“Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Update

1. The New York Times’s habitually partisan Maggie Haberman tweeted : “Republican voter registration in NH is down roughly 20k voters from 2016 to now. It’s a reminder that Trump’s increased GOP popularity is in part because in some places, the GOP registration rolls have shrunk.” This is a false narrative, and proven so several times.

Verdict: Fake News

2. MSNBC’s Katy Tur, who has many embarrassing moments, argued that the Trump economy was not working for the American  who spends up to 360 months paying off a car loan. “When I ask people if they’re voting for Donald Trump, I hear about their 401(k)s a lot,” she said during a live broadcast from New Hampshire, “but there are those out there who don’t have a 401(k), and there are those out there who this economy is not really working for them….They might have a job, but it’s not a job that pays their bills. They can get a car, but it’s a loan that will take 30 years.”

She’s just making stuff up. Who agrees to 30-year car loans? Is Tur getting homes mixed up with cars? Why is someone who doesn’t know the difference between a house and a car interpreting the news?

Verdict: Fake News, stupid host.

3. CNN posted an article  on Tomeka Hart, a juror in the Roger Stone trial,  titled “Stone juror says she ‘stands with’ the prosecutors.” Nowhere does CNN indicate that  it is relevant to mention the recently disclosure that Hart ran for Congress as a Democrat, and frequently posted anti-Trump stories on social media. How she got through voir dire is as yet an unanswered question.

Verdict: Fake News by omission

4. When Mike Bloomberg’s embarrassing recorded comments about African Americans and crime surfaced this week,  CNN’s Cristina Alesci rushed to sow doubt about the recording’s legitimacy. “So, here’s the thing, important context here,” she said. “We don’t have the full tape.” Ah, but we do. The full audio of Bloomberg’s comments has been available online since 2015. Alesci, who was previously a  Bloomberg News employee, continued, “So, this is obviously snippets that have been released, the podcaster and the writer that released this sound is clearly a Bernie supporter, if you look at his twitter feed, he’s very anti-Bloomberg. He’s promoting a hashtag ‘#BloombergIsARacist.'”

The full audio, which was posted shortly after Bloomberg delivered his address in 2015 at the Aspen Institute, and, of course, alleged political affiliations of the person who posted the audio online this week doesn’t change what Bloomberg said.

Verdict: Fake News by obfuscation

5. NBC News’s Heidi Przybyla tweeted out a conspiracy theory alleging that Russia was responsible for spreading  the hashtag “#BloombergIsRacist” around on social media following the release of the Bloomberg audio. She made it up, and  later deleted the  tweet but not before sharing it with her 145,000 Twitter followers.

Verdict: Fake News

8 thoughts on ““Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Update

  1. These examples are why many rational, civic-minded people believe much worse is yet to come. Propaganda and propagandists are no longer challenged; they are lauded by their equally biased peers and then repeated in hyped circular fashion until established to be societally accepted as true.

  2. ” NBC News’s Heidi Przybyla tweeted out a conspiracy theory alleging that Russia was responsible for spreading the hashtag “#BloombergIsRacist” around on social media following the release of the Bloomberg audio.”

    I didn’t know Colion Noir was Russian. Of course, that can’t be it. Colion Noir is a pro-NRA, legal gun owning black lawyer. I’m sure Twitter doesn’t allow people ‘like that’ on their service. You have to have standards, you know.

  3. #1 Karlyn Borysenko wrote at medium.com a fascinating story,
    After Attending a Trump Rally, I Now Know Democrats Have No Shot in 2020
    I’ve been a Democrat for 20 years, but my experience made me realize just how out of touch my party is with the country at large

    A quote how she experienced the Democrat contenders,

    Fast-forward to the New Hampshire primary, and we have all the politicians running around the state making their case. I’ve seen almost every Democratic candidate in person and noticed that their messages were almost universally one of doom and gloom, not only focusing on the obvious disagreements with Donald Trump, but also making sure to emphasize that the country is a horribly racist place.

    She wrote about a rally she visited,

    I had attended an event with all the Democratic contenders just two days prior in exactly the same arena, and the contrast was stark. First, Trump completely filled the arena all the way up to the top. Even with every major Democratic candidate in attendance the other night, and the campaigns giving away free tickets, the Democrats did not do that.

    And a new tag for ethicsalarms, #walkaway

    • For me it started in earnest in the fall of 1992 when Dan Rather accused the G H W Bush administration of cooking the GDP books to make it look like we were leaving a very brief and relatively shallow recession. In fact, G H W Bush hadn’t cooked the books and the revised economic numbers after the election were better than originally reported. To this day I recall no one ever calling Rather on his obviously intentional lie to keep the political middle on the side of Bill Clinton. Clinton’s subsequent boom economy was nothing more than a continuation of the Reagan/Bush boom and then sustained and enforced by a series of policies demanded by a newly elected Republican majority in Congress.

    • For myself, I’d trace it to the Martin/Zimmerman fiasco starting in 2012, and continuing apparently unabated since then. I remember following the whole trial. I read the statutes, the case law, the forensic reports, the model jury instructions. But the facts and the law as they were being represented by seemingly every media outlet sounded like they were coming from another reality. If a person has relied on the mainstream media for information about the case, it’s a near-certainty that pretty much nothing they believe about that incident is true.

  4. #2 While it’s true that there aren’t 30 year car loans, it’s also true some financially inept citizens might as well have one, not paying the previous car off, and at times getting into debt levels higher than their new car is worth, on the lot, and especially after it’s driven off. There are 84 month car loans now, and RV loans can be longer yet. Some of these folks won’t pay off their loan during the lifetime of their vehicle.

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