Now THIS Is Pathological Race Obsession.

How does someone get like this?

Track with me ,if you will, the fevered discourse of some poor social justice warrior named Stephen Galloway, who authored what apparently is intended as a serious critique in the Hollywood Reporter titled, “The Whiteness of ‘Toy Story 4.”

He begins,

Was there any movie this past year as exuberantly entertaining, as creatively conceived as Toy Story 4? Ever since the franchise was launched in 1995, it’s been a cornucopia of riches, from its indelible characters to its unparalleled animation…The picture … left me in awe.

Well, that’s the end of the matter, isn’t it? It should be. This was, the the other three films, a vehicle of entertainment. Virtually everyone who saw it was entertained, even me, and I found it the least of its three predecessors and annoying for its blatant pandering to feminists (Bo Peep suddenly morphed into Lara Croft).

But alas, no..

So why did a slightly bitter taste linger, a sense that something was naggingly wrong? Because in many ways TS4′s worldview seems like an Eisenhower-era fantasy, a vision of America that might have come from the most die-hard reactionary: lovely if you’re wealthy and white, but alarming if you’re black or brown or gay or a member of any other minority — in other words, more than half the U.S. population.

Oh, bite me. The characters are toys. Toys don’t have races. They don’t have sex. I wonder if a single child saw this film and spent one second wondering about why there wasn’t a gay or Hispanic toy, or thought about whether the Potato Heads are “of color,’ being brown, or if “Bunny,” voiced by African-American actor Jordan Peele, is “of color” because he’s blue. Nobody normal, of any age, thinks like that, unless they have been brain-washed into a miserable world view….like the author, who really complains that one of the new characters is “a very white fork.” Oh! Right! The second I saw “Forkie,” I thought, “Another white guy!”

Who thinks like this? Is there a name for the disease?

Galloway quotes a black director,  Matthew Cherry, saying, “When you don’t see yourself represented and you don’t see people with your same type of hair seen as the hero and seen as loving and desired, it really does a number on your self-confidence.”

Does Cherry think that mindset is healthy or leads to  racial harmony? Is there a shred of evidence that black and Hispanic kids enjoyed “Toy Story 4” less than white kids because Forkie wasn’t brown? This isn’t a societal sickness; this is relentless race-hucksters trying to make American society sick.

It gets worse:

Nor is it just the near-absence of people of color that’s bothersome. It’s the absence of anything approximating life in America as most of us know it. TS4’s main family lives in a big, brightly lit house in an ivory utopia; its daughter sleeps in a plush room packed with a U.S. Treasury’s worth of gizmos; they drive around in a gas-guzzling RV, stopping for carnivals and carnies that would be right at home in the 1940s or 1950s. Problems of prejudice, money and unemployment never seem to cross anyone’s mind…Not only is it unconnected to reality; it conveys the idea this is what reality should be.

Did the writer somehow miss that this is a cartoon, and that it takes place in a universe where toys come alive? It’s a fantasy, like “The Wizard of Oz,” or “Star Wars,” or “Grease,” or “Bambi.” Does he really  find the absent references to crack, abortion, and predator priests in “Toy Story” a problem?

There is a time to obsess about race and other problems. Watching “Toy Story 4” is not one of them. People like Stephen Galloway, and the bastards who indoctrinated him, don’t respect normal human beings’ right to the pursuit of happiness and the enjoyment of life.

He put me in mind of an incident in my junior year in college. It was a beautiful Saturday morning in the spring , one of those New England spring days that make  you understand how the Pilgrims got through the brutal winters—they had this too look forward to. I had five room mates, and they were all in a great mood for once.. We went to breakfast together; we argued politics, we decided to go to that afternoon’s Red Sox game together….because it was such a beautiful day.

Right before noon, there was a knock on the door of a suite. An earnest-looking underclassman had clip board and a petition, and he was there to get us to sign an anti-pollution petition, he said. “I want you to look out the window at the beautiful sky,” the young man said. “Isn’t it a stunning blue? Yet, imagine: that sky is 32% less brilliant than just 20 years ago because of air pollution!”

And my unsentimental room mate Dave, 6 foot five and strong like a lumberjack, grabbed the student by the arm and dragged him to the door. Listen you son of a bitch, you don’t come here on a beautiful day and tell us it’s not good enough! Until you showed up, I thought it was perfect, and I was happy. Now I’m pissed off…at you. Now get the hell out.”  Then he threw him out the door.

People like that student, and Galloway, are so consumed with their obsessions that they make life unbearable for everyone else on the theory that only universal dissatisfaction and misery will press us on to Nirvana. But  they will never be satisfied, or happy; they are dedicated to finding convenient flaws in everything, even “Toy Story.”

Dave had the right idea.


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25 thoughts on “Now THIS Is Pathological Race Obsession.

  1. Wasn’t Forky a childlike idiot who thought he belonged in a trash can and literally kept calling himself “trash?”

    This guy is upset that THAT character wasn’t overtly Hispanic or Black?

  2. The last part of his article is truly depressing. He was going to give his friend’s adopted 4 or 5 year old African-American daughter a copy of the movie. But, he says he decided not to give it to her because she might be disappointed by not seeing 4 or 5 year black girl toys living her life history.


  3. I’d assumed that ‘Forkie’ was indeed retrieved from the bin and made into a toy by a kid, (I’ve had someone criticise me for using that term in reference to children btw!),

    I think that the most telling thing I have ever seen was on a docco about the Beatles. Whoppi Goldberg stated that when she saw the Beatles for the first time she was totally entranced; she didn’t see them as a bunch of white guys, ………. If that statement isn’t a flashing neon sign saying: “Racist as hell!” I don’t know what is. I was stunned, it had never occurred to me that anyone outside the few remaining white supremacist morons could ever think like that. Clearly I was wrong – again.

    Oh, my sister and I had a Golliwog toy as kids. I repent daily and abase myself before an image of Ice T whilst whipping myself of course. Funny thing is, if a white kid played with a POC doll these days, ….. wouldn’t it …. be a sign that they were demonstrating their white superiority and learning to control and oppress minorities?

    • “I’d assumed that ‘Forkie’ was indeed retrieved from the bin and made into a toy by a kid..”

      You’d assume wrong. This toy is the result of one of those typical go to projects to keep multiple daycare kids occupied for about an hour, half the time is making the toy, the other half is playing with it. Child care professionals have LOADS of these kind of projects.

  4. Imagine if the spork was a black utensil???! He’s be complaining that the new character was black TRASH and that would be racist!

    This is truly sad.

    I remember when I was 17 my counselor told me… “whatever you believe, you can find ample evidence to prove it.”

    The left truly is so lost. The reason in my view they see the world this way is because THEY were racist and they project that onto others.

    These ideas came from HIS MIND. His. Not your, not mine, his own.

    So where does that racism live? Easy to see.

    I wonder what toy they could have used? The slutty Bratz dolls? They are black and Hispanic, but slutty.

    Other than people, toys don’t have race.

    Hmmm.. a piñata? Mexican humping bean?

    Maybe he should have thought of COCO and remember a whole movie was devoted to Mexicans.

    NO WHITES AT ALL. Or blacks. Did he bitch then?

    He probably was such a bad kid he wasn’t allowed to play with toys. Lol.

  5. TS4’s main family lives in a big, brightly lit house in an ivory utopia; its daughter sleeps in a plush room packed with a U.S. Treasury’s worth of gizmos; they drive around in a gas-guzzling RV, stopping for carnivals and carnies that would be right at home in the 1940s or 1950s. Problems of prejudice, money and unemployment never seem to cross anyone’s mind…

    Oh, by all means, let’s make a kid’s movie where the protagonist plays with a broken crack pipe they found while looking for something to eat because mom is busy with a john.

    • I really wonder—what does this lunatic want? Are there any editors where he works? Is there any point where one of these woke screeds gets dinged for, you know, being embarrassing?

      • I guess the writer has never been to places like Scottsdale, Arizona or Greenwich, Connecticut. Or ever seen a car or Peleton commercial, the only aspirational material a person can be exposed to on television. Hey buddy, people do live in houses like that and drive around in SUVs. And even more people are trying to be those people.

  6. “People like that student, and Galloway, are so consumed with their obsessions that they make life unbearable for everyone else on the theory that only universal dissatisfaction and misery will press us on to Nirvana. But they will never be satisfied, or happy; they are dedicated to finding convenient flaws in everything, even “Toy Story.””

    People like that are psychologically consumed by antiism and cannot see beyond it, they cannot understand how anyone could possibly disagree with them. The anti-Trump resistance and the apocalyptic climate change supporters are all psychologically consumed by their own forms of antiism.

  7. Then there are the folks who want to ban Dr. Seuss because some of his stuff isn’t “woke,” like broad, cartoonish illustrations that show Asian people stereotypically.

  8. Jack, I know you weren’t particularly impressed by Ricky Gervais’s performance at the Golden Globes, but one of the best bits – from my perspective – addressed this very issue.

    “We were going to do an “In Memoriam” this year, but when I saw the list of people that had died… it wasn’t diverse enough. It was mostly white people. And I thought naaah…. not on my watch.”

    • It’s not that I wasn’t impressed by the jokes that were jokes—it’s just that, as with the White House Correspondents’ dinner, hosting an event by intentionally insulting everyone there is not an ethical performance of the role. Don Rickles-style jabs are fine–like calling Joe Pesci “Baby Yoda.” Calling James Corden a ‘fat pussy” is over the line. I like the Harvey Weinstein line a lot, but an MC’s role is not to lecture and reprimand the guests.

      • Perhaps. But he did do a remarkable job, IMO, of reminding the attending glitterati that their role is not to lecture and reprimand the rest of us. Which they’ve increasingly tended to do.

        It may have been unethical. Perhaps it’s unethical of me to have appreciated it. But in this day and age, even though some of his gags were indeed over the line, skewering the granfaloon that is woke culture so aggressively, and with such courage was, I think, sorely needed. He and Dave Chapelle may save comedy yet.

  9. Jack,
    I hate to nag, but it sounds like your former room-mate commuted textbook assault. The student said nothing threatening or antagonistic, yet he was physically intimidated and forcibly removed from a location he accepted an invitation into.

    Also, why should any of that have spoiled a beautiful day? This is akin to people who claim subsequent bad sequels subvert the original story. If you like something, and someone else doesn’t, neither person can ruin an otherwise subjective experience for the other unless they consent to let it happen.

    • It’s a valid point, though college students pushing, pulling and shoving each other is pretty much normal, don’t you think? His position was that the student had entered our abode under false pretenses. But you’re right: “Get out” would have been sufficient. A tangent however.

      No, no, bad analogy. It is like someone saying that they loved a movie, and having to listen to some Debby Downer explain that it was secretly racist. The fim critics didn’t say the “whiteness” of TS4 ruined TS3, did he?

  10. So, here we have another *lamenting* and *complaining* blog-post with a thoroughly superficial reading of the present. Demography Is Destiny. The bet, the wager, was that anyone who came to America would accept the abstraction of Americanism as a proposition. It seemed to have worked well among similar types. Those who came would — this was hoped and demanded and required — annihilate their own former identity and align themselves with the structure of Americanism. This definitely took place, successfully, among the ‘similar types’: with notable but not insurmountable difficulties all Europeans agreed to become Americans.

    What went wrong?

    What went wrong is that some could only disobey the ‘patriotic command’. or that it became expedient for them to do so. Instead of shedding *identity* they chose instead to see themselves in relation to, and as victims of, the identity-structures of those who built the place. That is to say America as an Anglo-Saxon creation. Protestant mostly. Determined certainly by Protestant values.

    We might introduce here, as we seek causes of discord, the example of Africans. A European/Christian/White anthropology brought them out of Africa to ‘work in the empire of the white man’s will’. It was not entirely certain if they could ever share in the type of Christian life discerned and defined by Europeans since it was unclear if they had the same sort of soul.

    Eventually though the descriptive story that had been only of fastening the ‘black body’ to the wheel of slavery and to the white man’s will became one of ‘civilizing’ the primitive African. And then of Christianization. At that point, and when the Revolution began, the notion of ‘natural rights’ — the necessary argument of the revolutionists to oppose their subjugation to the King — made it difficult to continue to see the African as a sub-human cog in the white man’s wheel-system. At that point they were granted humanity. It was conceded to them. Or you could say bequeathed. They could be human but only if they would accept the underpinning of the civilization- and Christianizing-project. You see: they did not choose any of this. Slavery, freedom: each of these were determined by the overlord. But if you disobeyed, well, your would be *reinterpreted*.

    So, this defines — in one specific sense only — the African American relationship to America. But there are a great number of problems in this. The main one is that any meditation on ‘their condition’ must involve the unsettling — and humiliating — examination of powerlessness: lack of agency. At various point, and in varying degrees, they were ‘given freedom’ but they certainly did not fight for it, not like the Americans fought for their liberty. This leads — I think logically — to a psychological rebellion. If you cannot rebel physically and practically, and if even your *freedom* was a gift given to you, you are not really a ‘man’. You are a child. A kept child. A federal child!

    So, through the lens of this description I think we can now turn to examine the present. What are these ‘structures of rebellion’ that are so prominent? Where did they come from? How have they penetrated so thoroughly into the social body? I say that what we are living now (seeing, feeling) is part-and-parcel of a causal chain. That causal chain can be more comprehensively examined. More can be taken from ‘what it means’ as well as ‘where it goes’.

    Jacks writes:

    Oh, bite me. The characters are toys. Toys don’t have races.

    Oh no. No. These characters and characterizations are invested with entity! They have more entity than many natural person actors. They are *more real* and *more meaningful* than real persons. Everything they do and say is consequential. But of course we live in hyperreal times.

    As as the present game of culture — politics and culture — advances, the game is played more intensely. It stands completely to reason that . . . eventually . . . they’re going to have to remake ToyStory to reflect the social situation and the demographic situation as it is.

    America is in the process of being re-written! Such a wonderful time to be alive! 🙂

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