Washington Post Editor Karen Attiah, The Human Smoking Gun

The above tweet was posted two days ago by Karen Attiah, the Washington Post  global opinions editor. After it was immediately and legitimately attacked for what it was—yes, this is res ipsa loquitur— she took it down, but not before her position had been captured in hundreds of screenshots like the one above. Later she tweeted, “Non, je ne regrette rien,” French for “No, I do not regret anything.” (Apparently Attiah believes the foes of unethical journalism are too primitive and uneducated to understand French, or too dim to use an online translator.)

The Washington Post should have given her reason to regret, but it hasn’t, and unless its readers and media critics force the paper to act, it won’t. Since the deleted tweet, the Post has refused to comment on its editor’s outburst, and other than her snotty Gallic tweet of defiance, so has Attiah.

The publication’s policies and standards unequivocally state that Post journalists “must refrain from writing, tweeting or posting anything – including photographs or video – that could objectively be perceived as reflecting political, racial, sexist, religious or other bias or favoritism.” All this tells us is that the Post, like virtually all of its news media colleagues, doesn’t follow or enforce its published standards, like, just to pull a random example out of the air, ethics codes. Attiah’s deleted tweet is unquestionably and openly  racist, as well as hateful and threatening. Obviously, the Post doesn’t think its readers notice, or care, and obviously Atttiah feels comfortable tweeting such bile, because she knows the culture of her own workplace.

If the profession had any credibility or integrity (I know I’ve been starting a lot of sentences this way lately, but that’s not my fault), the fact that a Washington Post editor issued a flat out racist tweet about “white women” would itself be news, and the Post would have to deal with it.

There’s more: Twitter, which has been taking down or slapping warning labels on tweets by conservatives—and President Trump–the platform subjectively ruled as uncivil or false, didn’t raise a peep over the Post editor’s  ‘white women are lucky we don’t come after them’ tweet. Why is that, I wonder? (It’s a rhetorical question.)

That major news organizations hire and support bigots like Attiah and Nikole Hannah-Jones, the lead essayist on New York Times Magazine’s “1619 Project” who once called  “the white race”  “the biggest murderer, rapist, pillager, and thief of the modern world” is indisputable evidence of the deep, ugly, radical and destructive bias not only tolerated by the progressive mainstream media, but nurtured by it.

Thus it is notable that in the Columbia Journalism Review, Bill Grueskin criticizes new Trump press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for using White House briefings to inflict “unsolicited but carefully researched and rehearsed critiques of news coverage writ large.”  He complains that she “tries to undermine the press” rather than cooperating with their honest and professional efforts to get information—you know,  like the question yesterday asking whether President Trump thinks it was a good thing the North won the Civil War.

The professional media scholar seem to have missed it somehow, but the news media has undermined itself, though ivory tower apologists  like Grueskin have managed for far too long to hide American journalism’s rot from the public using the thick fog of myth. McEnany treats the news media as adversaries because they are adversaries, and because, as the Attiah episode demonstrates, the news organizations don’t even make the pretense of operating by their own standard. It is entirely appropriate and responsible for the Administration’s spokesperson to expose their bias and hypocrisy to public scrutiny at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, I’ll take the Columbia Journalism Review seriously when it criticizes the Post for keeping on an unapologetic racist as editor.

12 thoughts on “Washington Post Editor Karen Attiah, The Human Smoking Gun

  1. So I guess I shouldn’t post my totally factual, but not at all complimentary, timeline of Islam prior to the Crusades?

    • I’ve just taken to scrawling ‘google The Knoxville Horror’ in bathroom stalls. Because I’m banned from Twitter. Four times over.

  2. “Apparently Attiah believes the foes of unethical journalism are too primitive and uneducated to understand French, or too dim to use an online translator.”

    I don’t know if this is necessarily tied to this case, but there’s been a fair amount of reference to the French Revolution going on in #resistance circles, referring to the Death of George Floyd as a comparable to “Qu’ils mangent du gâteau”.

    And on that note *I* believe #Resistance agitators *are* too primitive and uneducated to know how the French revolution ended for the revolutionaries.

  3. I’m pretty close to believing BLM and all its affiliated social justice warriors are essentially a separatist movement. They want a separate nation for black people and only black people. I just don’t think I’m out in left field on this. They are implacable. I think a two state solution is the way to go. Give them an area comprising thirteen percent of the United States, maybe Georgia or Missouri, buy out all the white people and let them relocate, and then turn the state over to BLM et al. to run as only they see fit. Anything short of that will not be satisfactory to them. Anyone of any color will be welcome to stay in or move to the other remaining parts of the U.S.

    • OB, it would have to be Missouri. Georgia or any other former member state of the CSA would be too painful a reminder of the legacy of slavery. In Missouri, they could “show us” what they’re capable of.

  4. From what I have read, “Karen” is a pejorative used by Internet commenters of widely diverse and disparate political views, to describe left-leaning suburban white women.

    Aside from the above, “Karens” have been blamed for:

    – the War on Drugs
    – gun control
    – mass incarceration
    – making Biden the frontrunner of the Democratic nomination.
    – same-sex marriage
    – calling the police on black men
    – the birth control mandate
    – Obamacare
    – the 2011 Dear Colleague Letter
    – shielding the police from accountability
    – the lockdown
    – stop-and-frisk
    – racial profiling

    • My experience with the label “Karen” is that it’s mostly applied by zoomers to boomer women who have turned the act of complaining into an art form.

  5. Is it bad that stuff like this no longer produces an outraged reaction for me?

    I see so much of this that, apparently, my reservoir of outrage has run dry. My outrager is stuck on empty.

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