Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)


Call it demagoguery, grandstanding, ignorance, rabble-rousing or whatever you choose, an elected representative of the government tweeting such nonsense to those foolish enough to follow her is irresponsible in the extreme.

Hundreds of protesters hit the streets Friday and Saturday in Brooklyn to protest  police brutality by the NYPD and its crackdown on subway fare evaders. Naturally the demonstrators chanted “No justice, no peace,” the current content free, no thought required  slogan of choice by those who couldn’t articulate what they consider justice if they had a teleprompter.

It’s unethical for government officials to be encouraging anarchy, which is exactly what a society gets when it allows people to decide when they feel like paying for goods and services everyone else is paying for, and if they don’t, they just take them anyway. I remember turnstile jumpers; when I lived in the Boston area, I knew turnstile jumpers. They could afford the subway; they just thought it was cool to steal a ride.  AOC’s logic is somewhere on the slipper slope that holds that anyone who wants to cross into our country illegally should be given welcome gifts and a puff piece in the New York Times. If it’s OK to steal subway rides, why not snacks? Why not steaks? Why not let people walk out of restaurants without paying their bills? Take  the clothes they like off the racks and walk out the door?

What destabilizes the community is irresponsible leaders encouraging citizens to break laws while demonizing the police whose job it is to enforce them.

I don’t even know what “jail the poor to free the rich” means, and I certainly don’t want to venture into the uncharted wilderness of AOC’s mind to find out.


27 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY)

  1. “Take the clothes they like off the racks and walk out the door?”

    They already think that:


    “PLEASANT PRAIRIE, Wisconsin — A Wisconsin North Face store was rushed by a group of ten people who ransacked the store in what police are describing as a “flash mob.”

    On July 1, 2019, an estimated $30,000 in merchandise was stolen in less than 30 seconds, police told local media.

    According to Kenosha News, Sgt. Aaron Schaffer of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department said the group grabbed “as much merchandise as they could carry before running to the cars and leaving the property.”

    No one was injured in the incident.

    Police posted photos and video of the incident hoping the public could help lead them to the suspects.”

    I’ve been to Pleasant Prairie. It’s a neat place to visit (especially the Jelly Belly Factory tour!). But this is what you get when you encourage a victim mentality.

    • How stupid is that statement. How can the rich become rich without the poor to exploit . If the poor are in jail they cannot be used as disposable chattle by oppressive white men.

      • In my opinion AOC truly is a blithering idiot, so Hanlon’s razor, and she’s just too damned stupid to realize that she’s a blithering idiot. Her Democratic Party co-workers that don’t chastise her for her ludicrous statements are enabling her and I think they are doing it on purpose because they know that stupid sheep as followers are easier to dupe with their lies. AOC is dumbing down people that listen to her more and more every time she opens up her mouth – the ends justify the means.

        If AOC doesn’t get voted out of office by her constituents someone should start checking the water supply in her district to see if the people there have been chemically induced into stupidity with some kind of brain/intelligence eating bacteria.

        AOC is reasonably qualified to teach people how to use the ordering kiosk at McDonalds but I wouldn’t hire that idiot for anything else.

        • She’s a Justice Democrat sock puppet. She’s just spouting what they tell her to say. She’s not an idiot and her tweets are not random. She’s part of a well thought out strategy to de-stabilize and remake the country.

          • So you think her idiotic statements are intelligently planned by her and her handlers as a part of a well thought out strategy?

            Intentionally appearing to be a blithering idiot is part of a well thought out strategy?

            I’m not saying this is not a possibility.

            I’m really intrigued with your opinion; please explain further.

  2. I think she and her handlers want to provoke unrest, although maybe she really is just that dumb.. Look at Chile falling apart after a 4% fare increase for public transit triggered massive protests, riots, and looting in Santiago and other cities.

  3. The best way for the NY transit authority to stop this is idle the trains for a few days and explain “no fares no trains” and credit AOC for the shutdown.

    Of course this will adversly affect many innocent riders but that is probably what will be needed to get the requisite attention to the leftist’s tactics. More often than not the leaders of these antisocial movements rely on our unwillingness to take action.

    Sometimes we all have to bear a bit of pain to make an important point so that social anarchy is avoided.

    AOC needs to realize that justice requires compensation for value received.

  4. “If it’s OK to steal subway rides, why not snacks? Why not steaks? Why not let people walk out of restaurants without paying their bills? Take the clothes they like off the racks and walk out the door?”

    First-time responder to EA…

    So by her own logic, Ms. Ocasio-Cortez must be perfectly alright with people walking up to her, taking money from her purse, and walking away. Isn’t that what she’s ultimately advocating? Let’s see what she tweets when that happens. I’m guessing it would be a much different story, because people who force that kind of criminal tolerance on the rest of us are rarely alright with it happening to them.

    • Actually Joel I believe she would agree with the taking all the way up to taking money from her. She sees businesses as non human entities designed to extract wealth from the poor and transfer it to the 1 percent that own everything dont cha know. The only entity entitled to take money from the public is gubmint because the gubmint is there to make life easy for evrybody.

    • Well, there is an old saying about the Left (and socialism in particular) — that it’s fine until you run out of other people’s money.

      I’m sure she’s talking about “other people” in this case.

  5. Who wants to bet that if a turnstile jumper catches his foot on the turnstile and lands flat on his face breaking his jaw an/or wrist in the process the jumper will sue claiming the transit authority failed to protect them from their own lawless acts and AOC will be right there fighting for them.

  6. I don’t even know what “jail the poor to free the rich” means, and I certainly don’t want to venture into the uncharted wilderness of AOC’s mind to find out.

    Heh. Indeed.

    I suppose she thinks the poor should just be excused for lawbreaking on the basis of their income. I wonder if she’d still feel that way if an indigent person held her up and took her money and fancy clothes? Would she just trundle back to her flat in the nude, and not call the police in the name of “community stability?” Color me skeptical.

    I really can’t imagine how this woman came to her beliefs. Even in the insane sewage of New York, it can’t be the norm to suggest the poor should be absolved of criminal liability because of their poverty.

    I suppose I have to assume that this is really little more than Authentic Frontier Gibberish, New York style.

  7. “Jail the poor to free the rich” smacks of a combination of two extreme positions on two separate valid social dilemmas interacting.

    First, there is the moderately unsettling (to me) privately funded and operated prison system. It’s been suggested that inmates are the product that is sold to bring in money. If people stopped being put in prison, then the corporations running the prison would lose money. Ergo, they get the politicians (especially the nasty, racist Republicans) to criminalize more activity, and push for longer sentences for smaller and smaller offenses. Especially if the crimes you tighten up on end up imprisoning a disproportionate number of racial minorities. Not a viewpoint completely without merit, but if you assume it’s the norm it certainly encourages a topsy turvy view of criminal activity vs the justice system. It also requires picturing the police, the justice system, the prison system, and the government as really bad, selfish people. Which is only a problem for leftists once you get to the government, which once you assign the blame to those horrible Republicans, the cognitive dissonance goes away.

    The second issue is the suggestion of the two tier justice system. Rich people arent put in prison for not paying fines, or smoking dope, or not paying child support, or taxes. Certainly not for causing classified information to be leaked, or attending orgies with underage prostitutes. There is a growing air of “well, of course I can’t get away with something like that, I’m poor.” Again, a complex and valid concern in this day and age. But it’s really hard to trust in the justice of a system that cracks down hard on jaywalkers and turnstile jumpers, while you’re being told that rich people across the country are getting away with rape and murder. And also jaywalking and turnstile jumping!

    They’ve talked up and about these issues and several more that touch on them so much, that they’ve created their own dog whistles. Throw in a dash of “everybody knows,” a bit of class envy, season liberally (ha!) with paranoia, and you have the perfect stew for creating as many useful idiots as your socialist utopia on the horizon will possibly need to come into being. Sure, it will divide the country, encourage anarchy, and make life a hell for everyone touched by it – but those are features, not bugs. The solution is revolution, comrade. She’s no idiot, she’s a commie, and everything is going according to plan. At least, once they can get impeachment through. That’s taking a bit longer than expected, only because lousy Trump can’t even be counted upon to have the decency to commit crimes when they wanted him to. Oh, well.

    • If the poor want to shine a bright light on differential sentences they need to protest a lenient sentence they think is out of line. Instead of absolving jumpers they should focus their efforts on actual cases of the rich getting a lighter punishment. Where does AOC stand on the Hollywood glitteratti getting off with a slap on the wrist.

      • In a perfect world, one where they actually wanted to solve any of the problems, sure. But that might run the risk of actually solving some of the issues, which means you can’t farm them for social outrage power anymore.

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