Rueful Observations On The Latest Development In Virginia Governor Northam’s Blackface Scandal

Well, let’s see: my college has embarrassed me, my law school’s professors continue to make me wish I had earned a law degree by drawing “Skippy” from the cover of a matchbook, black students were apparently insulted in my home city’s famous art museum, my baseball team allowed itself to be split by “the resistance,” and my adopted state of Virginia has the most ridiculous governor since Rod Blagojevich was making Illinois residents consider moving to Tierra del Fuego.

To refresh your memory regarding  the Ralph Northam Ethics Trainwreck, since it’s been stashed in the news media memory hole for a while: the same week  that he appeared to casually explain how post-birth abortion works while showing all the passion of someone describing how to replace a carburetor, Northam’s med school yearbook surfaced showing the governor-to-be either dressed as a Klansman or wearing blackface, unless you subscribe to the theory that the photo of two men in such get-ups was just randomly planted on Northam’s page.

In a dizzying sequence, the Governor 1) apologized for the photo and wearing blackface in it, apparently admitting that it was him 2) said that he didn’t think either figure was him, and he could “tell by looking at it” 3) admitted that he did once wear blackface to look like Michael Jackson in a talent show 4) said that he had to have someone explain to him recently that blackface was considered offensive.

The short version: he’s a babbling, untrustworthy idiot.

Luckily for the Governor, Northam’s Lieutenant Governor, Justin Fairfax, was quickly accused of rape and sexual assault by not one but two women, with one of the accusers having more than a Blasey-Ford level of confirmation to back her accusation up. Now, do not doubt that any Republican governor of Virginia found to have a racist image by his name in his yearbook would be relentlessly hounded out of office by the Washington Post and allied Democratic media. Recall how George Allen’s Senate campaign was derailed by months of criticism for his use of an obscure foreign racial slur (“maccaca”) to describe a student report at a campaign event. Yet  Northam’s bizarre photo and his doubletalk surrounding it vanished from the news scene in a couple of weeks. So did Fairfax’s #MeToo problem, though he essentially called both women liars, something the #MeToo lobby has declared worthy of a metaphorical public execution.

How could this be? Well, if both Northam and Fairfax had to resign or were otherwise forced from office, Attorney General Mark Herring, a Democrat, would become governor. But Herring admitted that he once wore blackface at a college party in 1980!

What a dilemma. Democrats would be demanding all three be loaded into tumbrils if they were Republicans. But if the Democrats all had to live up to their party’s supposed values and leave office, a Republican would be next in line  for the Governorship. Thus we now have this alignment of priorities: A black Democrat who has been accused of sexual assault is less acceptable as Governor than a white idiot, also a Democrat, who wore blackface and could not make a coherent, straightforward, honest statement explaining the photo on his page in a yearbook, and since the state and the party would be attacked as racist to replace both, including the African American #MeToo denier, with a white Democrat who also wore blackface, all three of them would have to go if one did, but since having an idiot, a purveyor of a racist taboo, or a rapist in office are all preferable to putting a Republican in power, never mind. Move on.

It is hard for the ethical and those subject to head explosions to move on, however, since anything that reminds us of this epic demonstration of the cynical, hypocritical, ridiculous nature of the entire Democratic Party, which grandstands about racism and the abuse of women but is only interested in the issues as weapons against Republicans, not principles they are willing to apply to themselves., compels any normal person of adequate intelligence to wonder: Why does anyone trust these people? Why would anyone give them power over anything, never mind our states, nation, and lives?

I’m sorry, I got carried away and didn’t mention the latest development, which is, after all, the topic of the post.

Yesterday, government into turmoil, investigators hired by Northam’s alma mater, Eastern Virginia Medical School,released  a 55-page report  that concluded, as the New York Times archly put it, which of Governor. Northam’s accounts was true.

“No one we interviewed told us the governor was in the photograph, and no one could positively state who was in the photograph,” the investigators wrote. The inquiry also did not determine whether the photograph had been placed in error on a page that included Northam’s name and pictures. From the Times:

“James Boyd, the president of the Portsmouth chapter of the N.A.A.C.P., said he had “zero trust” in the inquiry and believed that it had been improperly tilted toward Mr. Northam. The firm, he said at the news conference where Eastern Virginia announced the results of the investigation, seemed to be “attorneys for Ralph.”

The lawyers defended the scope of their inquiry, which included interviews with 52 witnesses, and their findings.

And on Wednesday morning, the medical school’s president, Dr. Richard V. Homan, said that the photograph should not have been included in the yearbook. It had been, he said, a “failure of administrative oversight.”

“Their publication was hurtful, particularly to the African-American community and to our campus community,” Dr. Homan said. “It should never have happened.”


  • The investigation was a blatant PR exercise by the medical school, and after so many years was almost guaranteed to prove nothing, thus allowing  the school to say, “It was all a horrible mistake” and Northam and Virginia Democrats to shrug, “it’s a mystery!”—you know, like who killed Ron and Nicole.

If O.J. hired investigators after 30 years, and Kato Kaelin was senile, and Bob Kardashian was dead, and Marcia Clark and Mark Furmin were bitter and useless, resulting in a report that said “We couldn’t determine with certainty what happened,” what value would it have?

  • Occam’s Razor applies. Even assuming you were as dense and clueless as Northam, if a photo of someone in blackface dominated your yearbook page,  and it was not you,  and you found it objectionable, what would you do?

Wouldn’t you 1) say something 2) do something, and 3) at least know about it? After 30 years?

  • Even in the completely unlikely circumstances that you never  saw your own yearbook page—honestly, is that credible?— and that nobody ever mentioned to you the equivalent of, “Uh, why is there that photo of someone in a hood having sex with a goat on your page/”, once you did see the page after exclaiming, “WHAT? Let me see that!” would you ever say, “Yes, that’s me!” if it wasn’t you?

Presumed scenario: after Northam’s apology and admission, advisors say, “People are going nuts! You’ll have to resign over this! Quick–come out and say you were just trying to be responsible, but that you KNOW that’s not you. Yes, we know a reversal will make you look ridiculous, but Democrats don’t mind ridiculous. It’s better than blackface.”

  • The report does these things: It reminds us of how ridiculous and untrustworthy Northam is. It reminds us of the lack of integrity among Virginia Democrats, in exactly the same way the popularity of Joe Biden, an unapologetic serial sexual harasser and assailant, shows the hypocrisy and unseriousness of Democrats nationwide. It proves, once again, the double standards of the new media.

19 thoughts on “Rueful Observations On The Latest Development In Virginia Governor Northam’s Blackface Scandal

  1. Kudos to Gov. Northam. I would not have believed that a white politician could successfully go full smollett.

  2. Did anyone really expect the law firm to get someone to admit they were the persons in blackface or klan robes?

    As for Fairfax, until he is tried and convicted he is innocent and has no obligation to step down based on allegations of events occuring many years later.

    • Any elected official in an executive capacity has an obligation to step down if under the cloud of being accused of a felony. He can’t function. It’s like the Mayor of Baltimore. She hasn’t been tried either.

      • Trump accused of treason or thereabouts by a lot of people? He governed throughout what proved to be a hoax or series of lies and projections.

        • Not the same thing at all. A female acquaintance accuses an elected official of rape. Others confirm that she related the event to them at the time. That’s not the same as an accusation without evidence, a victim or complainant. Read the post: I said immediately that Fairfax shouldn’t resign based on the accusation alone—except that a high ranking party members should abide by his own party’s public principles and demands of others.

          • Seems like a too easy a method to get rid of an elected official.

            What stops anyone from claiming Trump committed some felony against them and gets another to corroberate the story? There appears to be no consequence for the accuser.

            I understand your point but your analysis does not contemplate false accusations. I would go along with a system in which the accused steps down temporarily while the case is adjudicated and if found not guilty he is returned to office for the remainder of original term plus the time used for the trial.

            I would accept your premise if the alleged incident occurs while the accused is in office but, we cannot allow the criminal justice system to be used to destroy an elected official.

            If Harry Reid would gloat about lying about Romney’s taxes then I have no illusions about others upping the ante.

            • Well, there are consequences for false accusations. A responsible elected official has to care more about functioning and the public trust. In Virginia, Fairfax is a dead man walking.

            • Chris,

              There is a flaw in your comparison with President Trump: he has a LOT of wealth and power, and zero scruples about using that to fight back. Why did you think all of the 11th hour ‘rape’ accusers that surfaced just before the 2016 election faded into the sunset? They might not suddenly have fatal accidents in small aircraft (like a lot of Clinton ‘problems’) but the wealthy can make the average American’s life hell without much risk, if they are smart about it.

              There was an exception, though, Ms. Daniels. Stormy Daniels was supported by the press and a lawyer who ignored the law to do so. They both paid a price for the false accusations. Stormy has legal bills piled up, and had to pay cash for the crime. Her lawyer is looking at jail time, for drawing attention to his illegal activities.

  3. There’s also the wrinkle that his nickname in school was “coonman” (really) but he claims to have no idea why. Surely we must not jump to conclusions.

  4. Let’s forget about the Northam’s terrifying accounts of letting a baby die after a botched abortion. No. That’s acceptable. I mean, in its best Orwellian Truthspeak moment to date, the New York Times declared that abortion saves lives while pregnancy kills.* Naw. Let’s investigate whether Northam wore a bed sheet or black face when he was in medical school. That is the true measure of person’s character. Yes, it is.

    So, the medical school conducted an extensive investigation into this photo from 35 to 40 years ago. No. Really. It did. They interviewed a bunch of people and looked under a bunch of rocks and stuff** but their investigation was inconclusive. Imagine that.

    Oddly enough, the investigation did not lead to any credible evidence that Northam was one of idiots in the photo. Really. It did. Now, I ask you: How could anyone figure out who was in the picture? The guy on the left is wearing shoe polish and the guy on the right is wearing a bed sheet covering his face. You can’t tell who they are – hell, you can’t even tell if it is a man or a woman under that sheet.

    So, why did the medical school investigate, wasting time and resources on a stupid photo in a stupid yearbook? Simply to have cover so they could say, “Hey, we take this stuff seriously. No. Really. We do. We investigated but found nothing conclusive. We can say that that photo and those bozos in the photo do not reflect our core values, one of which is we embrace ‘diversity’ in all its saintly forms. We are deeply disappointed at the students (assuming they are even students at our venerable institution of higher learning) and we are horrified by the harm this photo caused. We will do better to ensure that such things never, ever happen again. No. We really mean it! To show our commitment to our core values, each entering class must attend diversity and sensitivity training so that our students can better understand those less privileged and . . . .”?

    Naw. That would be cynical on the school’s part.

    Sorry. Never mind.


    *Ed. Note: You think I am kidding? Read this in all it’s glory:

    Here is nice response from the National Review:

    **Ed. Note 2: I wonder: do you think the investigators actually opened the yearbook to the offending page? Did they open the yearbook to other pages, too, just to see what those pages contained? Did they, oh, I don’t know, look at page XX to see whose photos were on that page and ask, “uh, well, that’s Bob Patterson’s page and look – he was the lead in “Fiddler on the Roof”, and by gum, there he is in the play singing “If I Were a Rich Man”! Maybe each person submitted photos of important times/moments during the year to be included on their respective pages?” Did they ask Northam that question? Did they, in fact, interview him? Oh, forget it.

      • Thanks. I have a quirky sense of humor and my perception of the world is usually through mirth-tinted glasses. I like to focus on amusing parts of stories – it is usually lurking around the periphery of the story. Sometimes, it can be a bit morbid.

        Bear with me: This is quite a long story:

        There is a horrible story currently trending in Houston about the disappearance and probable death of an adorable 4 year old girl at the hands of her useless mother’s ex-fiancé, a real winner, that guy. The focus should be on this girl. But, there is this news/cultural story that has grown up through the societal cracks. Since this poor child was reported “missing” there have been prayer vigils, , a growing pile of stuffed animals, flowers, and assorted items left at the girl’s apartment door, and balloon-releasing ceremonies attended by idiot local politicians looking somber and despondent all over the city of Houston, with people declaring their unending love and affection for this poor girl – 99.9% of whom don’t even know how to spell the girl’s name. Moment of fame, eh?

        Now, the story started out with a report that the ex-fiancé was going to the airport to pick up the girl’s mother (who was grieving the loss of her father from a few weeks back) when, lo and behold he heard a sound of a tire blowing out, pulled over to inspect the car and was right then and there set upon by 3 Hispanics in a 2010s blue Chevy pickup truck, bludgeoning him, stealing his car, leaving him (and, incidentally, his 6 month old son) for dead, and kidnapping the girl. She has been missing for 3 weeks. Now., said fellow said he was in and out of consciousness for over 24 hours, finally recovering from his wounds and somehow found himself 60 miles away in Sugar Land, which is no-frickin’-where near George Bush Intercontinental Airport. He checked himself into a local hospital, seeking treatment for a rather nasty head wound and memory loss.

        Now, the most important parts of the story are: Who were the 3 Hispanic assailants? What did they look like? How were they dressed? What was the license plate number of the pickup truck? Where is this fellow’s 6 month old son? Why would these Hispanic ruffians kidnap a 4 year old and leave a perfectly healthy 6 month old on the side of the road with his semi-conscious father? How did they get from the scene of the crime to Sugar Land when the guy’s car had been lifted from him (that’s a hell of a walk)? Where is his car? Who picked up the mother from airport and why isn’t she hop-skippin’ mad that this guy didn’t show up at the airport at the stated time to pick her up? Oh, and where is this poor, lovely girl?

        Well, as luck would have it, our assault victim isn’t exactly what we were led to believe he was. In fact, he has an impressive criminal record, some crimes include domestic violence and child endangerment, etc. Imagine that. Shocking, I tell you. Shocking.

        Yet, we are told every night that the child is still missing (“It’s day 16 since Baby Meleah went missing . . .”). God love them, but the EquiSearch people are searching for a proverbial needle in a haystack. For some reason, they begin these searches in weird parts of the city and its surrounds, based on some tip that the girl may be over there, which has yielded absolutely nothing.

        The local news media, clearly not looking for ratings, begin each nightly news cast with “Baby girl, we’re still looking for ya! Don’t give up hope, baby Melaeh! We will find you!” They have interviewed the mother (who was accompanied by local boz . . . “activist” Quannell X – what a prince that guy is – he will represent anyone if the price is right), who was decked out in her best Knock-Off Versace shades, eyelashes and sparkly tight blouse who shed tears for her missing girl. They interviewed the ex-fiancé’s brother (The Ex has been arrested on a charge of tampering with evidence, mainly a corpse) who swears the girl has been taken to México by the 3 Hispanic ruffians in the pickup truck and is working in taco stand in Nuevo Laredo, and their neighbors, who expressed shock that the Ex would do such a thing (“I dunno. He seemed like such a nice guy. Yeah, at times we would hear lots of yelling, screaming, cussing, and things being broken but we just can’t believe he would do such a thing to such a lovely girl”).

        The most fascinating part of this story is the reaction from the Black community, primarily from Black women: There was a hearing of some sort a few weeks ago. The courtroom had to be cleared of spectators and the halls cleared. The public was vicious. Toward the Ex? No. They think he killed the poor girl and he made up the whole thing to cover his tracks. No. They are furious with the mother for leaving town to attend her dearly departed father’s memorial service (some weeks after his death) and leaving a defenseless child in the hands of a raving lunatic. They (the Black Women) absolutely don’t believe that she left town, but that she was involved (either directly or indirectly) in the poor child’s death. They are out for the mother’s head. It is amazing to see this.

        And, yet, this poor girl is likely killed, her body likely never to be found. Yet, the news and social circuses surrounding this story is truly breathtaking.


        • Well done, my fellow Texan.

          I see three options here. Either the girl has been sent out of country for adoption or slave trade (It happens in the San Antonio area from time to time, that we find out about), some relative has the girl in hiding to get her out of a bad situation (but why leave the boy?), or she is dead.

          If the latter, anyone with a modicum of rural Texas sense could figure out how to hide a body where it would never be found. Be cool, drive for a few hours away from Houston (east OR west), find a good spot well away from city lights, and perform the three ‘s’ quickstep (shoot, shovel, and shut up).

          Never be found without divine intervention.

  5. I have to say that I never purchased a yearbook. I never looked at any of my yearbooks. My closest friends didn’t either. However, if there was something terrible put in the yearbook about me, I bet people who did buy one would have given me a hard time about it. From what people said, however, I didn’t actually appear in my yearbooks at all. All that was there was ‘photo unavailable’.

    • This wasn’t even put together by high school students. It was his yearbook from medical school. We’re supposed to believe that his profile page, with pictures exclusively of him and information specifically about him, for some reason contains an unrelated picture of two random people in racist costume who both AREN’T him.

      This yearbook page is what counts as conclusive evidence for something. If the burden of proof rests on anyone to prove anything, someone had better prove that the photo was maliciously put there and that at the two people have been positively identified as “not Ralph Northam.” Otherwise, of COURSE it’s him, to even suggest otherwise is straight up gaslighting. The guy even admitted to doing it again. How many people wear blackface even once?

  6. Just to wrap a nice bow around this,

    Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court was stonewalled by shrieking, couch-feinting Democrats who insisted that he did not belong on the Supreme Court because 1) a woman had accused him of jumping on top of her and trying to undress her at an unknown date, year, time, and place almost 40 years ago, as part of a story that was constantly changed and at a party that no one else remembered ever happening, and while lying about various related things like her fear of flying, and 2) Kavanaugh was mildly angry and indignant about the well-timed accusation, which proved that he didn’t have judicial temperament or something.

    After crowdsourcing the entire weight of the investigative press and various others into the cause of digging up every possible speck of dirt on Brett Kavanaugh as a high school rapist, and then getting the FBI involved, all they came up with was that he was a perfect gentleman who liked beer. This didn’t slow them down one tiny bit, and their crusade against Kavanaugh (and his kids and wife) continues to rage unto this day, in the form of articles about how Kavanaugh is part of “the larger problem” of rape survivors not being believed, etc.

    Now imagine that:
    a) there was a photo on Kavanaugh’s college yearbook profile page of a man his same size and shape in a mask groping a horrified woman,
    b) confronted with the yearbook photo, Kavanaugh admitted it was him, and that he’s done things like that other times in the past, but he’s really sorry about it,
    c) he later changed his mind and said he didn’t really believe it was him in the initial photo, and also
    d) his high school nickname was “da ho slayer” for some reason.

    You’d have Northam, a Democrat currently lounging in the governor’s mansion as various liberals fall all over themselves either defending or ignoring him.

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