Someone Explain To Arizona Democrats How Ethical, Democratically-Elected Representatives Are Supposed To Act, Please? [CORRECTED]

While I was running around my hotel room yesterday trying to through everything into my travel bag and check out, I faintly thought I heard that the Arizona Democratic Party would be holding a vote this week to determine whether Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) should be censured. As I was dashing down the hall to the elevator, I mused on what Sinema possibly could have done to warrant such a sanction. A blatant conflict of interest, perhaps? Maybe the spoken work, a politically incorrect noun that the Party of Censorship ( as well as Censureship) found intolerable? The discovery that she had made a joke about trans people on her private social media account?

Digression: On the Comedy Central Roast of actor/comedian/mega-jerk Alec Baldwin, which I didn’t watch once I realized to my great disappointment that he would not be on an actual spit and rotating over real flames, that noted female comic Caitlyn Jenner, said, in her new higher-pitched by not quite female voice, that if Baldwin didn’t like her barbs, he could “suck my dick.” (CORRECTION NOTICE:  I missed the news that Caitlyn’s vestigial man-thing  was removed in 2017, and suggested otherwise before being corrected by commenter Rich in Ct, who keeps track of such matters.)  If any one else made that —ick—joke, they would be run out of town as un-woke wetches.]

No, what the Democrats find so terrible is that Sinema has only voted against President Trump during her time in the Senate 81 percent of the time. In particular, it is  furious that she voted her vote to confirm David Bernhardt, Trump’s nominee to serve as Secretary of the Interior, as well as her vote to confirm William Barr as Attorney General.

Dan O’Neal, the state coordinator for Progressive Democrats of America, told reporters that the censure is an effort to push Sinema back toward the left. “Here’s the thing: We really support Kyrsten Sinema, we want her to succeed, we want her to be the best senator in the country,” O’Neal said. “But the way she is voting is really disappointing. We want Democrats to vote like Democrats and not Republicans.”

If the censure doesn’t work, presumably the party will resort to sending Sinema to a re-education camp, or Big Brother’s Room 101.

Funny: in my civics classes and readings in American history, government and politics, I learned that while elected representatives were ethically obligated to vote as their constituencies would prefer, unless their own ethics, conscience and wisdom dictated otherwise, since they were elected to use those as well. Jack Kennedy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book “Profiles in Courage” extolled that bedrock principle of republics. Absolutely nowhere have I read that elected representatives were obligated to vote as a monolithic party demands. If the were true, why elect individuals as Senators and House members at all?

My education, however, preceded the Democratic Party morphing into the kinder American version of the Communists under Stalin, where dissent got you shot, and the Nazi Party under Hitler, where it would get a member hung on a hook.

I have begun researching, but I doubt I will find any previous example of an elected representative censored for the bad conduct of voting as he or she thought in the best interest of the American public and the nation. That is because no previous incarnation of either major American party has become so hostile to American democratic institutions, doctrines and ethics.

12 thoughts on “Someone Explain To Arizona Democrats How Ethical, Democratically-Elected Representatives Are Supposed To Act, Please? [CORRECTED]

  1. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised by Sinema in that respect.

    My exposure to her was limited since she lived in the center of the universe, and we’re down in Tucson (perception those outside of Phoenix hold of Phoenicians, to make my bias known), but if she made news it was for her reliably outspoken Democrat/lefty positions.

    When she ran for Senate, I feared she’d be one of those moonbats bent on pummeling our long standing traditions of respecting the office (hers and the President’s).

    The first time I heard she voted to confirm a Trump cabinet position (or similar), I was surprised and never so glad to be wrong about someone. The next time she did it, I had genuine respect for my senator.

    I still disagree with most of her politics, but not a unabashedly ashamed to say she represents Arizona.

    I might have seen it coming in the way she ran her campaign; she focused on serving Arizonans and really staying out of the mudslinging. I believe it’s why she won, especially in largely conservative Phoenix (Tucson is quite liberal).

    Kudos to Kyrsten Sinema on her ethical stand.

    From a dyed in the wool Republican.

  2. There is a critical part of Jenner’s quote missing:

    “I’m not perfect. I’m a person trying to figure out my life, just like everyone else. All I want is for future generations of transgender people to know that if I can find the courage to be who I am, then you can too. If you have a problem with that, then you can suck my d[ick]. If you can find it,” she said in response to the criticisms she received on the show. (

  3. Jack: Don’t you mean temporarily kinder versions of Stalinist Communists?

    Just checking. It’s fairly clear this is an extremely thin veneer of kindness.

  4. Count me as skeptical about the whole Sinema story. The official Arizona Democratic party said they were going to hold a censure vote and then they scrapped it. Thus the party gets to placate the left wing fringe while giving free centrist publicity for a senator who won an extremely close election in a reddish to purple state.

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