No, I’m Not Dead, Just Teaching Ethics…

So this is what happens when you try to get 3-4 ethics posts and over 2000 words  up every day!

I come back after 48 hours in which it was functionally impossible to get a competent ethics post up (though it is true that I have managed to do so under similar duress, though not when traveling with my ProEthics partner and wife), and find numerous emails inquiring about my health, and similar speculation in the comments.

I’m fine, just exhausted from 10 hours of driving in that span, along with six and a half hours of very intense and interactive seminar facilitation, and the stress that accompanies not fulfilling my self-imposed obligation to get at least a post up a day. I think that has happened six times in ten years.

Jeez…Ken White used to go weeks without a post on Popehat, and nobody thought HE was dead!

I’ll be in full catch-up mode tomorrow, though I have quite a few paying tasks to work on too. I know I have to look at the Democratic candidate debate, among other pressing issues.

Thanks for the concern, everybody. It makes me feel guilty, but it is  still nice to know I was missed.

19 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Dead, Just Teaching Ethics…

  1. Don’t feel guilty. Take our concern to be reflective of how valuable we find this blog.

    Glad you are okay, get some rest. 🙂

  2. Rumors of your death…well, you get the picture.

    Reminded me of the “I thought you were dead” sequence from The Unforgiven:

    English Bob (Richard Harris): ”Well, actually, what I heard was that you fell off your horse — drunk, of course — and that you broke your bloody neck.

    Little Bill (Gene Hackman): ”I heard that one myself, Bob. Hell, I even thought I was dead ’til I found out it was just that I was in Nebraska.”

  3. I’m an irregular commenter, but I check in to read your posts nearly every day. Sorry you’re so busy, but glad you’re OK. Thanks as always for keeping up the blog.

  4. Jack,
    You’re too stubborn, valuable and interesting if a character to die. I wasn’t worried. Can’t speak for your many unfaithful Facebook friends who turned on you …those cowards.

    Get your strength back, and don’t go getting a cold, otherwise we’ll all be miserable waiting for you to recover.

  5. “Now there’s a tidal wave of too many ethics stories and issues to cover…

    …and more than ever, I feel that an impeachment information and analysis website is essential, a civic obligation, and likely to force me to live out of a cardboard box. I also need to get Mrs. Q’s featured column launched. Naturally, I leave on another ethics seminar road trip today.

    Ethics Warm-Up, 10/15/2019: Farrow, James, Biden, And Another Diploma Bites The Dust…

    [I bolded the the key sentence for emphasis]

    Come on fellow EA’ers, I couldn’t have been the only one that read that statement on October 15th and understood that it was going to be another short term Ethics Alarms black hole. I did start developing a small twitch from the EA withdrawals. 😉

    Those short business trips can be a real brain drain and I never sleep well in unfamiliar places, rest up and come back strong.

    • What? We’re supposed to remember this stuff? What’s up with that!
      I feared real sickness when you said you were going to watch the debate.. But I see you managed to offer a post on it this morning. A stouter man than I, you are, Jack.

    • My condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Elijah Cummings for their personal loss. I would also like to thank his family for his service to the United States of America.

      As for me, I had no personal connection to Cummings and had to endure seeing his hate and his apparent racism portrayed by others and the media as justifiable, it was not justifiable. I personally don’t miss racist’s when they die no matter what race they are.

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