, like the GND?

    3. That’s the problem with abortion. So many rationalizations can be created to justify killing the unborn, but it all really boils down to, “Some kids are unwanted”.

    4. I’ve never felt that I needed people who looked exactly like me in order to be inspired. We need competence now more than ever.

  3. #5 I read this on Facebook today…

    Democrats 2020 Platform:
    • Raise Taxes
    • Kill Babies
    • Open Borders
    • Socialism
    • Weaken Economy
    • Defund Military
    • Suppress Free Speech
    • Take Away Guns
    • Reparations For Slavery
    • Remove Electoral College
    • Defend Illegal Immigrants

    There is some truth to that.

    • I am keeping your comment in a special place, just to compare the platform as bulletized there with the actual Democrat Party 2020 platform. There will be some consistency with that, I predict.

  4. As far as I know, the issue of Chewie getting a medal was about reach. In the comic book version it mentions he will have to put on his medal himself due to being so much taller than Leia. In the novelization he does get the medal, though it mentions Leia having to strain to put it on him. Yes, yes, I’ve heard that argument about Nazism returning now, that was also in the Stonekettle rant.

    “Fuck Nazis. I don’t want to hear any social justice warrior bullshit about not confronting these racist shitbags with violence if necessary. They get punched in the head, they take a lead pipe over the skull, well it just plain sucks to be a Nazi. I’m not going to sugar coat that for you. Nazis are Nazis, they deserve nothing but a boot in their yellow teeth and punch in the throat. They’re getting off easy. Our grandfathers hunted Nazis down and EXTERMINATED them and it’s to our everlasting shame that we let this cancer regrow in our midst. Fuck Nazis.”

    Mmmhmmm. Believe me, the original Nazis weren’t a bunch of racist idiots with yellow teeth. They counted some idiots in their midst, like virulent anti-Semitic writer Julius Streicher, but they also counted brilliant economist Albert Speer, rocket scientist Werner von Braun, and modern black knight Reinhard Heydrich among them. Racism in America was well underway long before the beer-hall putsch, and the super-race, anti-Semitic crap appeared with the KKK. Not that the KKK are such great folks either, but Nazis they weren’t. Some racist Americans did grab onto the Nazi idea, but in the end most isolationists and racists like Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford joined the fight on the right side. We didn’t hunt down the Nazis and exterminate them like Van Helsing, for God’s sake, we defeated them on the battlefield, and tried a few of the primary bad guys. More than a few of the former bad guys, like air ace Adolf Galland, didn’t get touched, and were actually big in postwar Germany and NATO.

    Racism is, has always been, and always will be a problem here. The far right has always existed here. The two aren’t necessarily synonymous. For some reason some with those beliefs embrace stuff similar to Nazism. The guy who did the ramming attack in Charlottesville was in fact a neo-Nazi whacko. The fact is that the First Amendment protects all these folks unless they get openly violent. I talked in one of my last posts about this rant typifying the lefty attitude of pushing ignorance and arrogance. This is more of the same, I doubt the author ever read a serious history of WWII or the rise of Nazism or the problem of racism in the US. This goes a step farther though, and extols hostility and violence together with ignorance and arrogance. It’s not only ok to not know what you hate, it’s not ok to not care you don’t know what you hate, it’s perfectly ok to attack it and try to badly injure or kill it because you hate it that much. That’s not just dangerous, that’s criminal. Also, substitute any group other than Nazis there and see what it sounds like. How is this attitude any different than the men prowling the Village in the early 70s, looking to beat up the first gay couple they saw? How’s this attitude any different than the Dotbusters in Jersey City, cruising Newark Avenue looking to confront the first dark-skinned guy they mark out and yell “Hindu! Hindu! We are the Dotbusters!” before delivering a beatdown?

  5. I suggest we begin using the term otherism in lieu of racism. Otherism is simply the hatred of others because they are others.

    By using otherism as the term to describe such hatred we can better compare sociological behavior. For example if we examine Shia and Sunni hatred of each other we can then compare how American otherism stacks up in relative brutality. Why should an an industrialized nation be evaluated based on a different basis than a less developed nation. The Hutus and Tutsis were biologically the same race but obviously they viewed each other as threats or lesser beings. Why we never see racism in the Kings of Africa who profited from the sale of their neighbors within the interior to those awful white Europeans is a question never posed. Ironically, today we see the buyers of narcotics as victims of traffikers of death, yet those that became addicted to cheap labor by the supply made available by African kings are the villains.

    Otherism will level the playing field when it comes to levelling accusations. When it comes to othering groups everyone is a minority.

  6. I think Swalwell is cribbing his tweets… the line about “woman” not appearing in the constitution is ripped straight out of the trailer for the new Ruth Bader Ginsburg biography (in the trailer she is pompously informed of this fact by a generic white man and retorts “neither is the word ‘freedom'”

  7. Re: Chewie

    My wife and I developed a theory… There was a medal for Chewbacca, but it was to be pinned. Now you try to pin that on a wookie’s fur, I dare you.

    That’s our story and we’re sticking to it. STOP CONFOUNDING US YOUR “COMIC” AND “NOVELIZATION” facts!

  8. Re #1: My headcanon was that Chewie didn’t get a medal because he didn’t do much when the Millennium Falcon swooped in. Han was doing the flying, and possibly fired the blast that got all the fighters off Luke’s back. Hence Chewie could’ve turned down the medal, not wanting recognition he didn’t earn.

  9. “Allied leaders were anti-Nazi, but not anti-racist. We’re now paying the price for their failure.”

    What an absolute dork. His understanding of the evils of racism is something he did nothing to earn. It was GIVEN to him because past generations worked VERY hard to change natural perceptions of race. Going back in time, each generation of crusaders against racism was smaller in number and faced a more difficult battle. All of their combined efforts, over decades, nay, centuries, made it possible for this “teacher” to look back and spit on the world as it was back when people IN that world were doing all the hard work to make it better for overgrown children like him.

    Until LARPers like this actually make some sort of sacrifice for a greater good, I can’t consider them smarter or better people than the ones who lined up to die fighting real Nazis. I have no way of knowing if this same person, transplanted back to the 1940s and raised in typical 1940s culture, would be racist or not. But I can venture that he wouldn’t volunteer to put himself at risk. He certainly doesn’t want to risk anything career-wised by, say, teaching history accurately.

  10. People like my father and mother fought WWII to defeat the Japanese (and the Nazis since Hitler stupidly declared war on us) and they did a very good job of it, thank you very much. How many votes do Imperial Japan and the Third Reich have in the U.N. these days, eh?

    My parents, and their comrades, would much rather not have had to fight WWII at all — their idea was to get it over with, beat the Nazis and Japanese so that they could go back home and live their real lives.

    Which they also did very well, don’t you think? I actually dislike the term ‘greatest generation’, but there is some justification for it.

    And, by the way, I really hate how the new version of this site interacts with Facebook. About the only thing I actually use Facebook for is to provide a log in when I’m commenting on sites like this and now it seems it cannot even interface properly with Facebook. It is becoming really annoying.

  11. “Allied leaders were anti-Nazi, but not anti-racist. We’re now paying the price for their failure.”

    I am not sure what he means by this (I don’t have a subscription to the ComPost and my security setting make it reject all attempts to see an article). However, let’s look at what common sense would tell us. President Truman, a Democrat, refused to integrate the military after the war. The commander of the armed forces, Dwight D. Eisenhower, a Republican, recommended it and Truman rejected the proposal. Eisenhower, when President, enacted the proposal and desegregated the military. So, the solution to not being anti-racist would have been to have more Republican leaders. However, I am almost certain that is not what the author had in mind.

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