Are Elizabeth Warren Supporters Really OK With Her Constant Lying? Why Is That?

In a moment that should define her cynical, dishonest, demagoguery-driven campaign for President, Senator Elizabeth Warren really and truly said yesterday, while campaigning in Iowa, “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?” This belongs in some kind of self-indicting Hall of Fame along with Hillary Clinton’s statement that all female accusers had a right to be believed. Even if one ignores Warren’s career-long misrepresentation of herself as being of Native American ancestry, her list of lies is material, long, and growing.

She falsely claimed that her children only attended private school. She falsely claimed she was fired from a teaching job because she was pregnant. The New Jersey bar had to correct her after she claimed to be the first woman to take the New Jersey Bar while breastfeeding.  In another effort to pander to women, Warren has said that she faced a #MeToo moment when she was a young law professor who was “chased around a desk” by her predator, harassing superior….who, it turned out, had polio, and couldn’t chase anyone. He was also a friend and mentor whom Warren eulogized at his funeral, but apparently was fair game for her to slander for her own purposes once he was dead and couldn’t defend himself.

But on second thought, why would you ignore her amazing “I’m an Indian too!” charade (Pop culture quiz: What Broadway musical is that line from?)? Here’s a neat summary from the Federalist:

Warren…. became Harvard University’s first tenured professor of color. The school’s spokesman told Harvard Crimson Professor Warren was an American Indian in 1996. In 1998, the school newspaper again bragged, “Harvard Law School currently has only one tenured minority woman, Gottlieb Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren, who is Native American.’’ For years after, Harvard’s public diversity documents and other newspapers echoed the claim….But Warren, the Globe reports, claimed she first heard of all this American Indian nonsense when The Boston Herald reported it during her first bid for the Senate. That, however, doesn’t check out either. By 1992, the Globe reports, “she had been listing herself for seven years as a minority in a legal directory often used by law recruiters to make diversity-friendly hires. She continued to list herself in the book until 1995, the year she took a permanent position at Harvard.”

Years before, in 1986, she registered with the Texas Bar as an “American Indian.” Two years later she contributed “Cherokee” recipes to the “Pow Wow Chow” cookbook. It’s still available on Ebay…She’d dropped the act by the time the news broke, but President Donald Trump still enjoyed the story a great deal, teasing her at campaign rallies until she filmed a live reveal of her DNA test results to prove once and for all that she was indeed Cherokee. Her campaign sent one camera crew to Professor Carlos Bustamante’s office while another recorded the candidate on the other end of the line. “The president likes to call my mom a liar, what do the facts say?” she asks. “The facts,” he replies, “suggest that you absolutely have Native American ancestry in your pedigree,” as the shot switches to her satisfied smile.

“How much, 1/1000th?” Trump asked as reporters demanded his apology. Well, no, but somewhere between .09 percent and 1.5 percent, according to Bustamante, or, as The Intercept notes, “a bit less than the average white American.” The Cherokee Nation told her to stop it. She ended up apologizing and took the video down.


For any normal politician in any normal political cycle, Warren’s humiliation on this point would have made her candidacy impossible. She is a woman, however, and the Left wants a woman President by any means necessary. She also is running against a field of historic awfulness.

Thus Warren can keep lying. Some of her lies are approved progressive whoppers, like when she said in a debate last summer, “Climate crisis is the existential crisis for our world. It puts every living thing on this planet at risk.”  Nobody, even the most unhinged climate change researcher, claims the “every living thing” is at risk. Another false narrative that Warren has endorsed, knowing well it is a lie, is the “Mike Brown was murdered by a racist cop” fantasy. Some of her worst lies go back to her Senate run, but are continued now. For example, she claimed to have represented women harmed by defective breast transplants. In fact, she represented the defendant in those cases, Dow Corning. The deceitful description by her campaign is a masterpiece, calling Warren : “a consultant to ensure adequate compensation for women who claimed injury.”

Warren’s most frequent lie is when she supports positions that, as a lawyer and law professor, she knows are legally impossible if not unconstitutional. For example, she claims to support the “Green New Deal.” Many of her lies take the form of this nonsensical quote:

“We should not be criminalizing mamas and babies trying to flee violence at home or trying to build a better future. We must pass comprehensive immigration reform that is in line with our values, creates a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants including our DREAMers, and protects our borders.”

That one was an unethical quote of the month last June. I wrote,

[T]he statement (more here) is so flagrantly self-contradictory and dishonest that it makes you want to plotz, as Woody Allen would say, and the fact that a law professor would endorse a Bizarro World system in which an act is illegal or not depending on one’s motive for breaking the law shows just how brazen, cynical and untrustworthy this woman is. The entire statement is calculated to both make people dumber and to exploit those who are critically impaired intellectually already.

How can the borders be protected if anyone can cross them without fear of consequences, and the U.S. has removed the law that sends a clear message, “Don’t do this!”? And how spectacularly dishonest must a politician be to use the transparently meaningless and deceptive cliché  “comprehensive immigration  reform” in this context?

Warren’s lies are so copious and show such a cynical, Machiavellian nature that it is remarkable that she has any significant support, unless her supporters are either dumfoundingly gullible and ignorant, especially since their idol herself says, “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?”

Post Script: Here is the poll in which Ethics Alarms readers were asked to choose the most unethical candidate among the large Democratic field of contenders. Just click on “results.”

8 thoughts on “Are Elizabeth Warren Supporters Really OK With Her Constant Lying? Why Is That?

  1. It does set up an interesting dynamic, Jack. Consider how both the NYT and the WaPo have made ongoing efforts to categorize Trump’s “lies” (which you discussed a few days ago).

    No, progressives don’t care. Conservatives questioning Warren’s truthfulness will invariably deal with a riposte that boils down to “our liar lies less than your liar, who’s a lying liar even when he isn’t lying about lying.”

    A sorry state of affairs, for certain.

  2. The unfortunate thing is nobody calls her on her compulsive lying except this site, a few conservative bloggers, and FOX News. Her supporters are like children with fingers in their ears yelling la la la I can’t hear you!

  3. I have a good friend who is a Warren fan. She is an older woman, about Lizzie’s age, and I think it’s mostly just that she sees herself in Warren. It’s really that simple for a lot of her supporters – they want a president who looks like them. I’ve tried to point out that Warren is terribly dishonest, but examples such as the list you’ve compiled here, are met with some combination of rationalizations. “Republicans tell worse lies”, “That’s not really a lie”, “the ends justify the means”, and so on.

    The worst part about Warren isn’t her bad policy ideas (most of those are cribbed from Bernie, anyway) or her dishonesty. It’s that she’s smart enough to know exactly what she’s doing, and is willing to do it anyway. She knows that half of her proposals are blatantly unconstitutional, but still promises them to the rubes. She’s a shark, and hopefully now that she’s bitten Bernie, more people will see how calculating and dishonest she is.

    I honestly hope the Democratic nominee is Sanders, so we can have an election with everything out in the open: communism vs. free markets. Bernie couldn’t be more openly socialist, and Trump is flawed in many ways, but he’s a pretty good standard bearer for the benefits of capitalism. Let’s have it out once and for all and see if the American people really agree with the far left. I think it would be a blowout, and not in Bernie’s favor. Maybe we could put this socialism nonsense to rest for at least a few years.

  4. Warren even lied about her Pow Wow Chow contributions being, you know, like HER OWN

    Elizabeth Warren’s Pow Wow Chow ‘Cherokee’ Recipes Were Word For Word COPIES Of Famous FRENCH Chef’s Techniques

    It’s one thing to be a known serial, inveterate, reflex, congenital liar. It’s entirely another to be so freakin’ bad at it.

  5. I believe she lied about her kids attending public school, not only attending private school.

    “How can the borders be protected if anyone can cross them without fear of consequences”? Very simple you only let women in. That is her bigoted stance. She makes it very clear when she limits who is fleeing; mamas and babies. Therefore, all the men are perpetrating the violence.

  6. I mean, is anyone really surprised?

    And I don’t mean that as a condemnation specifically for Warren supporters, I think the question is stupid. We live in this time where political bias has infected truth. We can argue over whether Hillary was worse than Trump, or whether Trump is worse than Warren, but the fact of the matter is that everyone seems to be operating in this paradigm where they have their own facts, and when the truth backs up those facts, that’s great, and when it doesn’t they go into full blown lie your ass off mode.

    Do we really care about the differences in the lies? Hillary lied like she breathed, about big things, little things, important things and hot sauce. At the end of the day, these all mattered because it highlighted how nothing she said, literally nothing, could be taken at face value. I don”t see Trump as better. I think Trump *governs* better than she would have, but I have the benefit of hindsight now, and let’s all be honest: Before Trump was elected, we had no idea what he would do in office.

  7. Mrs. OB went ballistic when she heard Lizzy was going unilaterally forgive all student loan debt on day one of her presidency. Mrs. OB was particularly upset with Lizzy claiming she could do so without any involvement from Congress. “Can she DO that?” “I doubt it,” I responded.

    I think this whopper is the clearest example of Liz Warren buying votes with taxpayer funds. Every single person who is obligated under a student loan. That must be quite a few voters. This is simply a “get out the vote” tactic. Incredibly brazen, first degree pandering. She’s vicious. Ruthless. Makes Lady Macbeth look like Mother Theresa. In addition, she’s a shrew of a much larger magnitude that even HRC.

  8. First of all, lying is OK if you are a Democrat. Remember all the Hillary Clinton supporters who, when confronted with something Hillary Clinton said would remark “It’s OK, she doesn’t really believe that. She is just saying that to get elected!” Democratic voters actually seem to like it when their candidates lie, as long as that lie seems to be to fool some part of the electorate that the elites look down on.
    Second, this is all just a smokescreen. The real issue is the question of what does the Democratic Party have to offer the American people?

    Do any candidates claim they can do better than Trump’s economy? No, none of them claim that. Many progressives have stated that the American people need to accept lower pay and higher unemployment as part of the price of removing Donald Trump from the White House. Some have suggested sabotaging the country to cause a recession.

    Do any of them claim they could push forward better criminal justice reform? No, their idea is to not punish crime and give us all San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. Since they came up with impeachment rules that let them convict someone without letting that person call a single defense witness and prevented the defense from asking questions of the prosecution witnesses, we all should worry about Democratic criminal justice ‘reform’.

    Do any of them claim they can do better than Trump on trade deals? No, they admit Trump’s deals are better than anything they could do by approving them. In fact, they have often stated that what Trump has done is impossible when they were tasked with making trade deals.

    Do any of them have a position on immigration more grounded in reality than Trump? No, they all want wave after wave of migrant caravans to be accepted into the US, housed, and fed by US taxpayers. Then they will be afraid of the Iranian agents they let in and capitulate to any demand of Iran.

    So, their sales pitch is that the American public needs to accept a declining economy, higher crime rates, terrible trade deals, and an influx of freeloading immigrants to support..but it is worth it to get rid of Trump. Why? “So we can have the first female president” or “So we can have the first gay president” or “We can have the first socialist president” or “Because free stuff” or “Because Joe Biden”.

    If you put it that way, the Democratic cause is hopeless. The only way they stay competitive at all is to continually distract attention from the issues.

    Perhaps exaggerated A BIT for comedic effect.

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