Comment Of The Day: “It’s Time Again For The Ethics Alarms Mailbag! The Question: Wait, What? Your Vote In 2016 Was A Write In?”

I was lying in bed unable to sleep because I’m anxious, and that’s not a normal state for me, not at all. What does an ethicist do when he’s anxious and it’s 1:20 a.m. on a Monday morning? Why, post a Comment of the Day, of course. What else?

JutGory has been on a roll: this is the second Comment of the Day he posted in a 24 hour period. I held it back a day, just for variety’s sake.

His topic is Presidential voting calculations, the topic of my post, but from the perspective of a loyal fan of the… Prohibition Party. Or so he says.

Here is JutGory’s Comment of the Day on the post, “It’s Time Again For The Ethics Alarms Mailbag! The Question: Wait, What? Your Vote In 2016 Was A Write In?”

Hailing from The State that Mondale Won, I take the influence of my vote with less seriousness than it deserves. With respect to presidential contests, it is practically meaningless.

I often joke that I vote Prohibition Party straight down the ticket.

In 2016, I learned that the Prohibition Party did not make the ballot in the State that Mondale Won.

Trump was out; Hilary was out; and, because of this blog, the Libertarian party looked embarrassing.

I am used to my vote being meaningless. Have I mentioned that Mondale won my state? But, I walked into the voting booth in 2016, completely despondent in the knowledge that either Trump or Clinton would win. I think I voted the Marijuana Free Party, maybe it was the Free Marijuana Party . When I walked out, I felt even worse, confident that Clinton would win.

She didn’t. Even though they kept saying she “won” the popular vote.

That makes my vote for the Pot Party look dumb. If those idiots want to count the popular vote, my vote is not meaningless.

But, when they bring up the “popular vote,” I point out that Trump won the States in a landslide 30-20. They don’t get it. They don’t understand federalism.

So, I plan to vote for Trump. Because he is a Statesman? Because he is eminently qualified? Because he is Presidential?

No. Because he never got a fair shot. And he has not been a disaster. If they want to count the popular vote, I guess I have to vote for a candidate, even if my vote does not matter.

And, frankly, a lot of it is spite. I plan to vote for Trump just to stick it in the eye of all those obnoxious jerks who spent the last 3 years acting like assholes.

It is practically a joke. Today, Trump said that China has gone through Hell with this virus. I am waiting to see if Snopes fact-checks that, concluding that it is a misleading statement because Hell is s metaphysical concept for which Trump can provide no evidence in support of his declaration.

Screw them if they think they can treat someone so unfairly and think there will he no response.

If they are behind this virus hype in any way, they need a clear message that a president CAN win in a faltering economy with viral threats. You can’t rig an election that way.

And, while Biden might have gotten my vote in 2016, you can’t try throw him out there now and think I won’t see that he is likely past his prime.

And, yes, it bears repeating, I will vote for Trump because Fuck you for being such obnoxious sanctimonious jackasses for the last 3 years.

And, who suffers because of this? That right: the Prohibition Party.

20 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “It’s Time Again For The Ethics Alarms Mailbag! The Question: Wait, What? Your Vote In 2016 Was A Write In?”

  1. They have succeeded in making a class one jerk into an underdog who is trying hard. I doubt they would have worked as hard to make things happen if they had won, their too many planks in their platform works against it.

  2. So, you will vote for one of the most un-Presidential men in our history because you hate the media and liberals on Facebook? Shame.

      • I can’t wait until Joe Biden gets elected and Hunter Biden is Secretary of State or maybe he’ll be made president of “Billy Beer” and ambassador to Libya. And Joe Biden’s brother will be installed as the head of HUD. And Hillary and Bill Clinton will be made Ambassadors to Russia! That’ll restore some norms! Huzzah! No more shame!

    • Given the other current options, yes. That is the entire point. He may be one of the most un-Presidential men in our history but in 2016 the opposition ran the absolute most un-Presidential woman in my lifetime. Hillary Clinton used the tried and true 9th grade girl method of bullying people into submission in 2016 by demeaning an entire group of people. Her supporters cheered because they wanted to be on the winning side and were afraid to confront her on message. None of her supporters ever challenged her on that comment about all the deplorables. That was her entire message. Not good enough. She is as much a liar – if not more so – than Trump. More importantly, she is smug about it when caught.

      Now in 2020 the opposition is running two candidates that have tremendous baggage.

      Biden wraps himself in the portion of the Omnibus Crime bill of 1994 that banned AR15’s but distances himself from the provisions that resulted in more poor people doing time in prison. What’s more that same bill denied all those people who were locked up on drug charges access to federal education benefits. I know I ran the AA degree program at Hagerstown’s correctional complex. I wrote numerous letters to the members of the Judiciary committee that was headed by Biden at the time showing how our program got results by reducing recidivism from 80% to 20%. Biden lies through his teeth while he gives you the shiv. His lunch bucket Joe routine works only because the media carries his water. Biden is a hanger on, not a leader. So what makes Biden Presidential? Challenging constituents to arm wrestling and push up contests; or does wanting to take Trump out behind the woodshed make him the manly man you want as President.

      Bernie has no concept of economic reality. As with most of the field that were running, to a person they spoke of otherizing people. Tell me, why the preoccupation with using the term “old white men” to describe certain people. Why otherize an entire group of people when you really need to articulate a reason for disagreement. In my personal experience older women are given far more deference than any man is in society.

      I don’t care if someone has more than me so why try to create class warfare. Why not start giving people ideas that anything is possible with or without government help. That is what I did with the incarcerated and it works so it should work with the non-incarcerated.

      The media has created the bed they now lie in. I do not have a Facebook account anymore because most of what I saw there politically was not well thought out. I don’t make decisions based on memes or uncorroborated information. So, unlike those that hate me because of my race, gender and ideology, I don’t hate anyone but I can despise their behavior.

    • If the only factor that mattered was “presidentiality” or “presidential-ness”, then we’ve been in a world of hurt since the 2008 elections.

      But you know full well that isn’t the only factor people consider. It isn’t just the candidate being voted for, it’s the entire worldview espoused by the candidate. The candidate matters a lot, but the candidate’s worldview has produced dimwitted sycophants like Chris Hayes and boot licking fraudsters like Brian Stelter who have spent not just Trump’s presidency, but about a decade crapping on half the electorate. Society wrecking socialists back the Democratic party…and they vastly vastly outnumber the vanishingly small cluster of “neo-nazis” the Left demands we be on guard against and justify assaults of Trump with.

      There’s no shame in halting the divisive and destructive world view with a vote against one candidate who would be the fore front representative of that worldview, even while his opponent is “unpresidential”. Never mind assessing how unpresidential the Democratic candidates are.

      • Michael
        Glad you discussed the world view component.

        Another issue is in 2016 and 2020 which candidate is esposing a positive future and who is describing a negative outlook.

        A positive outlook is as contagious as a negative one

        • I think your comment was better and we must’ve been typing at the same time because yours hadn’t been posted when I began.

          If I’d seen yours I wouldn’t have replied.

          Yours is solid analysis.

    • No, I don’t hate them, but I won’t be bullied by them either. They have acted like assholes and that is not a strategy to convince me to do anything.

      He has been treated unfairly, presidential or not. Their lack of fairness has gained him my sympathy. Had they treated him fairly, yeah, I might vote for Biden (he actually seemed pretty lucid last night).


    • No, Sparty, and you’re smarter than that. I didn’t vote for Trump this last time out because I didn’t think he’d win, wasn’t going to carry NJ anyway, and I saw no point in associating myself with his loutish behavior. I am going to vote for him this time out because I think he has done a better than OK job as president, had the economy chugging until the Wuhan virus hit (which now the NYT is trying to blame him for, suddenly all the newspaper editors are the best infectious disease specialists as well as the best judges, lawyers, generals, policemen, and businessmen) and is changing the complexion of the Federal courts more to my liking. I’m also going to vote for him because the alternatives that the Democratic Party are putting up against him are both non-starters.

      I shouldn’t even have to explain again why Bernie Sanders is a non-starter, but the fact is that he stands for everything this country said no to in the Cold War. He also has zero concept of how basic economics work and would send this nation into economic chaos. Finally he is an inflexible ideologue, who has no ability to make compromises or deals. The fact that one of the two major political parties in this country has even considered him a finalist for their nomination for president says as much about how out-of-touch that party is as it says little for its talent pool.

      Joe Biden would have been a viable choice for president 6-8 years ago, MAYBE 4 years ago. I might not agree with him on a lot of things, but he was a long-time presence in the Senate who knew how things worked in Washington and as Vice President he would have been well-positioned to succeed his predecessor. It is also true that four more years of basically continuing Obama’s policies could have seen some chickens come home to roost, and it’s historical precedent that no sitting Vice President has been elected to two full terms on his own. Nixon is the only Vice President elected twice on his own, seven years after serving (and we all know that didn’t end well). However, Nixon was 56 when he was elected president, and, as much of an overly ambitious, unethical Machiavelli as he may have been, his physical and mental health were not at serious issue. Biden is 77 now. He would be 78 when he was sworn in, just about two weeks shy of 80 at the time of his midterm elections (his birthday is November 20), 82 at the beginning of his second term if reelected, and 86 when he left the White House at the end of his second term.

      My grandfather was 86 when he died, incontinent, paralyzed on one side of his body by a stroke, suffering from congestive heart failure, and mentally so out of it that he had to give my mom power of attorney to keep his affairs in order. My grandmother, who predeceased him at 84, was mentally a wreck from dementia and so wasted by cancer that she had to take multiple doses of methadone and dilaudid just to be able to sit up in relative discomfort rather than agony. Justice Scalia seemed to be chugging along just fine, when, apparently out of nowhere, his years of being overweight and not taking such great care of himself caught up to him at 79. Justice Stevens only decided to step down from the SCOTUS because, around the age of 90(!) he suffered a mini-stroke that came to his attention when he stumbled and slurred his way through his opinion in Citizens United. Curmudgeonly liberal Justice William O. Douglas, 76, paralyzed by a stroke and confined to a wheelchair, only retired from the Supreme Court because fellow Justice Abe Fortas (a former student of his who he considered a personal friend), approached him and told him kindly but candidly that it was time to hang it up.

      And oh yes, let’s not forget Ronald Reagan, the oldest president to date to complete two terms, who was sworn in at 69 and left the White House at 77, the age Biden is now, give or take a few weeks. Despite his chief of staff, his senior staff, his personal physician, and all the White House physicians who served during his tenure swearing up and down that while he was a sitting president he was not yet suffering from the Alzheimer’s that was to ultimately take his life sixteen years later, and despite the fact that he only made two gaffes during his presidency, one during an event right after being shot and having major surgery, and one in an interview almost at the end of his tenure, it’s still gospel on the left and in the Democratic Party that he was a senile old man who should never have been elected.

      Biden is now where Reagan was at the end, and he’ll be older still if he’s sworn in. He looks like he’s aged 10 years in the last three. He’s already made a lot more than two serious gaffes, including challenging someone to a pushup contest and telling another voter he was “full of shit” and “a horse’s ass.” He never appears without his wife or a handler nearby. This is before we even touch the question of his complete inability to keep his hands to himself around girls and young women (at the very least this loses him the moral high ground about Trump’s own lecherous ways). His competence is seriously in question right now, and it’s only going to get worse going forward. Then again, the left has already shown what hypocrites they are when it came to their own guy (Schumer) talking about blocking a lame-duck GWB from appointing judges, then trying to declare that out of bounds when Mitch McConnell did just that to a lame-duck Obama. It’s right in line that they would bash Reagan as too old and senile, but look the other way when their own guy is much older and in worse shape.

      Weakness in the White House is no joke. It wasn’t a joke when William Henry Harrison essentially made himself fatally ill by trying to show how tough he was with a long inaugural speech in bad weather. It wasn’t a joke when Grover Cleveland had a huge section of his upper jaw sliced off to remove a cancer. It definitely wasn’t a joke when Woodrow Wilson suffered such a debilitating stroke that he could do nothing, but his wife and closest advisers hid this fact. It absolutely wasn’t a joke when FDR ran for a fourth term he knew he wouldn’t see one year of. It certainly wasn’t a joke when JFK concealed Addison’s disease, probably PTSD, and back pain so crippling he sometimes couldn’t stand without a shot of painkillers. Yet, in this time of cameras everywhere and the internet, when obvious problems can be flashed around the world in a few seconds, the Democratic Party wants to foist someone on this nation who will almost certainly be incompetent and could well be dead in his first term on us?

      I already said that the fact Bernie Sanders got this far says a lot about the Democratic Party and not much about the talent they can offer. The fact that, in all probability, Biden is going to be their nominee, not as a sacrificial lamb to lose to an incumbent president they know they can’t beat, but as a serious standard bearer, fighting for “the soul of America,” says the same things a lot louder. The Democratic Party’s talent pool has dried up, and the best they can offer is a dried-up former-a-lot-of-things who is well past his sell-by date. That’s why I’m not voting for him, and that’s why no one in their right mind who isn’t addled by TDS will.

    • “Unpresidential” is somewhat subjective; I don’t think Trump’s personality is presidential. But I also don’t think it was presidential for Obama to use the DOJ as a revenue generator, levy government fines payable to various progressive NGO’s that were his friends, turn the IRS and DOJ into political weapons to solidify Democrat power, politically persecute journalists and whistleblowers, spy on rival campaigns, fill the FBI and courts with extremists and activists who don’t believe in the Constitution, decimate the health care infrastructure and medical professions, and so on.

    • Yes, because of the Great Awokening orchestrated by the Democratic leadership.

      Here is an example of what the Democrats stand for.

      Some Woketarians tried to derail the careers of some cadets at West Point due to this.

      The other shoe dropped yesterday: The Cubs announced that they tracked down the fan and have banned him from Wrigley field for life. Cubs President of Business Operations Crane Kenney said that team execs met and decided it was more likely the gesture was used in a “racist way,” and banned the fan. You know, that old, traditional “more likely” standard.

      Translation: they decided that it was easier to unjustly ban a single fan than endure an orchestrated boycott or some other mass protest.

      The Democratic Party have become anti-American.

  3. I’m in the exact same boat as Jut.
    I discussed the premise that Trump and Clinton are on many metrics more alike than different, thus both unsupportable with another voter who was going to hold his nose and vote for Clinton.
    I pointed out that at least the media would quickly inform the public about corruption on one candidature more than the other, and that directed me to lean the other way. (Boy, did this prediction become way more understated than I could imagine…)

    Unlike him, I’m not in a swing state. I knew for sure Trump would landslide my state, so I voted third party in protest, knowing that my preferred candidate would win my state anyway. If the election was decided by popular vote, my choice would have been different.

    • I’m in California and I did not want Trump as president; I only voted for him as a form of protest, being well aware that my vote didn’t count for anything and if he ended up starting World War 3 it really wasn’t my fault. Obviously he has exceeded those low expectations.

  4. “he has exceeded those low expectations”

    The use of that often over-used corporate/MBA/consultant-speak* is certainly apt in this instance, Isaac.

    *Sorry, these sorts of trendy phrases are a personal pet peeve of mind. “To your point,” “Wrap your head around,” clutter up speech and devalue language. There. Rant over.

    • Dang nabbit. Meant the above as a response to Isaac. As I’ve mentioned before, I held my nose and voted for HRC but I will vote for Trump as often as possible this fall. Oh wait, I’m not in Chicago. I can only vote once in Arizona.

  5. ” And, frankly, a lot of it is spite. I plan to vote for Trump just to stick it in the eye of all those obnoxious jerks who spent the last 3 years acting like assholes.”

    Let me guess.. you’re not going to let those Deep State librul “scientists” tell you what to do now?

    That’s your right. We have to take those like you into account.

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