On Progressives, Prof. Tribe, Race-Based Leadership,The Decline Of Integrity, And, Oh, Everything: A Critical Review

This drama,  reported by Campus Reform, exemplifies so much about what’s so wrong about so much and so many, that it boggles the mind. My mind, anyway. You may have a higher boggle threshold.

Act I: Once distinguished Harvard law professor Lawrence Tribe, recently crippled by Trump Derangement,  was among the signers of a letter addressed to Biden, urging the ex-Vice President to choose Sen. Elizabeth Warren as his most qualified running mate.

Observations: The letter, signed mostly by aging old-school liberals like Tribe, but also socialist Robert Reich and flat-learning curve activist Jane Fonda among others,  is a depressing commentary 1) on the qualifications of Biden’s likely VP pool and  2) the reasoning ability and absence of integrity among  its signatories, “100+ progressive former public officials, authors, actors, activists,advocates and scholars.” Their theory is that Warren is ready to become President  by virtue of her experience and accomplishments. Nothing in the letter explains why a former academic with literally no leadership experience at all should be  considered for President or Vice President. Nor does the letter acknowledge that at 71, Warren would be the oldest Vice President in history, backing the oldest man to be elected President (and showing it). This is not surprising, I suppose, since the list of signers appears to have an average age of at least 71.

The gang lauds her policy skills, then cites among her brilliant policy nostrums reparations for slavery, and as evidence of her judgment, urging Trump’s impeachment after the release of the Mueller Report, which contained no valid justification for impeachment whatsoever, which Warren, as a legal scholar, undoubtedly knew.

Risibly, the letter says, “As you saw, she ran among the best-organized and well-funded presidential campaigns in history.” If it was so well-funded and well-organized, and Warren is so terrific, why was the canpaign a failure, failing even to win the primary in Warren’s own state, Massachusetts?

“Imagine her on stage debunking Mike Pence or needling ‘President Tweety’,” the letter says. There it is: the tell. It’s one more expression of mass anti-Trump fury. That’s Warren’s big plus for these angry Lefties: she would call the Bad Orange Man a poopy head with brio.

One would think many of the  one-time luminaries would be bothered by Warren’s habitual dishonesty and demagoguery, especially Stephen Gillers, the renowned (77 year-old) legal ethics guru. Nah! What’s most important is to have a quick-witted speaker who can  needle President Tweety’.” Warren’s  years of faking being a “person of color” to advance via affirmative action at Harvard and elsewhere? Her documented venal hypocrisy?

Warren asked a crowd, during the campaign this year, “How could the American people want someone who lies to them?,” thus using rhetoric to try to erase

  • Her decades-long Cherokee charade, her DNA test fiasco,
  • Her false claim that her children only attended public schools,
  • Her lie about being fired from a teaching job because she was pregnant,
  • Her false claim of  to being first woman to take the New Jersey Bar while breastfeeding,
  • Her cruel slander of a dead past employer, saying he “chased her around a desk” who, it turned out when her story was checked, not only had polio, and couldn’t chase anyone, he was also a friend and mentor whom Warren eulogized at his funeral.
  •   Warren’s  endorsment, knowing well it is a lie, of the “Mike Brown was murdered by a racist cop” fantasy,
  • Her claim to have represented women harmed by defective breast transplants when she represented the defendant, Dow Corning, in those cases,
  • …and more.

Thus does bias make you stupid. All these are accomplished and supposedly trustworthy people, and none of them apparently believe that cynical obfuscating at every turn is a disqualification for the Presidency unless the obfuscater is Donald Trump. The letter is one giant, embarrassing, epistolary Jumbo.

Act 2, Scene I:  Asked by the Washington Post if African-Americans would accept a non-black running mate for Biden, Tribe said it would be  “symbolic” to choose an African American running mate, but that “African Americans above all would be the first to say they are more interested in results than cosmetics.”

Observations: This  launches the popular game show so often played here: “Dumb or Lying?” Tribe’s answer is an amazing assertion now, of all times.  The George Floyd Freakout is fueled by demands that there be mandatory quotas for African-Americans among faculties, corporate boards, committees, sports team owners. scientific advisory committees, artistic award nominees and winners—pretty much everything, with skin color the primary criteria and not ability, with the only “result” mattering being…more blacks in positions of power and influence.

Act 2, Scene 2: Tribe’s statement to the Post and the pro-Warren letter made Tribe the target of the progressive Twitter mob. Some critics claimed that Tribe was overlooking the accomplishments of other black female candidates like Kamala Harris. Bakari Sellers, former South Carolina state representative, tweeted that Tribe made “snide remarks about the preparedness of the black women being vetted for VP.”  Former Democratic National Committee Chairman and Vermont governorHoward Dean said the letter and Tribe’s comments typify white peoples’ “clueless racism.”

Observation: By any rational standard, Kamala Harris is even less qualified to be President than Warren. Her only asset is that she’s black. She’s an affront to #MeToo and feminists, having literally slept her way to the top; she has boasted of being a tough prosecutor, which spits in the face of the BLM “mass incarceration” grievance. She ran an even worse campaign for the nomination than Warren, having to drop out early despite heavy hype from the media.

And Tribe’s arguments for Warren weren’t “snide” or racist, except in the new race-bullying USA where  anything not  explicitly pro-African American objectives and individuals is evidence of bigotry.

Act 3. Tribe resorted to weasel words and gibberish to avoid being “cancelled”; as a lawyer, he has plenty of facility with both. He tweeted,

“I apologize for my choice of words…I’ve never doubted that racial identity is a significant variable in American governance. It should count heavily in favor of previously excluded groups as part of a person’s full record of background, skills, and values. I’m FOR Warren, not ANTI-excellent others.”


Well, Larry used to be better at weasel words and gibberish in his prime.

  • He’s a lawyer: words are his stock in trade. Lawyers don’t get to use the “poor choice of words” excuse.
  • I literally don’t know what “racial identity is a significant variable in American governance” means.
  • The argument is over qualifications, not “variables.”
  • The proposition that race constitutes “skills and values” is  bigotry and an argument for black supremacy in this context.
  • “I’m FOR Warren, not ANTI-excellent others” should condemn Tribe to wearing a paper bag over his head. This is a binary choice, Professor; be definition being for one candidate is being against the others.

Finally, all of the media and blog reports on this fiasco say that Tribe “apologized.” He backtracked, tap-danced, and humina humina-ed, but he did NOT apologize, despite his use of the word “apologize.” He did not apologize for the letter, and he did not retract his opinion.

35 thoughts on “On Progressives, Prof. Tribe, Race-Based Leadership,The Decline Of Integrity, And, Oh, Everything: A Critical Review

  1. I don’t understand why the aged Leftists continue to pander to extremist groups like Black Lives Matter that not only stifle Freedom of Expression, but also increasingly engage in demands for compelled speech.

    If the issue was a television program with filthy language, they would be the first to point to the First Amendment and advise that those offended should just change the channel.

    The Jacobins are coming after anyone that doesn’t show pure revolutionary fervor. Even people of color are not immune.


  2. Warren is undoubtedly their best option at this point. Hasn’t she said for years that she’s at least 1/4 black? At least, she can start saying that she’s said it for years now. I’m pretty sure it would be both racist and sexist to call her a liar!

    • I’m not sure who is best, but it cannot possibly be Warren.

      Look, Biden is about three dead neurons away from having to be wheeled about like the title character in Weekend at Bernie’s. I would give generous odds that he doesn’t last the first term (if he can somehow manage a win while 7/8ths a zombie). That means that the VP pick in this race is the most important pick ever, (the next closest probably being the McCain/Palin ticket), because Biden is effectively picking the president in waiting.

      Warren is a bad pick for a couple of reasons; The VP pick is supposed to balance the ticket, and Warren doesn’t check enough boxes, she’s still white (despite lying to the contrary for decades), she doesn’t really differentiate in policy from Biden, and she’s from Massachusetts, which isn’t exactly a swing state. Worse, she, and I can’t stress this enough, failed to win even something close to a losing plurality in her own state.

      But even if you think the Democratic electorate can see past all that (and I think they could, I think they’d vote for Hitler against Trump on the base theory that Hitler wasn’t Trump (and he was a socialist)), the fact of the matter is that despite being in office for quite a while, we don’t know what Warren actually thinks. She’s one of the new breed of politician who realized the party was radicalizing, and so her policy radicalized; If you look at her writing from when she was teaching at Harvard, she was explicitly *not* advocating the positions she is now. And while someone could, I suppose, have a change of heart… She seems to struggle saying the words sometimes, because I think the reasonable part of her knows that what she’s saying is bunk, and so she looks really awkward when sharing a stage with true believers like Bernie. Even her vagina, which seemed to be one of her main differentiators and selling points, wasn’t enough for those damn misogynistic Democrat primary voters.

      Who would be better? Tulsi Gabbard… Perhaps not from an electability standpoint, but she seemed like one of the only people in this race not actively falling apart or batshit insane. From an electability perspective? Julian Castro, for the family name recognition (/s), seriously though: A black woman. Specifically a black woman who is not Kamala Harris, Kamala Harris to too policey. I’m convinced the electorate doesn’t care about experience or policy, you have to check the right boxes; And this time around it’s Black, Female, not Cop. I would not be surprised if Michelle Obama was going through a process right now.

          • I wouldn’t completely count her out yet, she doesn’t have some of the heavy laden political baggage that other possibilities have. Personally, I think she would be a terrible VP choice for the country and I don’t want what appears to me to be an anti-white racist a heart-beat away from the Presidency.

          • I agree. Did you happen to catch Anderson Cooper a couple of weeks ago when Biden and Abrams appeared on screen at the same time? Cooper, giddy with anticipation, prodded Biden to say he was naming Abrams as his running mater. Abram sat there with a huge grin on her face, just waiting for her coronation. But, Biden being Biden, rambled on and on and on about whatever he was talking about, but never officially naming Abrams as running mate. With each passing word, Abrams’ smile disappeared from her face until she was reduced to a petulant scowl. It was delicious.


            • Oh, to be a fly on the wall in the room with Abrams when the cameras were turned off after that. I’ll bet she was livid, because it was absolutely clear that she expected to be named the VP pick at that moment. Never mind that it would have been a terribly stupid move politically to make such an announcement on a cable news show that nobody was watching, she really thought that was going to be the moment she’d look back on as the turning point where she was going to become the first female president. The fade from absolutely giddy grin to angry scowl was like a time-lapse film of a dying flower, made even more special by Biden’s obvious cluelessness about the dynamic that was unfolding.

        • I’m amazed that Bernie disappeared as quickly as he did. I mean, as far as balancing the ticket ideologically, and bringing in the Bernie vote that might otherwise stay home would go… He’s not the wort case ever. I mean, not a black woman, sure, Statler and Woldorf comparisons, sure, but there are more people talking about Beto than Bernie, and I don’t quite understand why.

        • Why isn’t Oprah Winfrey at least being talked about as Biden’s successor? She’s the rich, black female Democrat who is at least as qualified as Trump was in 2016. Does Oprah suffer a Colin Powell-esque reluctance? Heck, she would be untouchable, invulnerable, and most of all, the world’s most powerful magnet for votes by suburban women.

          • She’s already a queen. VP would be a demotion.
            The smart showbiz types know their limitations, as when George Wallace offered the VP slot in 1968 to John Wayne, and he politely turned it down.

            • Last night I re-watched a segment of the CNN documentary, “1968” on my DVR. Somehow, during my first time watching, I totally missed the drama involving Wallace’s selection of retired General Curtis LeMay. I did not realize back then that LeMay “went rogue” on Wallace regarding use of nuclear weapons and pulled down Wallace’s popularity, even though I thought I had been following the presidential campaigns closely. I had read quite a bit about LeMay, and about WWII, but still failed to see LeMay’s absolutely terrifying callousness. (I had not been shot at – yet.)

              John Wayne…Yeesh! (though I did like the man) That should have been enough to tip me off about Wallace’s judgment.

              At the time, I was a teenager, and Dad was all-in for Wallace, while Mom was somewhat sympathetic to Humphrey (but mainly, for some reason I’ll never understand, she liked Muskie). Both of them later admitted that when they went to the poll, they voted for Nixon because they were afraid that Humphrey would win. (Looking back, that seems like a rational fear, considering that Humphrey was Johnson’s pick, and both Mom and Dad were fed-up with Johnson; they had been Goldwater supporters in ’64.) I would like to think that I would have voted for Nixon.

              Wallace was too nakedly segregationist for me, and truly, too fiery for me – reminded me of Hitler (I was reading “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” at the time). Humphrey acted exactly like LBJ said of him, “I’ve got [HHH]’s pecker in my pocket.” Hell no, I was NOT going to go! Not as a draftee, anyway.

              Jack, you are right about Oprah; she IS smart. But now that I am an old man, I see more clearly my own failures to seize opportunities for real and good leadership, where such leadership was needed. Too many times, I just stayed on the sidelines, letting some other “dumb s.o.b.” do the dirty work. From that perspective, i.e., disappointment with myself, I actually feel disappointment in Oprah and many others, men and women, who are not answering the call for leadership in our current times.

              I sense that same disappointment eating at you, too, Jack.

              • In that respect, #1 on my list is Colin Powell. He had a unique chance at a perfect time, to be a unifying, transformational President. He was surging as a popular GOP nomination to oppose Bill Clinton, who was recognized as the corrupt Machiavellian he was. I am certain Powell woould have won. Perot wouldn’t have run against him, in all likelihood, and even if he did, Powell would have shattered Clinton’s black base, and won handily. A Republican as the first black President would have transformed both parties and the nation. Clinton’s horrifically divisive second term would have been averted. Powell, not Bush, would have been President on 9/11. No Obama, No Trump.

                This doesn’t take too much “What If?”ing. Powell was a natural leader, and essentially non-partisan. The media would have carried him just like it carried Obama.

                But Powell’s wife said she didn’t want him in politics, so he passed.

                To hell with him.

  3. Val Demings is probably out then, she was a cop and police chief. Normally that would be a plus, getting points from the law and order crowd. It should tell you something that now that’s a minus.

  4. As for Biden and his choice for VP candidate; I don’t think it’s going to make a damn bit of difference who he chooses, there is no one out there that will satisfy the lunatic fringe in the political left and the moderate middle.

    As I see the election right now the 2020 presidential election is a lose-lose just like it was in 2016 and as far as I can tell the lunatic fringe that’s taken to the streets will not get any better regardless of who is elected, in fact I think it’s will get worse regardless of who is elected. The writing is on the wall.

      • There will be coast-to-coast riots, no matter who wins – “the resistance” will be rioting, in any case.

        • luckyesteeyoreman wrote, “There will be coast-to-coast riots, no matter who wins – “the resistance” will be rioting, in any case.”

          I think you’re correct.

          If Biden wins, the rioters will think their tactics are working and that will embolden them to expand their rioting tactics and push for more control over society and the system; there will be more blood in the streets.

          If Trump wins, it will thoroughly piss off the rioters and they will openly riot in anger to destroy anything that gets in their way in their effort to destroy the system that they hate; there will be more blood in the streets.

          The totalitarian rioters want the power to control everything about society, they are getting some results, why the hell would they stop when their tactics are being rewarded.

          The election is a lose-lose when it comes to civility in our society.

          There, is that pessimistic enough for everyone?

          Hordes of Anti-Social “Stupid” People Stomp Civility Into Submission!

  5. I know Alzheimer’s can’t be diagnosed pre-mortem, but I have to wonder whether Joe Biden could pass the test they administer before issuing a person a long-term care insurance policy. He’s really, really fragile. Again, I think he’s a Trojan Horse. And the idea of Stacey Abrams as president is terrifying. Al Sharpton will take RBG’s spot on the Supreme Court, next to Anita Hill, and Benjamin Crump will be made Attorney General. Susan Rice will become Secretary of State. Bill DeBlasio’s wife will be Secretary of the Treasury and the Mayor of Chicago will be named Secretary of (Defunding) Defense.

  6. Re: Act 1; Scene 2.

    Lizzie is toast. Her background would crush her, if honest media would do its job. Besides, Lizzie would have to answer some pretty tough questions about her past, most of which are flat out lies. Does anyone remember why her parents had to elope? Anyone? It was because her father’s parents couldn’t bear the fact that their son was in love with a Cherokee woman, high cheekbones, tomahawk chowder, and all. That’s right. Now, think about that. In her blind ambition to wield power, she slandered/libeled her grandparents by declaring them racists. Simply vicious.

    Oh, but Prof. Tribe and his cohorts thinks she has excellent executive experience? Hardly. She’s a former law school professor (nothing wrong with that) and, as senator, her signature achievement is the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau. That lovely little agency is fraught with deadly constitutional problems and if SCOTUS were called to review its make up and authority, I am pretty sure it would fail. Effectively, it is a fourth arm of the government with absolutely no Congressional, Executive, or Judicial oversight. It’s budget is not approved by Congress, and it can write its own rules, issue its own orders, and fine the living bejeezes out of big banks.


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