The Lying Game Continues: Was There A 9-11 Switcheroo In North Carolina?

A Paul Krugman column this week titled Republicans Don’t Believe in Democracy” began,

Item: Last week Republicans in the North Carolina House used the occasion of 9/11 to call a surprise vote, passing a budget bill with a supermajority to override the Democratic governor’s veto. They were able to do this only because most Democrats were absent, some of them attending commemorative events; the Democratic leader had advised members that they didn’t need to be present because, he says, he was assured there would be no votes that morning.

Elizabeth Warren (via tweet), the Washington Post and other news outlets repeated the same story. It wasn’t true. NPR’s North Carolina affiliate checked the facts with local reporter Paul Specht of the Raleigh News & Observer. He explained how the rumor—for that’s what it was, despite Warren, Krugman, the Washington Post et al. reporting it as fact—got started.

“It’s hard to tell where it started,” Specht told NPR.  “You know, in some cases the news and reporters and other observers were victims of circumstance.’

Baloney, by the way. The “circumstance” here was that reporters didn’t verify the story. Specht is covering for his habitually unethical colleagues.

“The vote happened the morning of September 11. And that morning, as we all know, there’s a national moment of silence…And you, know, I think people just took all that information — they heard keywords, they heard, you know, “Republicans vote,” “Democrats absent,” “9/11,” morning of. And then people jumped to assumptions about where the Democrats were. There were a few outlets both locally here in Raleigh, WTVD, and then national outlets, too, they got it wrong. Whether it was Now This, which posts viral videos, the Washington Post, also, its headline was inaccurate. It took it a little while to correct so misinformation was all over the place.”

Wow! Is American journalism terrific, or what?

Specht went on to say that  that there was only one Democrat in the House of Representatives for North Carolina that was attending a 9-11 event, Garland Pierce from Scotland County. He was the only eligible Democratic voter who was at a memorial event instead of showing up for the vote.  Specht said that when minority leader, Democrat  Dan Jackson, was asked, “Were there any members of your caucus at 9/11 meetings besides Rep. Pierce, who was in Raeford?” the answer came back “No.”

So Krugman’s “some” was really “one.”

The fall-back claim, which Jackson continued to push, was that Democrats were “tricked.” He says that Republicans told him there would be no vote on the budget that morning.  That’s neither confirmed nor confirmable: the Republicans say that the budget vote was on the calendar, regardless of what Jackson claims he was told. The reporter reports,  “Democrats were in meetings. A handful of them were preparing to meet to talk about redistricting, and some that I spoke with said they were driving to Raleigh. They were eating breakfast. They were parking their car. They were getting ready to go. So, they’re kind of all over the place.”

Did their leader screw up? Were they ducking the vote? Were they really “tricked”? It’s a donkey says/elephant says, and anyone who states as fact what was really going on is exposing partisan bias and misrepresenting the facts. The statement that  Democrats were “tricked” into going to a memorial service is, however, false beyond question, which is what Warren, among others, tweeted.  So far, the Democratic Party’s #1 shameless demagogue  hasn’t corrected it, relying on Jonathan Swift’s paraphrased observation (mistakenly attributed to Mark Twain, probably by Paul Krugman) that “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”

It isn’t Republicans who don’t believe in democracy, but Machiavellian pundits and journalists like Krugman. Democracy depends on an informed public, which is why an honest, objective, competent, non-partisan and trustworthy news media is indispensable, and, in this democracy, presently absent. Totalitarianism depends on misinformation and a public manipulated into believing what their rulers want them to believe. That’s what journalists and pundits are supporting when they play the Lying Game.

13 thoughts on “The Lying Game Continues: Was There A 9-11 Switcheroo In North Carolina?

  1. I mean… It might be underhanded, and only work once, but do you think this could work nationally? Do you think Cocaine Mitch or Kevin McCarthy could tell their counterparts that there would be no votes that day, and happily push through scads of legislation? Maybe a clean budget? Worse, do you think Grandma Pelosi or Steny Hoyer could?

    Probably not. Why? Because they aren’t stupid people. If Dan Jackson was actually tricked by his political opponents saying they wouldn’t do something, sure, his political opponent is an ass, but Jackson would be demonstrating a crippling amount of stupidity. If he’s lying… well… I don’t know which is worse, but neither “stupid” nor “dishonest” is a great way to go through life.

  2. Is there a Nobel Prize for being a lying propagandist?

    If so, Krugman is about to win his second Nobel Prize.

    Truly hate him for what he is and does to undermine America.

    • And he’s not even a journalist! What’s he doing reporting about legislative goings on in North Carolina? It’s full of retrograde people in cities smaller than NYC, or not even in cities.

  3. “…in some cases the news and reporters and other observers were victims of circumstance.”

    Having witnessed the rapid decline of American journalism over the past few decades, I had taken some comfort in the observation that local and regional print and electronic media news reporters in my part of the world -although often woefully ignorant about things they were reporting on- seemed to reflect little of the overt liberal bias that has overtaken the national media. I fear that this incident is indicative of a trend, especially in news outlets in our state capitols, of increasing journalistic rot at the grassroots level. Even in the South, the state capitols are well known for being the most (or among the most) liberal areas of even quite conservative states. I guess it is inevitable that journalistic integrity’s ebbing tide is “lowering all boats.”

  4. I don’t think Republicans have any ethical duty to arrange their votes for the convenience of Democrats.

    So what we have here is a Democrat lawmaker lying straight up to create a fake news story making Republicans look like the liars.

    It would be funny if it weren’t so serious, and so badly off the rails. I don’t much care what Krugman says, the only people who read him are gullible fools with mush for brains. And I don’t expect demagogues like Elizabeth Warren to correct their misstatements and outright lies — they are proven unreliable liars, so how can we expect them to do anything else? She still hasn’t backed off her call for Kavanaugh’s impeachment despite the fake news disaster from the Times.

    Except for the fact that the reporters went all-in without verifying anything (who could blame them, when the Gray Lady omits critical facts from their reporting with impunity and then blames the victim), this is exactly what I have come to expect. I guess it’s too much to ask anymore to believe the actual reporting of fundamental news.

    So all modern news is, apparently, fake news. Our Fourth Estate has become the Fifth Column.

    • That is a great analogy: Many gullible Americans don’t realize the difference between propaganda and fact based news. This plays into the leftist Marxist world view that a few powerful fat cats control the destiny of America at the expense of ‘the oppressed’ and that is incumbent on the mainstream media to use every weapon they have including lying to the public ‘for their own good.’

  5. This is just another tactic of The Resistance. It’s a version of “It’s better to ask forgiveness than to ask permission”.

    If you publish, post or tweet something irresponsible or inaccurate, you can always delete or marginally retract later,make up excuses and sleep well knowing that your original story has already been read, shared and believed my many more people than will see any correction.

  6. The people who raise to the top in American (unlike the old Soviet Union and much of the rest of the World) don’t use power to obtain their leadership positions: They typically have two characteristics in common. These are high intelligence and initiative to obtain their goals. Being really wealthy or being of the “right race” are not good predictors of success. This runs counter to the Marxist and post modern narratives of who winds up on top.

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