End Of Week Ethics Clean-Up!

I blame Woodrow Wilson.

I like to start the week with a clean slate, especially now, when the George Floyd Freakout finds new ways to shatter previous standards of public decorum, civic decency, and respect for nation and community. However, despite over 3,000 words in three posts today, I still had to leave several stories on the bench that I wanted to explore.

Here they are:

ITEM: “18 shot in 24 hours as spike in gun violence in NYC continues”

What a coinky-dink! As soon as  Bill De Blasio, one of those Democratic mayors that Philip Bump says did nothing to make his city more violent, disbanded the NYPD’s  anti-crime unit, the city  had an explosion of shootings. Police said a total of 70 people were shot this week, compared to 26 the same week last year.

This is what more communities have to look forward to as a result of city officials across the country putting their virtue-signaling embrace of white guilt and Black Lives Matter ahead of the welfare of citizens.

ITEM: “New Jersey politicians charged in massive mail-in ballot voter fraud scheme, face years in prison”

Of course,  corruption in New Jersey politics is hardly news, but this story is ironic as Democrats are claiming that Republican opposition to mail-in voting is motivated by a desire to suppress election participation rather than a legitimate concern about the ease of voter fraud.

“New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal charged Paterson City Councilman Michael Jackson, Councilman-elect Alex Mendez, and two other men after the U.S. Postal Inspection Service alerted the state attorney general’s office that it had found hundreds of ballots from a special election last month stuffed in a single Paterson City mailbox,” InsiderNJ reported. According to WNBC-TV, more than 3,000 ballots were set aside over voting fraud concerns in the Paterson City Council election — 16,747 were received, but only 13,557 were accepted — meaning a whopping 19%, or nearly 1-in-5, were rejected. More than 800 of the rejected ballots were invalidated because they were found tethered together in mailboxes. This was especially significant because the margins in two of the contests were razor thin.

I had a devil of time finding out the party affiliation of the politicians charged in multiple news sources. That usually means that it’s a Democratic scandal. It was.

ITEM:Denver “proactively” removes Kit Carson statue from downtown monument ahead of protests”

This is perhaps not a new low, but it is still disgusting. Faced with threats by the mob that they were going to tear down a statue of American frontiersman Kit Carson that topped the Pioneer Monument in downtown Denver, Denver’s government had it removed by city crews. “Denver Parks and Recreation has removed the Kit Carson statue within the Pioneer Monument Fountain,” city spokeswoman Cyndi Karvanski said. “This was done proactively for safety and as a precautionary measure to keep it from being torn down similar to the sculpture at Civic Center park last night.”

Funny, I would think the responsible action when vandals threaten destruction of public art and city property is to protect the property and enforce the law. In that progressive Mecca Denver, however, the criminals announce the intended crime, and the city does the act for them, so it’s legal! Brilliant!

Carson was a legendary frontiersman, pioneer, guide, diarist, and soldier. The enmity toward him is nothing less than the rejection of the settlement of the American West. Leveling Denver itself would be as logical.

ITEM: “DC paints permanent Pride crosswalk at 17th and P Streets”

Yeah, this ticks me off. It’s an abuse of power, and if I were leading a tribal activist group, I’d insist that D.C. give my group a permanent piece of street graffiti. Cities celebrating their favorite races, favorite genders, favorite sexual orientations—D.C. already painted “Black Lives Matter” on a street to troll President Trump —is seeding division and failing its duty to represent all of the public equally and without bias.

And the stunt results from the same blackmail: oppose such special cheerleading, and you’re an anti-gay bigot, just as opposing Black Lives Matter tars dissenters as racists,

ITEM: South Carolina Senator Tim Scott calls CNN on its demeaning treatment of him  because he is a Republican and black.

Yes, Scott says, to the news media, black Republicans don’t matter. In a fundraising letter received by Ann Althouse, the only black GOP U.S. Senator noted these headlines…

in contrast to CNN’s coverage of his speech.

“Here is a newsflash for CNN — I have a name and it’s Tim Scott… News outlets like CNN time and time again refuse to use my name when referring to me in article headlines,” Scott’s letter reads. “The double standard with CNN is stunning. …Why is it that when I give a floor speech on the same topic, I am simply referred to as a black senator?”

Caught with its bias exposed, CNN did a stealth change of both the headline and the photo:

Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias!


7 thoughts on “End Of Week Ethics Clean-Up!

  1. Funny, I would think the responsible response when vandals threaten destruction of public art and city property is to protect the property and enforce the law. In that progressive Mecca Denver, however, the criminals announce the intended crime, and the city does the act for them, so it’s legal! Brilliant!

    How about shutting down the protests to slow the spread of COVID-19?

  2. Newark went a step further. not only did they yank a statue of Christopher Columbus from Washington Park to “prevent injury to people who might try to topple it,” and carefully note “this should not be taken as an insult to the Italian American community,” but they also painted both “All black lives matter,” AND “Abolish white supremacy” murals on the street. I get that Newark is a majority-black city, but come on here. Then again, think about who the current mayor’s dad is, or rather was, he died some time ago.

    In the meantime, to the north of Newark, in the heavily Italian and 80% white town of Nutley, a huge fight was barely averted in front of town hall when about 70 BLM activists decided to finish a protest March right there and right in front of the bust of Columbus in front of the building. Locals had heard about the March and a number of Italians showed up to confront them, so many that the police had to warm UNICO (an Italian American organization based in that area) and the organizers of the local parade, which is the largest Columbus Day parade in New Jersey, not to also come and inflame things more. Of course the activists said that they had no intention of engaging in any vandalism or destruction, but only after being faced with a whole line of police and barricades, and behind them, about six or seven dozen Italian Americans out for blood. Most of them had already seen the petition on change.org to remove the statue and immediately rename the parade. They took poorly to the idea. Also, to the west, in the township of Parsippany-Troy hills, about 27 activist who had gathered at the Columbus statue there to read bad poetry and give speeches parroting Howard’s in about how bad Columbus was were chased away by approximately 125 Italian-Americans displaying the tricolor. It is becoming increasingly evident that, at least in the areas where we still hold sway (and, given that one in six people in New Jersey has some kind of Italian background, there are a lot of them), we italian-americans are getting ready to fight for our heritage. in the meantime, the governor has said that he will leave the question of Columbus up to the individual communities, but that he thinks that the Italian Americans might want to find a way of celebrating their heritage that does not involve invoking Columbus. He refused to commit to not marching in any Columbus Day celebrations. Chris Christie may have been a bastard in a lot of ways, but he was very strong on the rule of law, and he would not have and did not hesitate to say that the rule of law was paramount and those who resorting to violence or destruction would find themselves in very hot water with the state. Murphy is a political hack, who hopes he can bow to BLM without mooning 1/6 of the population.

    It shouldn’t come to this. People should not hate another group of people’s heritage so much that they try to take it away, by force if necessary. People should not feel that their heritage is under siege to the point where they have to actually physically fight for it. People should not be in a situation where they believe they cannot count on the authorities to protect public property and that they have to start protecting it themselves.

    I saw a YouTube video, or at least part of it, before I turned it off in disgust, in which the blogger, after he displayed a piece of the Berlin Wall and said that freedom will always find a way, said that at this point what we were seeing is freedom finding a way. He believed that for every statue of a Confederate that comes down, a statue of Harriet Tubman or Frederick Douglass or someone like that should be put up. For every statue of Andrew Jackson, it should be swapped out with a monument to the Cherokee lost on the trail of tears. Every statue of Columbus should be replaced with the statue to the Indians. Every founding fathers should be replaced with a monument to slavery. I guess you get the idea. I don’t see anything particularly inspirational about any of those proposed replacements. I see an attempt to enshrine white guilt and victimhood as the new principles of this nation.

    I’m not sure I mentioned this, but last July 4th I actually did attend the president’s speech in Washington, mostly because I wanted to test my new camera out on aircraft and I knew there would be aircraft displayed there. You can certainly pull up his speech yourself, but I will point out that it was a speech praising the achievements of America, including crossing a continent, conquering the West, defeating tyrants, and doing great things. it was about as traditional and Independence Day speech as you can get. I am beginning to think, however, that it was more of a requiem to traditional America than a revival. He ended by saying that we are one people pursuing one dream, etc. The sad fact is we aren’t, and today our divisions are more pronounced than they ever were. A view is arising that our every achievement is tainted, and so it is not an achievement. The view has caught on that it was not a triumph, but a failure when the delegates walked out of Independence Hall in 1787 having written the Constitution, but not having abolished slavery as part of writing it. The view has also caught on that it was the original sin of the Western hemisphere when Columbus first made landfall on Hispaniola, dooming the native population and opening the door for slavery on a large scale. As such, everything that follows is the fruit of the poisonous tree and unworthy of celebration. A lot of things are powerful motivators, but I’ve never known guilt to be one of them. Guilt is a very good unmotivator. Why try to achieve great things when everything you’ve achieved up till now is tainted? Why try to be a hero when you come of a line of the dishonorable? Why take any pride in your history when it consists of nothing but evil?

    America is about to substitute sackcloth and ashes for Stars and stripes, and be filled into thinking that’s good.

    • The same reason that the petitions against Columbus Day all sound the same – they are all by the numbers and drawn from the same sources. In the case of the apologies, some PR person created a design and everyone followed it. In the case of the petitions someone read Howard Zinn (who frequently wrote unsupported) and just parroted him without doing any additional research.

  3. “Police said a total of 70 people were shot this week, compared to 26 the same week last year.”

    NYT headline: “Most people in New York peacefully unshot this week”

    If pranksters should paint out the “V” in “Black Lives Matter”, or paint “It’s OK to be White” as a bit of street art, would they be praised as peaceful protesters ?

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