Unethical Tweet Of The Month: A TIE!

No, not THEIR tweets! Tweets ABOUT them…

Yes, the Democratic Presidential hopeful field’s #1 pandering jerk and it’s leading  shameless demagogue both exploited the birthday of  the late Trayvon Martin to engage is race-baiting, false narrative peddling, and near-defamation. Buttigieg and Warren also recently referred to the “murder” of Mike Brown, whom a grand jury and an Obama Justice Department investigation itching to find evidence of a crime both determined had charged the police officer who shot him, and thus was legally killed in self defense. I fault Warren a bit more here, since she is a law professor and knows damn well that both the evidence and the law say that Martin was not the victim of racism and that but for his possession of a legal firearm, it might have been Zimmerman who was killed.  Yet Buttigieg’s “white supremacy” buzz-wording is  unforgivable, as it literally had nothing to do with the deadly confrontation between a black teen and a Hispanic-American.

I was thinking last night about how I would have loved to see Chuck Todd ask this question:

For Mayor Buttigieg and Senator Warren: both of you are well educated and presumably well-informed. How do you explain, then, your recent statements falsely suggesting that Mike Brown was murdered by a police officer, though both a grand jury and the Obama Justice Department determined this was not the case and no charges were brought, and more recently, stating that Trayvon Martin was a victim of racism and white supremacy, when a jury found his killer, a Hispanic man, not guilty by reason of self defense? Aren’t such statements deliberate efforts to promote racial hatred using false narratives in order to pander to specific voting blocs? How do you justify doing this?

George Zimmerman has filed  defamation lawsuits against Buttigieg and Warren  over the tweets, seeking $265 million in damages. I doubt the suits will get to court: he is a public figure, and their tweets slyly didn’t mention him by name. They probably lack enough specificity to sustain a defamation suit, though there is nobody but Zimmerman who was responsible for Martin’s death, other than Martin himself.

12 thoughts on “Unethical Tweet Of The Month: A TIE!

  1. Michael Bloomberg’s statement about the last Texas church shooting was pretty bad too. He stated that only police officers should be allowed to make the decision to shoot in such situations. This is stating that the church congregation should have just sat there, being shot, until a police officer arrived. This is, of course, similar to Buttegeig’s tweet, suggesting that if you are attacked by a minority more ‘oppressed’ than you, that you have no right to self-defense and should just die.

  2. Thanks for using “Fauxchahontas” rather than “Pochahontas” in your announcing email. I guess Trump never got the joke and it’s been lost.

  3. After all these years, isn’t there a confirmed picture of Trayvon Martin when he wasn’t 11 or 12? I have seen some purporting to be him at 17, but the media says they are all hoaxes. Well, what did he look like? You can’t tell me there aren’t any pictures. He had a social media presence that was removed. Isn’t it interesting how censored our information can be about something like that?

    • There are, I just didn’t feel like searching for them. His parents did a great job manipulating the media and public perception on that one. Martin was bigger than Zimmerman, but that’s not the “narrative.” It’s like the repeated lie that Zimmerman was “stalking” or “hunting” Martin.

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