(I Admit It: I Can’t Resist….) Poll: Bill Clinton In A Blue Dress

The portrait above, which once seen, cannot be unseen, reportedly was hanging in the late Jeffrey Epstein’s mansion in Manhattan. Clinton, as well know be now, hung out with the infamous sexual predator more times than is good for his reputation.

Now this. So far, no mainstream media source has covered the weird episode. Few websites have either. Call me crazy, but I find it difficult to believe that if an equivalent portrait was found hanging in Epstein’s lair with the subject being Donald Trump or George W. Bush, CNN, MSNBC, the Times and the Post would be all over the story, snickering, speculating and asking questions. I assume that the Democratic candidates for President would be doing so too, noting that this was one more example of what an embarrassment the President was, that it hinted of his suspicious involvement with the sex offender, and that it proved how “unfit” he was to sit in the Oval Office.

On conservative blogs, several commenters have asked whether any reporter will have the fortitude to ask Bill of Hillary about the monstrosity. Don’t they have a duty to at least ask? What could the painting possibly mean?

I’ll be interested in the response to this poll, the topic of which is journalism ethics and double standards…

19 thoughts on “(I Admit It: I Can’t Resist….) Poll: Bill Clinton In A Blue Dress

  1. I saw that too, and, having been burned by jumping the gun before, checked around (the…um…reliable fact-checking sites) before forwarding it to my peeps.

    And honestly, had that been a Righty, the continuous, cascading, endless reel coverage would drown out everything, and I mean EVERYTHING else!

    But because the Former-Serial-Sexual-Predator-In-Chief is ideologically certified, this will be pooh-poohed along with other instances of normalizing cross-dressing.

    Not that there’s anything’s wrong with THAT

    My biggest concern? Is there sufficient brain-bleach available to permanently expunge that image and the possibility of waking in cold sweaty nightmares in perpetuity?

  2. Must beg off responding.

    Heard about this this morning on local FM music morning show (not a political show).

    So, it got covered. But, it might be exceptional.


  3. Too late – I will forever suspect Epstein’s death as a murder by Climton’s goons. That ridiculous and bizarre portrait only strengthens my suspicions. Suicide. Right. Just like Vince Foster – well, not “just like,” but like enough. Devil With a Blue Dress On, indeed.

  4. I don’t see the poll anymore. I voted, a few hours ago, and came back to check results.
    Jack, did you take it down?

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