Unethical Quote Of The Week: Joe Biden

“You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier!”

—-Fading Democratic Presidential nomination front-runner Joe Biden, lashing out at a New Hampshire voter whose questions annoyed him.

First, the important question: what the hell is a “pony soldier”? The answer is “nobody knows.” Nor does anyone know why this insult, epithet, whatever it is, leapt into Joe’s mind, but then it’s Joe Biden. Who can say what vestigial RNA from his prospector ancestors are knocking around in Biden’s gray matter? He thinks “malarkey” is hip slang; I’m waiting for him to start shouting “By crackie!, “Jumpin’ Jehoshaphat!” and “Tarnation!”

I found a website that attributed “pony soldier” to a John Wayne movie—no, you morons, the Duke’s movie was “The Horse Soldiers.” “Pony Soldier” is a forgettable 1952 Western starring Tyrone Power. Nobody, but nobody, quotes  Tyrone Power movies, and Power had as much business starring in a Western as David Niven. So it looks like this is just a spontaneous nonsense insult, like in “A Few Good Men” when Tom Cruise shouts, “You’re a lousy fucking softball player, Jack!” at Kevin Bacon after an argument  that has nothing to do with softball.

Now on to the incident itself. Today Biden was handshaking and chatting at a pre-New Hampshire primary stop in Hampton. A woman asked him,“How do you explain the performance in Iowa and why should the voters believe that you can win a national election?”

It’s a fair question, since the only reason on God’s green earth that anyone would seriously  consider a doddering, blathering, fading and rapidly aging old pol like Biden as a  rational nominee is that he would be preferable to the Doomsday Meteor.

“You ever been to a caucus?” Biden replied. When the voter said she had,  Biden snapped, “No you haven’t. You’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier!”

By the way, did you know that one of the reasons it is essential to get rid of Donald Trump is that he’s an  abusive, intemperate bully who has an unstable temperament?

Biden’s outburst was unethical because…

  • He called the woman a liar without any justification.
  • He called a woman “dog-faced,” which is sexist, and if Donald Trump had done it, been condemned from sea to shining sea.
  • He attacked a citizen and a voter who was legitimately questioning a candidate for President, thus engaging in intimidating and disrespectful behavior.

Moreover, I cannot find a record of any other candidate for President being that uncivil to a citizen without provocation. No, not even Donald Trump. Not the late John McCain, either, who was tarred as having a dangerously explosive temper during the 2008 Presidential campaign.

One of the reasons Biden is supposed to be strong opposition for President Trump is that he’s a nice guy. Leo Durocher famously said that nice guys finish last, but he was wrong. (Leo was definitely not a nice guy.) But candidates who are supposed to be nice guys and who expose themselves as nasty, sexist jerks do finish last.

A final note for the “Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias” files: the Washington Post and The Hill, among others, minimized Biden’s conduct by stating, in their headlines, that Biden was joking (because that’s the spin Biden’s crack clean-up crew put on it). Again, he accused the woman of lying and called her “dog-faced.” Hilarious! The mainstream media is actively covering for their favored candidates. It’s obvious, and it’s disgusting.


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26 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Week: Joe Biden

  1. The only other candidate was Joe Biden a few months ago when he called that voter
    ”fatass” or was it “fatso” (I don’t know which because it was censored by every media outlet) and then challenged the guy to a pushup contest.

  2. Biden can’t last much longer. Can he? Were he to become the nominee, Trump might win the District of Columbia, New York, and California. (That would indicate the electorate of these places have any sense, of course.)

      • I believe ole Joe was set up to be the sacrificial candidate who could be positioned as Trump’s chief rival. By setting him up as a candidate knowing his Ukranian Achilles heel they knew Trump would bring it up and then they could level charges against Trump for foreign interference.
        Why wouldn’t Obama would endorse him when he claimed ole Joe was the best VP ever ? Why else would the media overlook every instance that would boost ratings?
        The hamhanded impeachment suggests they were running out of time so the process had to be rushed. Immediate removal from office was never the goal. The goal was to get Trump to smear Biden and in doing so they would use Trump’s acts against him. Diabolical.

  3. I’d guess Biden assumed the voter would say “no”, and had prepared his next sentence to describe the caucus, including the phrase “dog and pony show”, but upon receiving an unexpected reply short-circuited a bit.
    Of course, even if it were a relatively benign reason like that, it doesn’t make it any more impressive a performance…

  4. Dog-faces were U.S. soldiers. The Sioux had dog-soldiers, but, other than the Tyrone Power movie, I got nothing for “pony soldier”.

  5. Howard Dean was pretty uncivil when he basically told a senior citizen who questioned him to sit down and put a sock in it, but that was pretty tame for that thug, yes I said thug, Biden was just there to satisfy the establishment folks, but he’s sinking faster than anyone expected him to. He’s going to be out of money before the end of this month, and I am thinking more and more that Bernie Sanders is going to be the nominee. Do I think Bernie can win? No, but, just like with Jeremy Corbyn in the UK, I am thinking what the hell is wrong with the oldest political party in the US to put up an unreconstructed socialist?

  6. Biden was simply exercising his constitutional (n.The composition or structure of something; makeup) right to free association (n. A spontaneous, logically unconstrained and undirected association of ideas, emotions, and feelings.)!

  7. *tinfoil hat on*

    Did they just need Biden to be the front runner long enough to make that “Trump wanted to hurt his political rival” narrative work?

    Because he was doing equally awful things on the regular months ago, but polling strong.

    I’d object to myself by saying, “they can’t just manipulate people’s voting preferences like that” but now we know all about the DNC’s Operation Pied Piper in 2016, so I’m not so sure. Clinton and the Democrats, in their internal emails, seemed certain that they could use the media and online platforms to create a reality in which Donald Trump was the likely nominee, and they got the result they wanted, so…

  8. Tried to post a link to this on Facebook. They refused it, saying it violates their code of ethics. Boing! How could that be?

  9. Forger my previous post about posting to facebook. What they actually said was that they couldn’t post it because they couldn’t “scrape the URL.” What does that mean?

    • “Scraping” is programmer jargon for a computer program reading the page. It’s probably what drives fancy thumbnail that appears in the post a couple seconds after entering an URL.

      Perhaps the “scraper” is beholden to the community standards blacklist? Who knows, the error gets two black eyes–one for using jargon and for not being specific to why it couldn’t do it’s task.

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