Amy’s Exit, Joe’s Door-Hanger [UPDATED!]

1. Senator Klobuchar eliminated the “none of the above” option from Democratic primary voters by dropping out today. This makes little sense: she’s dropping out because Biden won in South Carolina, where he was expected to win all along? Then she endorsed Joe Biden, which is irresponsible. Biden is a slowly devolving wreck, and every member of the Democratic Party has an obligation to at least try to present a mentally capable candidate for the public to consider. At his current rate of decline (let’s see, not to complain, just to be up-to-date, what did he say today? Nope, nothing, He must have been resting),

UPDATE! Joe wasn’t resting, so he did have brain synapse issues. From the Washington Examiner (Pointer:  77Zoomie):

2020 Democrat Joe Biden stumbled over his words as he attempted to recite the Declaration of Independence ahead of Super Tuesday. “We hold these truths to be self-evident,” the former vice president said during a campaign event in Texas on Monday. “All men and women created by — you know, you know, the thing”….he also accidentally referred to Super Tuesday as “Super Thursday” before correcting himself.

Joe will be a walking, babbling appeal to the 25th Amendment before November rolls around.

Ah-HA! Could that be why Amy endorsed him? Biden’s Vice-President choice will be scrutinized more carefully than any #2 since Richard Nixon in 1956 when Ike was running for a second term following a heart attack. (My wife asked today what Mrs. Biden was like, referencing Mrs. Wilson secretly taking over for Woodrow after his devastating stroke. Biden presumably has to pick an African American or a woman as his running mate.

Her choice is also a betrayal by the sisterhood of Elizabeth Warren, who is still hanging around, hoping for intervention from The Great Spirit, or something. Biden is a serial sexual harasser and assault master. The feminist, #MeToo wing of the Democratic Party  are as hypocritical in its support of Joe as the NAACP is in its support of Michael Jackson imitator Gov. Ralph Northam. In all the debates, neither Warren, nor Klobuchar, nor Kamala Harris, nor even pariah Tulsi Gabbard had the guts and integrity to confront Biden on his dirty old uncle routine. No Democratic woman should endorse Biden; it’s as unethical as cheering Bill Clinton. Oh, right…

The consensus among pundits right now is that Klobuchar’s endorsement signals that the Democratic establishment is desperate to stop Bernie Sanders from getting the nomination. That Joe Biden is their “firewall” tells us just how spectacularly the party has failed its job of finding a competent and trustworthy candidate, just as both parties failed in 2016.

2. Klobuchar’s withdrawal won’t have as much impact on tomorrow’s primaries because so many states allow early voting. This is one more reason early voting is wrong, and should be banned. It deceives voters into making a crucial decision without all the data is in, sometimes rendering votes null and virtuously void.

3. The party of women, minorities and the young somehow has managed to reach the nomination’s final laps with four white candidates, with Senator Warren being the only woman and the relative whippersnapper at 70. Of the remaining three men, one isn’t a Democrat (Sanders), one served in his only significant elected position as a Republican, and the other is relying on his connection to the inexplicably popular Barack Obama, whose failure to endorse him is a neon indictment.

Yikes. Good job, everybody!

4. Coincidentally, a junior high school student hung a Joe Biden door-hanger on the Marshalls’ outside doorknob this morning. You don’t have to be a registered Democrat to vote in tomorrow’s Virginia primary, so I could theoretically engage in Rush Limbaugh’s favorite trick, originally dubbed “Operation Chaos,” and vote for the worst possible Democratic Party nominee. I honestly don’t know who that is. I think that of the remaining four, Elizabeth Warren would be the most responsible vote, and I would voluntarily commit myself to Hell for eternity if I voted for her.

No, I’ll be letting poor, abused, confused registered Democrats  puzzle out the unforgivable choice the part has left them on their own.

4. Joe’s door-hanger, which I had to rescue after it blew off into the mud, is instructive. It gives beating Trump top billing over electing Joe on both sides. On the back with all the text, it begins, “If you want to beat Trump, vote for Joe Biden.” As I wrote last month, this is unprecedented in American politics, a campaign in which electing a qualified candidate isn’t the primary raison d’etre, defeating the other candidate is.

This is a strategy based on hate and fearmongering. I find it a repulsive choice, and a bizarre one, though it is obvious that Democrats have spent literally the past three fertilizing the electorate with that approach, mostly by employing the approved Big Lies, but also with the disgusting “We’re doomed with this guy in charge!” tactic that we are seeing again with COVID-19 (okay, no more Caronavirus, though the new name reminds me of  Century 21,  “Airport ’75” and “Revolution #9.”)

Biden’s campaign door-hanger certainly aims really low.  “Trump threatens our core values,” it begins. What would those threatened values be? He’s anti-law breaking, anti-biased, partisan,lying press, anti-abortion, and in favor of opposing parties respecting elections and allowing an elected President to be President. I’m sure if you asked Joe to be specific, he’d default to “children in cages,” as most of my Facebook friends do, or maybe the mysterious Emoluments clause, which is what the “resistance” means when it says Trump is “enriching himself.”

Oh! I see! He’s threatening our values by “fanning the flames of hate.,’–this is pretty rich for a candidate in a party running on a pure “hate Trump” platform—“trying to take away your health care”-–is there anyone non-deranged who finds that to be a fair and true statement?—and “inviting the NRA into the Oval Office,” as if protecting the Second Amendment is the essence of evil.

Joe’s values-defending party, meanwhile, just voted to allow doctors to let newborn babies just die if their mothers had intended them to be aborted. No “core values” violated there!

The text in the material harps on Biden’s gun control efforts above all, ending with a promise to “strengthen background checks”—which have nothing to do with most shootings, unless we go the unconstitutional “pre-crime” route, taking away the rights of law-abiding citizens who suffer from emotional problems—and “get weapons of war out of communities and schools.”  The last is fatuous grandstanding, meaning nothing. The whole piece is pitched at gullible, ignorant, knee-jerk hysterics.

Good endorsement there, Amy.

21 thoughts on “Amy’s Exit, Joe’s Door-Hanger [UPDATED!]

    • We haven’t had a brokered convention in my lifetime, and I’m getting pretty damned old. I’d like to see one, frankly. What was the last one, Jack? Al Smith in 1928?

      A question for the group: if you could pick any Democrat to vote for in the election for president this year, who would it be? That is, who is the Democrat that you would most like to be president instead of Trump? I can’t actually think of one.

      After almost 5 years of nonstop Trump hysteria, I often forget that I actually know Trump and detest him. If anybody else in the world would run against him and support secure borders,, the second amendment, fair international trade and fewer overseas wars, I would vote Trump out of office tomorrow.

      • Tulsi Gabbard is still in the race, although she is being punished by the DNC and its allies for daring to speak up against Queen Hillary.

      • I will answer this differently. I think Trump has done a decent job as President, despite my fears. I see no one in the Democratic Party (not just on the ballot) that could do a better job FOR THE COUNTRY. However, I think Bernie Sanders should be the Democratic Party’s nominee. Why? Because I see two basic ideologies at play in this election. One is the Trump ideology of good economy, less regulation, less government, fairer trade with foreign countries, and exposing corruption (although not on purpose). The other is the ideology of Sanders, a Socialist (or Communist) who promises free college, free healthcare, free housing, open borders, free retirement income, forgive medical debt, get rid of charter schools, make school achievement equal for all groups, let us bank at the post office, and massive taxes (52% on people making $15/hour just in income tax alone!). Which way do we want this country to head? The people should have a voice in this and this election is as good as any.

        I pick Sanders over the others because I feel he is more truthful about what he wants us to do than the others. I think the others are just flat-out lying about the direction they want the country to go and their proposed programs are smokescreens to get votes. I get the feeling they just want raw power and don’t care what happens to the country. More than the other candidates, I think Trump and Sanders do care about what happens to the country, but they have very different opinions on it.

  1. My take on Klobuchar is that Bernie was trying to make a run in Minnesota. The WORST result for her would have been to lose Minnesota tomorrow. Hell, Mondale won Minnesota.

    She can save face here even if Sanders wins Minnesota over Biden tomorrow. There is no way to save face if Sanders beats her tomorrow.

    Dropping out allows her to fight another day.

    Just my take.


  2. So the plan of the Democratic party is to attempt to reach the convention with no one candidate having the majority…maybe? Then in the chaos, try to find a candidate that isn’t as terrible as VP Biden and is simultaneously not as pro-Communist as Senator Sanders.

    If true, I feel like this has the liver-spotted hands of Hillary Clinton all over it.

  3. The Democrats all regularly display their ignorance on the topic of gun control. I keep hearing Democrats talk about closing background check “loopholes” involving internet sales of firearms. They are apparently either lying outright, or unaware that current law already requires that all internet sales pass through a federally licensed firearms dealer in the buyer’s home state, and that the dealer handling the transfer performs the same mandatory background check as for every other gun sale. I have heard this repeated so often (Bloomberg just said it again less than an hour ago) that I’m leaning toward the “deliberate lie” explanation. I have purchased several firearms online and have gone through this process each time.
    I recall a meme from the 2016 election that read, “Legal gun owners own over 300 million guns and about 50 billion rounds of ammunition. Seriously, if we were the problem, you would know it.” Yep!

    • They’re just repeating focus-group tested talking points. It’s possible (though frankly unlikely for such elitists) that they know a lot more about guns than you think — they are just mouthing the words that draw the most negative and consistent reaction from those hearing them.

      That’s one mistake that pro-2A people often make — they assume ignorance when what you’re really seeing is rote politics. But I will admit, of the remaining viable candidates, all have, in candid moments, demonstrated a profound ignorance of firearms and their usage, and even the laws some of them helped pass regarding them.

      In other words, unethical incompetence.

      • I have dealt with the dfishonesty and invincible ignorance of the anti-gun cult online for over twenty years.

        These same people go on to describe the criminal justice system, which will be used to enforce these laws, as broken and racist.

        The US criminal justice system does contain clear racial bias. Statistical studies are pretty clear on this. Black people on average tend to get worse treatment and harsher sentence than white people.

        It is as if they are preaching to two different audiences.

        Or their audience is the Stormfront White Nationalist Community.

        • More background checks make us LESS safe. How many times have I been background checked? I would guess 20+. Twice, I have been delayed. What is delayed? It is when there are too many background checks trying to go through the system. If the background check can’t be completed in a reasonable amount of time, it goes through without being checked. Because there is a time limit, the check may not be as thorough as it should be. I believe Dylan Roof got his background check approved that way. I have a CCW and an FFL. Why do they need a time limit? Because when they didn’t, Democrats just never completed the background check, denying everyone the ability to purchase a firearm. Why do they need to be background checking me again? Do they think after decades of being a law abiding citizen that I suddenly became a violent criminal? That almost never happens. What is going to happen when you force people to buy only 20 rounds of ammo at a time and need a background check for it? The more noise you have, the harder it is to see signal. Intentionally creating noise means you never cared about the signal in the first place.

          • The purpose of a background check for each purchase is to verify whether or not the purchaser is a prohibited person. Yes, you have passed background checks before, but a retailer would not know.

            Of course, it has been said by the HUD that background checks are racist.


            If not renting to criminals is racist, that implies not selling assault weapons to criminals is racist.

            • I have 2 licenses in my wallet from the state (CCW) and from the ATF (FFL) that show that I have passed my background checks. So, why would I need to be background checked again and again and again after that? It isn’t to make sure I am allowed to purchase firearms, it is to illegally register firearms and to act as a barrier to purchasing them in the first place.

  4. Can you imagine the prep Babbling Joe’s handlers will have to put him through if he somehow wins the nomination! Trump would undoubtedly throw him a curve and say something “Joe, you do know how many states there are in the Union right?” If he gets it wrong, he’s done.

  5. COVID-19 (okay, no more Caronavirus, though the new name reminds me of Century 21, “Airport ’75” and “Revolution #9.”)

    With the frontrunners all over 70, you could call it “Klobuchar’s Running Mate”, but that’s s little lengthy.

  6. Klobuchar’s withdrawal won’t have as much impact on tomorrow’s primaries because so many states allow early voting. This is one more reason early voting is wrong, and should be banned. It deceives voters into making a crucial decision without all the data is in, sometimes rendering votes null and virtuously void.

    Exactly. In a way, it deprives the early voter of the franchise by making their decision de-facto uninformed. It also invites abuse, allowing partisans from either party to have a disproportionate impact on early voting by placing themselves inside the decision-process loop. It is also the case that those who voted for Klobuchar early have now effectively been denied the franchise, as their vote will no longer count toward a viable candidate.

    But this pales in contrast to the blatantly corrupt practice of “vote harvesting” now becoming the rage in blue states. Both should be banned as interference with the franchise.

    The party of women, minorities and the young somehow has managed to reach the nomination’s final laps with four white candidates, with Senator Warren being the only woman and the relative whippersnapper at 70.

    Ah, the ironies of politics! They seem to be endless, and pregnant with unintended consequences. Old white people are the only viable Democrat candidates left. Worse, you can’t use “Okay, Boomer” at them because they all predate the baby boom, except Warren. She’s 4 years inside it.

  7. You can drive around Newark today and see nothing but “Stop Trump” signs. When the City had its quarterly all-staff meeting (all staff must assemble and listen to Baraka talk, like a cheap, two-bit dictator of a banana republic), all he talked about was how the City had to pull together to stop Trump and his policies of hate. At another time he talked about how the NPD would never become “slave-catchers for Trump.” On the other hand, when Obama was in office and ethically-challenged governor Jon Corzine was up for reelection, you saw billboards throughout the city with Obama up front, Corzine (who was visually unimpressive, bearded, balding, and wearing glasses) off to the side behind him, and the message “Keep it going!” like a vote for Corzine was another vote for Obama (the gambit failed, black voters only turn out in droves for black candidates). It’s not about policy, it’s about who you like and who you hate, and man, do the Democratic Party and its constituents hate Donald Trump.

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