Unethical Tweet Of The Week: NBC News (And It Goes Right Into The “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Files]

That’s the tweet. Here was DJT Jr.’s response:

And here was non-partisan blogger Ann Althouse’s response to that:

He’s right. They are hacks. And it was blackface.

And NBC knows it was blackface, though the truly awful Bahar denies it on the link.

Althouse is right that Trump Jr. Is right, and that they are hacks. All of the mainstream media are untrustworthy, biased, dishonest and manipulative hacks, as we enter a crucial political campaign and impeachment fiasco in which public civic literacy and awareness are critical, even as these organization attempt to  undermine it to advance their own political and ideological agendas. Their behavior could hardly be more dangerous, divisive, or destructive.

Now tell me again why it is wrong for the President to call them out as “enemies of the people.” That description is as accurate as “hacks”, and far more correctly alerts us to the seriousness of their corruption.

And to disgrace and expose themselves to hold common cause with the sordid likes of “The View’s” most ignorant and hateful loudmouth! Astounding! I am again reminded of this moment in “A Man For All Seasons,” as Sir Thomas More confronts the man who lied under oath to falsely prove More'[s alleged treason:

But for Joy Behar!

8 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Week: NBC News (And It Goes Right Into The “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Files]

  1. The NBC news grammar is either deceitful or atrocious.

    Correct grammar

    During his appearance on the View, DT Jr accused Joy Behar of wearing blackface in the past.

    DT Jr did did not accuse Behar of wearing blackface on the View.

    What school did that Twit go to?

    • Chris,

      I believe it’s intentionally deceitful. I’ve seen other reporters do exactly the same thing…twisting words to change the meaning. When the Elijah Cummings / Baltimore blow-up happened earlier this year, the President tweeted that Baltimore was an awful place and “no human would want to live there.” One of those TV panel hosts – I forget the woman’s name now – quoted the tweet to her discussion panel as “no human would live there.”

      See what she did? By removing the word “want”, she inferred that the President was suggesting that humans didn’t live in those areas of Baltimore. Then her panel, as expected, went ahead and painted the President as an evil racist that doesn’t consider the largely black population there human.

      I know this site is about ethics, but we left the realm of “ethical vs. unethical” a long time ago. This kind of stuff is just flat-out disgraceful lying.

      • Reporters have had a habit of implication by omission. It is the lazy public that chooses to infer the corrupt meaning due to their own bias.

        I am beginning to believe that journalism school has a required course called 7th grade gossip.

        • I wonder if anyone has ever read an article in a paper about a subject he knows more about than most and concluded something other than “the details included are just wrong enough to present the truth totally backward from reality.” I think it was Chesterton who once mused that one would then move on to an article about a subject of which he knows little and take it as absolute gospel.

          Or was that Twain? Their wit is so similar…

    • Throwing something that can be easily reversed upon you (grammar policing) IS a lesson most journalists have learned, given the large body of work they have published that is searchable by the public.

      Besides, it is easier to say the empress is well dressed when Trump Jr. says she is naked.

  2. Best fake-but-representative-of-a-real trial ever put to film. I imagine that’s a large pool of which I’m largely ignorant, but I’ll say it anyway.

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