Comment of the Day on “Ethics Dunce: Professor Lara Bazelon” (3)

There are at least two more Comment of the Day candidates in the comment threads following the Bazelon post, which makes five out of 25 total comments, highest percentage ever. Here is #3, by doctormoreau, perhaps my favorite Comment of the Day on “Ethics Dunce: Professor Lara Bazelon”:

My dad was a truck driver and an alcoholic. He was gone for weeks at time and when he was around you wish he wasn’t. I decided early on to be a different parent.

According to the Federal government my family lives in poverty. There are 8 of us, and I make less than $43,000. Yet our quality of life is excellent.
Both of my vehicles are paid for. Yes, my “newer” auto is 8 years old, but it runs well and has never given us any issues. My old truck, purchased to make fixing our house easier, is ugly and rusty but paid for and also reliable.

My wife and I both have cell phones-we replaced our land line years ago. Once upon a time food was our biggest expense, but the growing monstrosity that is health care has passed that. We still get by just fine, though. Beans and rice can be made many ways.

My wife stays home with our children, not because she has to, but because she wants to. She is the brains of this house, and could most likely make more than I do. We choose, however, to homeschool our 6 kids.

My parents divorced when I was a kid, and my wife’s parents were never married. She is the result of a bad date and a bottle of wine, or so I am told. We knew the statistics were against us, and we chose to never use the “D” word. It is not an option in our house.

I don’t say any of this to guilt anyone, or to puff myself up with pride. I have made decisions in life and I am happy with them. We could dump our kids in school and more than double our income tomorrow if we wanted, but I feel we would miss so much joy.

I feel sorry for Ms. Bazelon because she feels her importance is based on what she does. As her kids get older I think she will have regrets, if she does not already.

I will not. My small house and old cars are a simple and easy sacrifice for my children. They need a family more than I need the fulfillment of a six figure job.

11 thoughts on “Comment of the Day on “Ethics Dunce: Professor Lara Bazelon” (3)

  1. Yes, beautiful comment. Hope your kids appreciate the choices you’ve made; I’m sure they will!

    I do wonder how the paradigm has changed over the last generation or two, from (in general at least, there have always been people who want nothing more than to be at the top of whatever they do) working enough to support a family to work becoming their primary purpose in life.

    I’ve read somewhere that work is replacing religion as many people’s primary source of self-actualization. Seems a sorry substitute to me, especially when family could theoretically fill that hole as well.

  2. I suspect liberalism has replaced religion for the vast majority of the educated class, at least. They despise church (other than the UU) but worship at the Church of the Democratic Party)

    This COTD also highlights the fact that the left apparently thinks that until every person in the country is a managing partner at Goldman Sachs, the country will continue to suffer crippling “income inequality.” (Where did that term even come from and why is it running rampant?) They seem to assume everyone WANTS to be a managing partner at Goldman Sachs and if they don’t, they’re deplorable. It’s actually a weird sort of envy. One of the seven deadly sins, non? Ironic.

  3. Wonderful comment! I think I can see why it is Jack’s favorite. It is instantly a favorite of mine from among so many wonderful comments I have read at Ethics Alarms. (I think immediately of comments by Mrs. Q.) May God Bless the commenter and his family.

    • Lucky: Saw a thing on MLB network last night about Gehrig’s farewell speech, which was delivered on a July 4. It was evidently entirely extemporaneous and delivered by Gehrig only at the insistence of Joe McCarthy. The piece was an interview by Bob Costas of Gehrig’s biographer who was in the bleachers as a young boy, who speculated that almost no one in the stands realized Gehrig was not just retiring from baseball, he was dying. Maybe it’s on youtube.

  4. Language. Such a great gift. Maybe IT is God’s way of telling us he loves us?

    I bet Columbia will be distancing itself from Gehrig any day now because he played in the segregated majors.

    • OOps. Sorry. Connection with whatever has been a little weird today.

      The COTD brings to mind “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” (plus Independence Day). The left seems to want to define what happiness has to be for everyone. And the government is required to deliver that happiness, not just allow it to be pursued. Bad reading skills.

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