Unethical Quote Of The Month: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

“We, the NFL, condemn racism and the systematic oppression of Black People. We, the NFL, admit we were wrong for not listening to NFL players earlier and encourage all to speak out and peacefully protest. We, the NFL, believe Black Lives Matter.”

—Roger Goodell, NFL Commissioner, engaging in a mandatory grovel and making no sense whatsoever.

If I had any respect for the National Football League whatsoever, this fatuous, cowardly statement would really bother me. As it is, it’s just more evidence of what I knew already: this is the most cynical, ethics-free sports organization north of the International Cock Fighting Association.


1. So because a single sick cop, aided and abetted by three incompetent colleagues, killed a man under arrest in Minneapolis, this proves to Roger Goodell that his league was in error protecting its ticket-purchasing market from distracting non-football grandstanding on the playing field three years ago.

Sure, that follows.

2. The issue was and is that players had and have a right to speak out and peacefully protest, but like all other employees they do not have the right to do so on the job, in the workplace.

3.  Oh, good. The NFL condemns racism. When will they announce that they also condemn genocide, poverty, war, rape, hunger, pestilence and death? Well, you can’t accuse the NFL of subtle, nuanced virtue-signaling.  This is Virtue Signaling For Dummies.

4. If the NFL really believe that black lives matter, why does it continue to let its black players destroy their brains for their white owners’ profits?

5. Just a little bit more pressure and intimidation from sponsors and the players union, and I fully expect Goodell to append an addendum to his statement  that the NFL  also believes that police and white people suck, which is the not-so-subtle meaning of Black Lives Matters anyway.

27 thoughts on “Unethical Quote Of The Month: NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell

  1. At least the ICFA allows roosters to beat each other’s heads in rather than humans. There are a myriad of reasons why Goodell gets booed all the time, and this is one more grain of sand in the ever-growing pile.

  2. And Colin Kaepernick will be under contract to the Minnesota Vikings really soon, the cost of which will be spread among all the owners equally.

  3. This year’s season ought to be fun to watch – well, not by me as I will be organizing my Lego bricks. Now officially encouraged by the main office, players will be taking knees for all kinds of things. Repression? Take a knee. Injustice? Yep, that’s knee worthy. Fourth and 2, down by 3 with 1 minute left in the game? Stacking sobs and profound genuflecting. More chocolate chips in Mrs. Field’s Famous Cookies? Absolutely.


  4. “So because a single sick cop, aided and abetted by four incompetent colleagues, killed a man under arrest in Minneapolis, ”

    Three, but that’s not really that important. A lot more than just the NFL changes now. This is where the entire culture pivots. This is where we all start saying we’re sorry for 400 years spent building a nation on the backs of the black race. It’s no longer going to be cool or even ok to have law enforcement as heroes, especially white law enforcement, and probably a lot of law enforcement shows will drop off the air. The Minneapolis Police Department is going to be disbanded and replaced by a totally different approach to public safety, or at least that’s what their municipal council president has said. There will be pressure to try that model elsewhere. This is also where the history of the Confederacy gives up the ghost. By next year you’ll be calling Monument Avenue in Richmond something else, maybe Richmond itself will be King City or Africopolis. Stone Mountain will finally be dynamited. There will be a greater push to eliminate other honors to those who are less than perfect. The Lincoln Memorial will stay, but Jefferson will be replaced by a statue of Obama, and the Washington Monument will become simply the Great Obelisk. Indigenous People’s Day will be pushed into becoming the new October holiday everywhere, not just in woke college towns and states where there is more Indian than Italian presence, and Columbus’ memorials will be removed. President Abrams (who will take over after about a year) will establish a Truth and Reparations Commission to rewrite the history of this nation and redistribute some portion of the national wealth to the black community, to make up for what they didn’t get. You will be required to take a knee before your betters, and recite an apology every day. This will also be the end of the Republican party, although it won’t be outlawed. This nation is going to be VERY different.

    • We’ll call ourselves the United States of Culpia, and our capital will be renamed the District of Ignominia.

    • 1) Fixed the error. Thanks.
      2) You’re way too apocalyptic. The NFL will piss off its fans, its kneelers will overplay their hand (or knees), and the backlash against this kind of pasta-spined cowtowing to BLM will be massive..
      3) Trump will be re-elected, and the George Floyd freakout will be remembered like the Holland Tulip Craze.

      I’m not kidding.

      • I hope the George Floyd freakout will be remembered like the COVID-19 freakout and the impeachment freakout and the Russia collusion/Muehler freakout. And I just can’t see Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams being anything other than George McGovern and Sargent Shriver (Sargent Shriver? Are you kidding me?) redux. They’re going to take the Dems on a jaunt similar to the one Thelma and Louise took.

  5. Jack writes:

    2) You’re way too apocalyptic. The NFL will piss off its fans, its kneelers will overplay their hand (or knees), and the backlash against this kind of pasta-spined cowtowing to BLM will be massive..
    3) Trump will be re-elected, and the George Floyd freakout will be remembered like the Holland Tulip Craze.

    But this latest manufactured manifestation does significantly change the equation. I will attempt my description but I am not sure if my interpretation is correct. Yet I am forced to interpret.

    The US intelligence community, which serves capital interests in the US, and does not serve Constitutional interests, concluded that whatever Donald Trump is or represents could not be tolerated. I think the NYTs pointed it out years back when it was admitted that it was necessary to oppose DT and the popular will that was expressed by his election that any needed means could and should be used to bring him down.

    The interests of the American capital class — the elite class and the global class — have no specific allegiance to the US as a nation nor to the Constitution. Their concept of values and what they serve is in essence their *investment portfolio* for those who control these capital interests.

    Donald Trump, whether he understood this or not, ‘resonated’ all over the world, more especially in Europe, and his electoral win inspired and emboldened right-tending nationalist and populist movements that, in differing degrees, take issue with the liberal order. To understand why, and to understand their objections, one would have to read their writing. Those European nationalists have their corresponding American nationalists who long ago (back in the 1970s) began to describe their country as having been *occupied*. For example Louis Beam’s videos can be found on YouTube. He was a man who served in Vietnam and when he returned after that experience became *radicalized*. Louis Beam shares connections with Randy Weaver, with a grass-roots patriot movements, and also with what I have described as ‘the original demographic’ of America.

    In America itself, through the Internet, various groups and people began to share their perspectives on the general situation. Some part of this involved *conspiratorial thinking* (in the sense of exaggeration or mis-perception) but a good portion of what they described can be described as an ‘octave’ of what Louis Beam and others described: a nation no longer their own, and the control and manipulation of vast capital powers working to secure their *investment portfolio*. Rational people, concerned for their own well-being, noticing that *the world* around them did not serve their interests, began to investigate how this had come about. This process is similar to my phrase about *examining causal chains*. In order to understand the present, one has to turn one’s attention to the previous years and decades and make an interpretive analysis.

    You could describe a Globo-Homo Culture — that is an ironic encapsulation of the global system that is being installed — but the larger point is that every aspect of the so-called Culture Wars (in the sense of opposition to perversions of the Americanopolis) can be examined and Globo-Homo Culture seen as a sort of control mechanism. E Michael Jones writes about this with what I think is penetrating insight. And this is one of the reasons why his discourse is literally intolerable to the *mainstream*.

    Now, we have to touch on this intolerable-ness. What is *intolerable* to the System itself. What cannot be allowed. This touches on freedom of speech of course. But it touches on content of speech which you-plural most certainly cannot entertain. It is very important to say this and to put it in this way (and I am aware that I don’t *win friends* because I include this). What is essentially intolerable to the System — a managerial system in which an investment portfolio is maintained and is the more important aspect — is to describe how and why it became necessary and desirable to ‘dispossess’ Americans of their possession. I have said this many different times (and of course gotten no response, just *stony silence*). So, the essence of what we see now, today, out there on the streets is — is this not obvious to you?!? — the advent of your dispossession. The culmination of it. But this requires an examination of causal chains. How did this come about? What *ideology* supports it? Who *engineered* it? And to what end?

    These are wars in which a rising demographic are the soldiers of it. This is an intolerable concept for most who write here. So it is blocked out. What should be seen is non-seen. From my perspective this in itself is amazing.

    Now the effort of *the System* in its interconnected sense — industry, government, media, and intelligence (which needs to be defined of course but loosely it means those entities that mold culture, or steer it, or *engineer it* and, according to some, this is one of the more important and misunderstood aspects of the function of intelligence) — the efforts of the System are now coming out into the open. From the look of it they will stop at nothing. And if you agree that this is a cultivated event, and if you agree that they will stop at nothing, then you will also be able to understand why some people regard the *events of 9/11* as similarly concocted: a means to take control over the direction of things.

    They foment ‘revolution in the streets’ as a conscious choice! Think about this! Only in a very limited sense is this *spontaneous*. That element exists, certainly, but all of this was cultivated, provoked, set-up. And it would seem (seen from a surface perspective) that the whole purpose of it is to attempt to undermine Donald Trump’s presidency and to inhibit, or stop, he reelection. Now, ‘social revolution’ is made into a TeeVee event. Turn on the TeeVee to watch the revolution unfold as the new Cultural Script.

    The Revolution Will Not Be Televized … has now become the TeeVee directs the ‘Revolution’. C’mon! This should be seen and understood by all observing.

    The game is in no sense over. And one cultivated event supersedes the last one. What is next? What I suggest is that, now, (again ‘to all appearances’) the nature of the powers involved in this massive struggle, and the nature of the ‘enemy’ we face, and which we also collude with, is showing itself. We have the information to understand massive social and cultural manipulation. And though we may only see it dimly, what it portends for us is not clear. But, that writing is on the wall.

    There you have my interpretation.

    Let Silence Ring!

  6. I think that if Donald Trump were re-elected you would have as a result an ungovernable nation. That seems to be the *message* communicated through these manifestations in the street. Some and perhaps many within the governing establishment — intelligence agencies, military, media, industry — definitely get this. And so they begin to show their disapproval for Donald Trump and his ‘divisiveness’.

    So, as they perform this odd symbolic ritual of ‘taking a knee’, and even as some police departments do, and then the various corporations and companies that are sending out *solidarity letters* of support for the oppressed Black populace, the message is (or might be) “If you elect Donald Trump we will rain down destruction on your cities!” There will be continued economic destruction.

    So behind all of this is a Message. The message has to be heard and interpreted. But it is there. The question is How to define and describe it and all of this going on today.

    I am going to go back to sleep for an hour or so and when I return I want comprehensive (and bulleted!) lists that describe in terse phrases where we are now and what must be done . . .

    • I’m reminded of one of the more recent messages by Archbishop Viganò in which he asserts the occupying force in the Church has become too complacent with its machinations and is moving almost fully out in the open. It’s almost impossible to deny that there’s something terribly wrong – a conspiracy at the top of the hierarchy which is opposed to the Church itself. A point is fast approaching in which it will be possible to name them for what they are and their duplicitous denials and rationalizations will seem absurd even to the most gullible and hypnotized.

      I think I see that pattern playing out all over the world. I don’t think so many people are as unable to see the recent insurrection for what it is as the insurrectionists would like.

      Something is making them hasten their timetable. It could be a zeal overcoming them now, that they see victory so close. It could be that they see a mounting threat which motivates them to play their cards more rapidly than they had in the past. It could be that they hadn’t been effectively trained in the virtues of prudence and temperance by their forebears, causing them to foolishly abandon the slow methodology of The Revolution.

      Regardless, the gap between the NFL and people who watch the NFL is now so absurdly wide that it can’t possibly be sustained much longer. I think it’s a model case for the overall pattern. I think nearly everything will collapse, and each should see to his own defense. It can scarcely be denied that each nation is two nations, and each will war with itself. The Revolution is everywhere, as though Russia has spread her errors through the whole world.

        • I thinks so, but until now they‘ve thought so too. What is this then? A new blunder? A gambit? Most ominously: do they think they have enough numbers that they can roll their evil scheme out into the open? It seems brash. They can surely see the hand they’re forcing. They want to be treated like an invading army. Do they think they’ll get enough sympathy to win by that tactic? If they do, it’s all over. They’re playing toward an endgame.

      • I don’t think so many people are as unable to see the recent insurrection for what it is as the insurrectionists would like.

        I also am interested in this sentence. The thing that I notice — I always say it *interests* me which is sort of a boring way to put it — is that we all come at these things from our own interpretive position.

        So, the ‘errors of Russia’ are essentially those of materialism and the rejection of all that has been defined ‘metaphysically’ (an invisible order to which we should model our selves, according to that view). But ask 10 different people “What is going on?” and you will get radically different versions, based in radically different interpretations of the world itself.

        I suppose it is simple a truism to say that we are living in a time of unreal *confusion of narratives*. Two people can share the same space and yet, literally, *see* different worlds.

        There is a site called It’s Coming Down. It is an Antifa-like insurrectionist site where they share their perspectives and their agreements (and their tools, strategies, books, etc.). I just came across their break down/interpretation of What Is Going On. Kind of curious to examine it:

        In many ways it is impossible to describe what is happening across the the so-called United States other than to say that no-one expected this, and yet on the other hand, not one is surprised by it either. What we have witnessed over the past week is a genuine rebellion, coming not from the activist Left, the disorganized far-Right or MAGA cultists, or from the “progressive” middle-classes – but instead from below: the proletarian youth, especially of color. Feeding off of growing anger and despair, the rebellion is just as much about the murder of George Floyd as it is about the society and system which allowed his murder in the first place.

        Over the past week we have witnessed as youth have stormed and burned down a police precinct, attacked and set fire to police cars across the country, blocked freeways, watched as Confederate statues have been pulled down and the Daughters of the Confederacy building was torched in Richmond, corporate stores have been looted, and rioters have set up barricades to defend their streets from the government. This rebellion has spread through nearly every major city and now demonstrations and protests are popping up in small towns and rural areas. Despite massive attempts at misinformation from the all side of the political spectrum, massive police repression, and the threat of military occupation – the revolt continues.

        • The antifas certainly want to believe the present unrest is a grassroots proletarian uprising. I think the funniest thing is how many big, obvious fingerprints are all over it. A bad cop in a town which coincidentally both selects for bad cops and pines for the workers’ revolt decided that the time was right when one of their hand-selected bad cops did what bad cops do.

          Then there’s the artificiality of the BLM’s own website:

          We are guided by the fact that all Black lives matter, regardless of actual or perceived sexual identity, gender identity, gender expression, economic status, ability, disability, religious beliefs or disbeliefs, immigration status, or location.

          We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead.

          We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence.

          We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered.

          If read aloud over a megaphone, this would turn away black men from even the most exciting riot immediately. They don’t have much respect for homosexuality or genderfluidity, to put things mildly. The movement is an obvious con – a control collar fashioned, probably by mistake, to match the control collars worn by the other intersectional teams. So, rage was manufactured and a ready-made outlet for that rage was provided. They’ve literally incited a chain reaction of riots. It can practically be proven before a jury, though; they’ve never been this sloppy.

          As the dogs tear apart citizens in the street, a name-tagged DNC representative might as well be walking behind holding the leashes. The leashes can be seen by everyone but BLM and the antifas, somehow. Maybe, if you hit a dog just right, he can be made to not notice certain things. The cultural guerrilla warfare seems to have moved into the open, though.

          Falling back to the start, though. I fully expect the narrative expressed by the antifas was hand-crafted and provided to them. They are, likewise, artificially enraged and provided with an outlet for that rage.

          “Errors of Russia” is my allusion to the warning given to Sr. Lucia by an apparition of the Virgin Mary. It (the spreading throughout the world) was one of the predicted results of failing to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart prior on June 13, 1929. Part of the ultimatum was a reference to France. Jesus Christ had appeared to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque requesting that the king consecrate France to His Sacred Heart on June 17, 1689. No king ever did so, and the Third Estate stripped the king of all power on June 17, 1789.

          This potentially gives us a wonderful timetable. Something great and terrible will occur on June 13, 2029, perhaps associated with the apparition of Akita’s warning of fire from the sky, after which the living will envy the dead. Another interpretation of that timetable concluded June 13, 2017 to coincide with the initial revelation to that effect, but here we all still are. It does, disappointingly, make more sense that the timer would begin at the concrete request, though we could all be surprised by sudden thermonuclear annihilation between then and now. Who can predict these things? Mary had also said that the consecration would occur, but very late. Perhaps a degree will be averted. A very recent revelation to Sr. Agnes of Akita fame “put on ashes and pray a penitential rosary” on October 6, 2019, at the start of that phenomenal Amazon synod, may suggest otherwise.

          These sorts of tea leaves could be interpreted and re-interpreted without certainty, though. Best to just wait for death calmly. It’s inevitable anyway. It’s the plot twists that make the show interesting. Best not to give away too much in the trailers.

          You might say my narrative was crafted and handed to me as well. It’s best when one can be honest about these things.

          • That is a very interesting letter. I read it a few times. I regret using the same term ‘interesting’ but I find it exceedingly interesting that he is framing the struggle we are in through such terms. How did it ever come about that a man like Donald Trump has been given, or assigned as it were, almost the rôle of a saint?

            And how interesting it is that the events of the day are being framed through these meta-narratives. There is too much to think about here!

  7. Will the NFL begin a program were less competent would be white players be given hiring preference since it is obvious that the number of black players is disproportionate to the African American population? After all is not equality, not the buzz word. Will the overpaid executives and players give up some of their money so the poor can enter the stadium to watch them cause brain damage to each other? Will the stadiums remain open with easy access with the goods and products easily accessible to the homeless, poor and downtrodden can be housed, clothed, and fed? These are just a few questions for Mr. Goodell, please pass them on.

    BTW the count is up- no legos, no B&J ice cream, and no NFL sport. I do hope baseball remains sane.

  8. Drew Brees has now been bullied into condemning Trump’s attitude toward taking a knee by his black team mates

    He has shown an abject failure of leadership and I suspect his future success on the field will reflect his choice to cower to those who are and have been far more privileged than most whites. He, like Mattis, can no longer be considered a leader of men when his principles are like a flag in the wind.

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