Today’s “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Note

Honestly, I feel like I’m beating a dead horse by constantly writing about the news media’s toxic, destructive, self-destructive partisan bias. The problem is that the horse isn’t dead, and that once fair and intelligent people, millions of them, stare at the stinking, rotting, whinnying and snarling zombie carcass, and then will look you in the eye and tell you the beast is ready to run in the Preakness. This continues to be amazing to me, but also increasingly infuriating. We are far past the guilty beyond a reasonable doubt stage, and even the beyond all doubt stage, and yet they persist in increasingly unsupported denial. So I am forced to keep producing the carcass, and hoping against hope that somehow, a bolt of clarity, or integrity, or disgust, or something, will stir these sad, brain-washed  people to awareness, and they will finally exclaim, “Oh my GOD! That thing is disgusting!” And I am dedicated to keep hauling these repetitive smoking guns to the top of the pile, until that miracle occurs.

The now blazing and audacious conspiracy by the mainstream media to refuse—just refuse, that’s all!—to report on Joe Biden’s #MeToo accuser is, or should be, another piece of conclusive evidence. The New York Times interview of its own editor was as smoky a gun as there is, but there is so much more.

In 2018, when Christine Blasey-Ford accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of a suddenly (and conveniently) remembered sexual assault while the two were in high school, CNN put out seven articles the same day that the news became public. After that, it was “Katie bar the door!’ wherever that old expression came from. Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist did a search, and behold! CNN did more than 700 articles about the Blasey-Ford allegations, this in addition to the hundreds of hours of televised discussions on the topic.

Hemingway links to many of the headlines. She writes,

CNN’s political campaign against Kavanaugh included sympathetic articles toward Blasey Ford, hostile articles about Kavanaugh, supportive pieces about the importance of believing women even when they provide no evidence, hostile pieces about the danger of due process and empathy for men, and targeting of key Republican senators. CNN’s work culminated with their award-winning efforts to sway Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, broadcasting a confrontation between a professional activist and the wavering senator.

How many stories has CNN done about Tara Reade’s accusation? Not one. Zero. Zilch. Nada.  That’s 700 to none.

To be fair, the two stories are not exactly analogous: Reade’s accusation is definitely more likely to be true than  the one made against Kavanaugh. Reade  told multiple people about the alleged incident at the time it happened, not, as was the case with  Blasey-Ford, three decades later.She also can prove she knew Biden, because she worked for him in the U.S. Senate. Of course, New York Times editor in chief Dean Baquet had an explanation why the Times had ignored the Reade claim for three weeks when it had pounced on the Blasey-Ford story like a linx spotting field mouse. Remember? He said, “Kavanaugh was a running, hot story. I don’t think it’s that the ethical standards were different. I think the news judgments had to be made from a different perspective in a running hot story.”

Got that? A woman accusing a Supreme Court nominee of a sexual assault when he was a teenager is a hot story, and a former staffer accusing the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee who had stated repeatedly that all such accusers should be believed wasn’t. Who believes that? And who believes that CNN’s 700-1 disparity between its enthusiasm for the two stories  could be rooted in anything other than its fervent desire, as it has demonstrated for more than three years, to do everything it can to assist the Democrats in defeating Donald Trump in November?

CNN is just one of the cabal, as we know, or at least those of us who are not denying that the world is round and the pope is Catholic. CBS has also ignored the story, and when it finally mentioned it last week, it was in a question, not to Biden, but Bernie Sanders, whom a reporter asked—without bothering to even mention Reade’s name (shades of “that woman”)— whether the accusation was worth discussing.

Over at the Washington Post, former editorial staff board member Ruth Marcus (Ugh!), who wrote a whole book about why she thought Kavanaugh was guilty of the acts Blasey-Ford accused him of, attempted the brassy stunt of telling Post readers that she didn’t believe Reade. Ann Althouse wrote of the opinion piece,  “This column is (or purports to be) Marcus’s effort to not be a hypocrite.”

But there’s no way to do that…except for those who refuse to see what’s right in front of their eyes.

9 thoughts on “Today’s “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Note

  1. Jack wrote, “CNN did more than 700 articles about the Blasey-Ford allegations, this in addition to the hundreds of hours of televised discussions on the topic.”, “How many stories has CNN done about Tara Reade’s accusation? Not one. Zero. Zilch. Nada. That’s 700 to none.”

    Just wait until CNN figures out that it’s to the advantage of the Democratic Party to delete the majority of those 700 articles or or make them temporarily unsearchable so they can’t be criticized for their blatant double standards. It wouldn’t be the first time that CNN has tried to blind the public about their history. I’ve personally seen their blatant partisan rewrites of articles and when I searched I could no longer find some articles that I’m dead certain I read on their site but when I found the link in my archive the link worked (therefore article is somehow made unsearchable). CNN doesn’t give a damn about integrity, they’ll just rewrite, delete, or make unsearchable until the evidence is roughly non existent then they’ll attack anyone that brings up their intentional propaganda manipulation and smear them for making false unsupportable claims. I’m speaking from experience, this happened to me quite a few years ago on their site, I brought up the fact that they had intentionally manipulated an online article and completely changed the context and then after I brought it up the article suddenly vanished and then deleted after I found it with a link I had saved. I was attacked from the horde of fanged sheep in the comments and eventually ALL, and I do mean 100%, of my comments were deleted and I was banned from their site – it was as if I had never existed on their site. That was when I stopped using CNN as a valued news site. Since then I’m positive that they are still changing articles, titles, (I’ve seen it and I think it’s been discussed here at EA) and they’re likely still deleting articles and making some unsearchable, why would they change. When it comes to politics or anything that remotely touches politics, CNN is nothing but a Democratic Party propaganda outlet and an enemy of the people.

    • A great site that I would recommend to you as well as Jack, is NewsDiffs, which can be used to track changes made over time to online articles from New York Times, WaPo, CNN, Politico, and the BBC.

      It’s a great tool to spot shadow edits, though the downside is that you oftentimes have to pour over a lot archives to spot changes, which can be a pretty labor intensive and time consuming task.

    • Another option is to ask the Internet Archive to ‘archive’ a website, webpage.


      Save Page Now
      Capture a web page as it appears now for use as a trusted citation in the future.
      Only available for sites that allow crawlers.

  2. Pretty sure the term is kadybar or cadybar which refers to a large strong bar braced across a door to prevent entry.

    • I LIKE that theory! But…

      “Katy bar the door is an exclamation that means watch out, trouble is on its way. It is an American phrase, usually heard in the southern United States. The exact origin is unknown. One possible source of the phrase Katy bar the door is a Scottish ballad called Get Up and Bar the Door published in 1776. Another possible source is the story of Catherine Douglas, the woman who sheltered the Scottish King James I from an unruly mob in 1437. As the story goes, Catherine Douglas and James I were hiding behind a door that didn’t have a lock. Catherine attempted to bar the door with her arm, but the crowd broke through and murdered the king. Interestingly, both of these stories concerning this American phrase have a Scottish origin, demonstrating the influence of the many thousands of Scottish immigrants to America in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Katy bar the door is sometimes spelled as Katie bar the door.”

  3. So I guess its my turn… Had such a issue been raised by a Trump campaign worker those 700 Kavanaugh-related news stories would have looked, in comparison, like evidence of the media ignoring the Blaisly-Ford complaint.

    From ancient Scotland to practice fields when, 60 years ago, coaches used “Katie bar the door…” to complete an admonition about what happened when a cornerback took a fake or a defensive end got caught inside on a sweep, An a$$-chewing that held a hidden history link. Who knew?

  4. The screenshot of zero results caught my attention. So, I just performed the search for “tara reade”.

    One search result was returned.

    Was the motivation of the post the total blackout of search results or the disparity of reporting?

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