“This Is Chris. Like So Many Journalists, He Suffers From Crippling Trump Derangement Syndrome, And Researchers Are Desperately Searching For The Cure. Won’t You Help?”

President  Trump addressed the nation once again  this morning on the latest developments with the Wuhan virus pandemic. At the White House briefing,   the President brought the public up to date on additional measures the federal government is taking to minimize the illness’s spread. He also said that he had taken a COVID-19 test himself after being near to at least one individual who tested positive for the illness. Ann Althouse, who tries mightily to be fair to Trump, opined that the conference was “quite good…in content and tone.” I saw the video, and agree: it was certainly the best of his briefings on the virus so far.

But you see, Los Angeles Time White House reporter  Chris Megerian couldn’t report that the President was clear, and that matters seemed as well in hand as possible. Like—what’s your guess, 90%? 95%?  99%?— of journalists in the mainstream media, Megarian entered the room presuming that the President would fall short, and was determined to find something in his words or demeanor that his readers would view in a negative light, with his professional assistance, of course. So what did he find?


Unbelievable! The President of the United States was so tasteless and gross as to wear a cap that says “USA” on it! Naturally, this is more proof that his entire Presidency is one big branding exercise. (See Big Lie #8 “Trump Only Cares About Himself, Not The Country”) Confronted on the  tweet, Megerian defended himself by saying, “I’m not the one who put a campaign hat on the President’s head.”

Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias!

The Blaze story on this illustrative episode says that conservative commentators “immediately began panning the L.A. Times reporter for his petty observation.” Why just conservative commentators? Why doesn’t this embarrass liberal commentators? What’s the matter with them? What the hell is the matter with them? How can the President of the United States get fair coverage from someone like Megarian? How can people like this look themselves in the mirror—and the entire mainstream news media is dominated by people like this. 75% of my Facebook friends are people like this, meaning that they have lost all sense of integrity, honesty and fairness in after three years of oppressive hate and fury.

19 thoughts on ““This Is Chris. Like So Many Journalists, He Suffers From Crippling Trump Derangement Syndrome, And Researchers Are Desperately Searching For The Cure. Won’t You Help?”

  1. So the collective IQ of the Trump Deranged has indeed dropped below 80. Just see the potential Democrat candidates. With one of this crowd running, Trump will like enjoy a landslide… THEN what will happen? Riots in the streets? What has happened to any sense of reason in the Democrat party?

  2. Well, wearing a USA had just goes to show how racist and xenophobic Orange Man Bad is! Doesn’t he know, that the USA is the worst country in the world, and the only one that had slavery! If only he praised Cuba on it’s healthcare and literacy programs, then maybe he could gain strange new respect. I mean sure, there were some repressions and jail camps. But isn’t that a small price to pay for the ability to read communist propaganda in a rundown hospital where you bring your own meds? /s

  3. The blending of official actions with campaigning has been going on forever, and it is unethical. Wearing a campaign hat during an official press conference shows bad judgment; to make too big a deal over it also shows poor judgment. What really irks me is the blending that costs taxpayers huge amounts to support political campaigns, as when a president, for example, schedules some kind of official trip and adds on a few fund-raising events or political rallies at the same locale. Taxpayers, rather than the campaign, foot the bill for most of the expense of such trips. I do not have a problem with government officials promoting their views and policies; I do have a problem with them doing it on the taxpayer’s dime.

    • Other than the 45 on the side how is this a campaign hat? I can buy a hat with USA on the front anywhere baseball hats,are sold.
      The Olympic teams all wear garb with USA emblazoned on them.

      Branding requires the repetitive use of a word or phrase that reminds people of the product you are selling. I don’t see how anyone can associate only Trump with the letters USA.

      With that said, the issue is finding fault for the purpose of findind fault. The point Jack makes is when the press focuses on the inconsequential to find fault while ignoring the consequential because it helps the president get his job done then the press is acting irresponsibly.

      • Isn’t HE 45? Doesn’t that make it HIS hat? Trump sells his hat because people want HIS hat. He isn’t wearing the campaign hat, the campaign is selling HIS hat, as the campaign site says, this is the hat the President wears. BTW, there are a lot of sites that sell that hat and Trump doesn’t sue them. So, yes, you can get it on his campaign site, but you can also get it cheaper on Amazon from other people. Is it his campaign property if other people make them and sell them as well?

      • The 45 is sufficient to make it campaigning, which I find noxious in official government actions, such as a press conference. A big deal? No. But, everything is a big deal.

  4. Chris Megerian shoots himself in the foot another way. His comment lets anyone reading know that the President has a place to buy merchandise. I’m not saying all of his followers will decide to buy Trump/Pence goodies, but there will be some…like me, that didn’t know about the site, who now will go visit…like I just did.

    Since the tweet was picked up by some outlets, a bunch of people beyond his readers are now aware of the site. Good work, Chris!! Free advertising!!

    I’m thinking the President will send him a gift from the store. I recommend the non-paper (but recyclable) drinking straws.

  5. This call for universal testing is another example of “do something, anything even if it is ineffective” attitude. There are many examples of folks passing cardiac stress tests and droppping dead of massive mi the next day. We universally test for MRSA. It is prevelant in over 80% of the population but we do not treat all. Laboratory tests are not predictive. Test negative today yet you can become infected tomorrow. Best advice. Follow the golden rule.

    • Those tests cost $180 for the kit (probably ($300 total to perform) and do nothing to change the treatment unless the person is experiencing severe symptoms. These should only be given to people with severe symptoms because it is the only time it changes the treatment advice.All these people are rushing to the ER’s to be tested because the media is blaming Trump for not having enough test kits and all they are going to get at the ER is infected.

      Has anyone noticed how slowly this virus is spreading through the US? We have have had confirmed cases since January 19. The Netherlands had their first case in February 27. The Netherlands already has a higher concentration of cases than the US despite the fact that we have had coronavirus cases for more than twice as long. Come on sun and heat.

  6. Let’s also add that many in the media argued that the reason Trump banned travel from continental Europe and not the UK was because Trump owns golf courses in the UK.

    We’ll just ignore that the cases are far higher on the continent because it doesn’t support our narrative.

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