Unethical Quote Of The Month: The New Republic’s Corey Pein [CORRECTED]

“Liberals are notoriously loath to take their own side in a fight. But their reticence may well be changing in an age of “vigilante, white nationalist terror”—openly condoned and supported by an incumbent president who has suggested that his armed devotees won’t stand for his removal from office. Increasingly, the antifa left is arguing—and training—in response. They are worried not only about an armed reckoning following a contested election, but also about rising violence from the paramilitaries loyal to President Donald Trump.”

Corey Pein in The New Republic’s Antifa-justifying article, “Antifa Is Arming Itself Against a Trump Crackdown”

This is an extreme example, but still characteristic of the parallel universe, delusional projection of their own desires onto the President by the deranged anti-Trump Left.  To be succinct…

  • WHAT “vigilante, white nationalist terror”? I have seen lots of fake “hate crime” hoaxes and real attacks on people wearing MAGA hats who were minding their own business, but what is this referring to? Funny, I seem to recall that it was a group of Republican Congressmen who were attacked by a pro-Bernie sniper on a baseball field. Did that Charleston church shooting by Dylann Roof make this an “age”?
  • When has the President said that that his supporters will take up arms to prevent his removal from office? The reference cited in the article says nothing about removal from office.
  • WHAT “paramilitaries”? What rising violence? A recent study found less evidence of racial prejudice under Trump than Obama. [Correction: the original post mistakenly referred to “hate crimes.”]

Whacked-out opinions are fine; I read them every day. I’ve even had one or two myself. Hallucinations and paranoia unmoored to reality, however, is not fit to print in a national publication, whatever its politics. This appears to be near total fabrication to try to justify the Left’s own “paramilitary,” the Antifa.

Being hysterical is unfortunate. Trying to spread hysteria is evil.


Pointer: Ed Driscoll

17 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: The New Republic’s Corey Pein [CORRECTED]

  1. The anti-social social justice warriors, similar to this Corey Pein, might be trying to prod their opponents into violent confrontations. Their movement is showing signs of a plateau so they may be in search of creating a pile of sympathetic bloody martyrs on their side to really get their “cause” out of the perceived wings and get it rolling in parades down main street. What better way to claim that the opposition to social justice warriors are evil than to have dead martyrs created by the opposing evil.

  2. Increasingly, the antifa left is arguing—and training—in response. They are worried not only about an armed reckoning following a contested election, but also about rising violence from the paramilitaries loyal to President Donald Trump.

    This falls under the rubric of “Be careful what you wish for.”

    It seems the Left, with pieces like this, are bound and determined to motivate ordinary Americans to view Antifa with alarm. Perhaps, as a result, the militias they fear (but currently don’t seem to exist), will form themselves in response to their fear-mongering militancy.

    It’s almost as if they are trying to will right-wing militias into existence so Antifa will have faces to punch, or targets to shoot.

    That’s not likely to end well… for Antifa.

  3. Pure unadulterated projection by the resistance left.

    If they do seek this type of confrontation, they will likely not last long.

  4. It does me no pleasure to say this, but It’s been 154 years since the Civil War. We’re overdue. Like Clemenza said in The Godfather when referring to mob wars, “These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood.” I don’t look forward to it or want it to happen, but I think it is unavoidable at this point. All we’re waiting on is the seminal event that kicks it all off in earnest. Both sides hate each other so much and hold philosophies that are diametrically opposed to one another that real concessions and common ground on significant issues are not possible. I hope I am wrong. The left certainly seems to be itching for a fight, and they are not being shy about it. This, of course, is only my opinion.

  5. I don’t think this guy is delusional or otherwise fooling himself. I think there’s a cadre of near anarchist/Commie lefties that really think they are going to precipitate a Bolshevik/1917 style revolution in the United States. I doubt they’ll get very far but I think we’d be well advised to pay attention to them. These Justice Democrats are very nasty. AOC and Omar and Tliab. They are sock puppets for some pretty nasty people who are determined and taking the long view.

    • “What do we want?”
      “When do we want it?”

      And there are lots of garden variety lefties who are being played as useful idiots.

  6. Jack,

    What study found hate crimes are down? All the evidence I’ve read suggest the opposite. Please cite your sources.

    • Fixed it. It was supposed to refer to the recent study finding racial prejudice down by some measures. The hate crime data is a mess, and unrelian;e, since all they have to go on is reported hate crimes, and hoax hate crimes have risen. Thanks.

  7. Whacked-out opinions are fine; I read them every day. I’ve even had one or two myself. Hallucinations and paranoia unmoored to reality, however, is not fit to print in a national publication, whatever its politics. This appears to be near total fabrication to try to justify the Left’s own “paramilitary,” the Antifa.

    A couple of observations . . . and a recipe for a delicious Salsa Di Pomodori

    One is that — this is my impression — the Left does not very well understand the contrary or opposing political ideas that are coming to the surface. While it is true that these ideas are not new, they have not been circulated to any significant degree. For example, just now finishing The Dispossessed Majority (1976) which clearly describes the terrible changes that have been wrought on America and majority Americans over the last 60 years, yet I had not ever encountered anything so thorough, so clearly expounded. If the book were circulated and read now by the majority population, if it were possible to understand this explanation of what has happened, I think it fair to say that it would provoke not a *revolution* but a profound reassessment of the conditions of the Republic at this juncture. If the majority demographic could become informed, that demographic would become livid. And they would opt to change things.

    The ideas of the New Right — and it is fair to say there is an emerging Right that is distinct and very different from the traditional Right and the traditional conservatives — are known and heard of by journalists who present them through a distorting lens. Those journalists must inform themselves by reading original sources, but when they set out to encapsulate what is said, they perform a hack-job on it. So, they incite reaction because they deal in distorted encapsulations. They feed the hysteria of their readership.

    However, it must be understood that if the present conditions are to be confronted and ameliorated that this will indeed require aggressive measures. This is where the game will get more serious. And it will come to this. It is *taking shape* now as I often say.

    For example (and if I can borrow the term!) some ‘woke Whites’ understand the nature — the fatal nature — of the demographic chess-game being played against them. This was set in motion by Marxian operatives and they gained the support of liberal activists many of whom are present on this blog. (American Postwar progressivism is infused with Marxian will and design). They have been ‘red pilled’ as the saying goes. They understand what will be irretrievably lost if their demographic (the majority population) is overpowered by the rising demographic. It is a ‘game’, I suppose one must admit as all aspect of life is a game, but it has drastic and fatal consequences. (And this is why all efforts must be made to keep the idea from constellating as a ‘fact’). This can be demonstrated. It is, in this sense, scientific knowledge not hysterical speculation nor paranoia. (You can search for the video where Joe Biden clearly explains the consequences of the ‘unrelenting stream of immigration’. It is frightening for its candor).

    True, not enough of the majority population is aware of what is opposing it, or only has some vague sense of danger, but in relation to this I think the Left (in this sense American progressives of both the liberal and the conservative camps) clearly understand what its side is working for, and what it is setting out to achieve, and knowing that, they do recognize that they are pushing a specific demographic into a position in which only a physical fight will *save* them. They know this. And they fear it. Just as nearly everyone who writes here fears the reaction that they notice welling up around them and which, to one degree or another, wells up in them. It simply has not become *operational knowledge* — yet.

    The recipe is very simple. One small can of Italian tomatoes, with 1/2 stick celery, 1/2 carrot, some parsley, and 1/2 onion, salt, pepper and a small amount of sugar or honey. Just cook that with no oil on low for 20 minutes. Then add 2 garlics and fresh basil and cook for 8 minutes more. Then put in a blender with 1/4 cup of olive oil, a tablespoon of butter, 1/8 cup of parmesan cheese and blend.

    [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N2K4gYzopYE ]

    • So, what would the current “non-minority” American left hope to ultimately gain by shifting the demographic? If it’s power, have they thought this through? Surely any such power would be fairly transitory for their demographic, as they are eventually pushed aside and despised as collaborators by the “non-European” majority they helped to install, and be pariahs to those they betrayed…Even more so if an actual geographic split occurs, making them an even smaller minority in their former power bases. To put it plainly, are they intent on committing cultural suicide; do they care?

      And why would you call a tomato a “golden apple”, anyway?

      • Good questions. If you meditate on the problem, the problem comes more fully into focus. The core of the problem is, though this sounds grandiose, the preservation of European culture and civilization in the soul of a person capable of *seeing* and preserving what is seen, understood, valued. If this is so, then conceiving of the problem becomes an even larger consideration, since it has to do with the ‘soul’ or the ‘spirit’ (the individual and the Self) that is capable of creating such a thing. Therefore (in my own mediation and reading) the issue ultimately has to do with renovation of the Self and — if you will permit me — resurrection of the Self. In the most ultimate sense the issue is fundamentally spiritual.

        Putting it in a different light, or seeing it from a different angle, the world that has been created — the larger world that we subsist in now and the world that rises up and determines us, and I use the term Americanopolis because it is poignant and laden — has in certain senses come about because of the pollutions of mis-interpreted liberalism. As the conceptual pathway to *higher metaphysical conception* has been disrupted, we are cut off from needed hierarchical thought. And all European categories of concern and valuation depend on these hierarchies. Again, it is ultimately a spiritual crisis or a crisis having to do with the advent of extremely powerful, and in this sense *non-human*, mechanized forces — systems — which have ‘engineered’ people and culture. With that in mind I suggest that we have a way to understand the real meaning and the real purpose of decadence and (though I am chary to mention it) a notion of the demoniac.

        The people that go into gaining these perspectives, or clarifying them, deal in such ideas as did Heidegger. I have referred to his notion of ‘machination’ (Machenschaft). It is not hard to visualize what is meant: to become a victim of determining forces which arise with material science and empowerment but are part-and-parcel of economic systems and, importantly, the ideologies that support these.

        I am attempting honesty here, not obfuscation. The people who really look into the demographic issue, look closely at the historical factors, and the ideological factors, which have allowed what we now see coming to be, to be. If these can be seen, and there are dark forces that work outside us and inside us to keep us from *seeing* (here again I refer to the idea of Plato’s Cave and my sense that we are conditioned to examine and ‘be concerned’ about surface when we should feel an obligation to think more deeply, but this implies spiritual categories and *an upper world of realization*). If we can begin to conceive of a larger picture and ourselves as actors in, or victims of, these ‘machinations’, we can then begin to reconstruct the internal and external connections which allow for renovation.

        The way the problem is conceived is through the metaphor of the Red Pill. This is not a spurious metaphor. Because it touches on *awakening* and *realization*. We either realize and awaken, or we destroy ourselves in sleep and oblivion.

        Once the ‘real problem’ is fully conceived (or even partially conceived) things begin to fit into place differently. It does not make anything less difficult — and the fact of the matter is that we may lose:

        The age we find ourselves living in clearly suggest what our primary watchword should be: to rise again, to be inwardly reborn, to create a new order and uprightness within ourselves.Those who harbour illusions about the possibility of a purely political struggle and the power of this or that formula or system, with no new human quality as its exact counterpart, have learned no lessons from the past.

        We find ourselves in a world of ruins — we should not forget this. And just how much may still be saved depends only on the existence or lack of men who are still capable of standing among these ruins, not in order to dictate any formulas, but to serve as exemplars; not by pandering to demagogy and the materialism of the masses, but in such a way as to reawaken different forms of sensibility and interest.
        — Julius Evola: A Message to the Youth (1950)

        I am sorry that I did not try to directly answer your question. Not that I could not have said a few things. But because I have my own confusion about just those questions you ask. The best I can say right now is that ‘first things first’. The first order of business is understanding. And that means clearing away misconception and obscuration.

    • “If the majority demographic could become informed, that demographic would become livid. And they would opt to change things.”
      I thoroughly agree with this analysis. And the most frightening thing about the Biden video you reference is that more people apparently don’t find it frightening.
      It has been more than twenty years since I read Robertson’s book in grad school, but I wonder what an update of his statistical data would show. As you note, his work is thorough and well thought-out.
      And do those engineering the demographic shift and the demise of America not realize that traitors are hanged first?

  8. As a member of a regional multi-agency domestic terrorism “watchdog” group, I monitored the activities of militias and other anti-government extremist groups. (This was back before the SPLC began labeling anyone to the right of Karl Marx as a “right wing extremist.”) Those militia groups are long gone now. I would bet that a number of conscientious law enforcement agencies are tracking and monitoring Antifa, BLM, et al and are preparing to deal decisively with any likely organized armed activity in which they might engage. I doubt very seriously that anything Antifa might try in most of America would surpass law enforcement efforts to control it. We aren’t alI living in Portland, thank God.
    The one thing sure to cause a resurgence of armed militia groups like we saw in the 90s would be for the government itself to become more actively, overtly destructive of our rights, in which case all bets are off.

  9. “The hate crime data is a mess, and unreliable, since all they have to go on is reported hate crimes…”
    Regarding hate crime reporting, the FBI, through the National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS), implemented through the states, sets standards for what they call “data reasonableness.” For example, an agency serving a community of 100,000 would be expected (by the FBI standards) to report a certain number of burglaries, assaults, thefts, etc.. If a community does not experience a significant level of a certain crime category, or if an agency has a good year preventing a targeted crime like burglary, or if indeed one or more crime categories are being deliberately under-reported, the reporting agency can expect to be questioned by their state’s IBRS personnel about under-reporting of those crimes based on the “data reasonableness” standard, and perhaps will have their crime reports audited by the state. This in turn makes many agencies tend to err on the side of over-reporting, i.e. “if it might be a criminal trespass or it might be a burglary, we will call it a burglary” or “if it isn’t clearly a hate crime, but might be considered a hate crime, we will call it a hate crime.” The subjective nature of determining hate crime status make it an inherent inaccurate process to begin with. Of course, I suspect that some agencies have habitually under-reported crime statistics in many categories, for “Chamber of Commerce” reasons, although I never experienced this in any agency for which I worked.

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