Comment Of The Day: “KABOOM! Anti-White Stereotyping At The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture”

After a brief pause in eligible Comments of the Day, I am suddenly inundated with candidates, with blogging veteran Glenn Logan at the fore with two more to follow on his recent post. These, and another non-Logan COTD on the runway, were sparked by the Ethics Alarms post about the above content on a Smithsonian website, which threatens all records for “well-intentioned “racial stereotyping.

Here’s Glenn’s Comment of the Day #2 of three, (with the next coming up later today. Three is a row is a record!) on the post, “KABOOM! Anti-White Stereotyping At The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture”:

Looking at the chart, I’m just curious as to which of these things black people don’t accept as their own as well as whites?

Let’s look at a few candidates:

1. Self-reliance: The alternative is some kind of tribal arrangement where the leaders are responsible for everyone’s well-being. This may be the way of African tribes (I really don’t know), but our founding documents have self-reliance as a major tenet. Remember who founded this country. And not all white people have this system. See Europe.

2. Nuclear family: Is this bad? Is it somehow not applicable to black people? Would they argue that black men fathering tens of children out of wedlock and requiring women to raise and support them a better/preferable system?

3. Wife subordinate to husband: This hasn’t been the norm for decades, especially in other “white” countries. Was this written for pre-1970’s America? In what way are black relationships better if men are not required to accept any responsibility for whatever passes as a black “nuclear family?”

4. Objective, rational, linear thinking: Again, in what way is a black person different? Do they think emotional, irrational, unreason is preferable? Can somebody show me anyplace in history, whatever the race, where this kind of non-rational thinking was effective?

5. Heavy focus on the British Empire: Does my history book deceive me, or did our founders not commit treason and rebellion against the British Empire, i.e., they were former British citizens? The first Americans adopted the language because it was then, and is now, the language of business. That said, is there some reason we should now change to Swahili or another African language? Or Arabic? French, maybe?

6. Hard work: Is there some other key to success that black people know about that I don’t? I’m willing to listen.

7. No tolerance for deviation from monotheism: Well, a century ago, maybe, or 75 years. I pass a Hindu temple on the way to work that for some reason still operates unencumbered, and isn’t it interesting that Muslims think Christians are polytheist because of the Holy Trinity?

8. Wealth = Worth: They must be talking about wealthy liberals. God knows most Americans haven’t subscribed to this idea for decades.

9. Plan for the future: Is there some other way to plan? I mean, the very word “plan” requires an un-attained objective, some future goal, by definition. Is just letting the future happen and hoping for the best somehow preferable, or even desirable?

10. Time: I guess we could all go on “Aloha time,” but I suspect if we want to be competitive against other countries and cultures, “whenever I get around to it” might impede that objective.

11. Steak and potatoes: Okay, you’ve crossed the line here. Stay off my damn food, and eat what you please. Hemlock, if you prefer, I don’t care.

12. English common law: Our founders implemented what they knew, and as far as I know, nobody has made a convincing a case that some other system, say, Sharia law, is better.

13. Be #1 in competition: This is so pre-1980’s — unfortunately.

14. The “King’s English”: See #5. Also, please propose a better alternative that enables everyone to communicate. Common language is what binds a country together, and inability to communicate leads to conflict and war.

25 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “KABOOM! Anti-White Stereotyping At The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture”

  1. Great post Glenn but there is a method of being successful without hard work. It is called guilting gullible whites into giving you millions of dollars to avoid “trouble”. This method of claiming victimization for fun and profit has become more mainstream as we see highly paid sports and entertainment people find ways to augment their incomes using updated shakedown practices that were pioneered by Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson. Today everyone of color can join the shakedown train.

    • Chris wrote:

      Great post Glenn but there is a method of being successful without hard work. It is called guilting gullible whites into giving you millions of dollars to avoid “trouble”.

      Yeah, I was trying to avoid that in the interest of keeping it civil. I hate to go there, but I can’t deny the reality of your observation. I called Jesse Jackson for comment, but he couldn’t be reached. 🙂

      • Glenn, I can appreciate that. On a more derious note, I wonder how much of the anti-white enculturation was created through various federal program regulations.

        Saving for the future is stymied by maximum asset requirements to receive housing assistance or medicaid?

        Does an escalating payment schedule for cash and food supplaments based on number of children present promote promiscuity?

        Does job advancement and commensurate income growth create negative short run economic incentives as such will make assistance recipients ineligible for programs leaving them worse off than without job advancement?

        The answer is Yes. These programs are designed to keep rationale people living a subsistance existance.

        • Then again, upon reflection, would black people really define living on the dole “success?” Is that really all they think one needs out of life?

          I hope not, and it certainly not true of most of the African-Americans I have known.

          • No. But I also think that for many it is their only frame of reference. When you have been ingrained to believe that this is all your life will ever amount to, you have had no one to show you otherwise, and the government affirms your life choices by paying you every. single. month. for those choices…

            Tell me how this turns around? This is not a baited question. It is an honest one. How does this turn around? Does it start on a macro level or a micro one? Where does it start?

            • It starts at the micro level. One on one with those who have made poor life choices and now have restrained liberty.

              I know from first hand experience working in prison ed setting at the post secondary level. Sitting down with these guys and using the Socratic method to get them to come to their own conclusion about their opportunities. It takes a couple of years and a few successes of their own to get there but they do.

              Too damn many people are telling young blacks they have either no chance or be ostracized from friends and family for “acting white”. This is why I am so angry at the context if this poster about whites.

              • Starting at the micro level feels a little like peeing in the ocean. But I suppose it’s where to start (?)

              • Chris said:

                Too damn many people are telling young blacks they have either no chance or be ostracized from friends and family for “acting white”. This is why I am so angry at the context if this poster about whites.

                I think this is right. When that ostracism finally turns to praise for forming the habits of success, we will have indeed turned a corner. I look forward to that day, although I don’t expect to live that long.

  2. I think that as opposed to describing white values, the team at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture is attempting to explain away what they see as black inadequacies by labeling the expectation of adequacy unreasonable.

    Take “The King’s English” for instance, is that really something that “white culture” values? English is a bastardized language at the best of times, and regional dialects abound. I promise you that Canadians and Americans use English differently, but explicily assigning value to *British* English in particular is absurd. You don’t even spell your words the same way (See Color, Colour, ect). No, this is an attempt to hand-wave the importance of being able to spell, or to attempt to destigmatize Ebonics. Once you view this list through the lens of paternalistic leftist thought, it makes more sense.

    • “The Nuclear Family” is another doozy. The nuclear family is the norm the world over. Quick: Name the cultures outside of black America where two parents plus kids isn’t the norm? This isn’t about “white culture” it’s about the blight that is single motherhood in the black community.

      Every. Single. Item. on that list is a testament to the author’s perception of African American inadequacy, real or imagined. Straight from self-reliance (because guess which demographic is disproportionately on assistance) to Steak and Potatoes (because guess what demographic struggles with nutrition and home cooking)

    • Humble Talent said:

      No, this is an attempt to hand-wave the importance of being able to spell, or to attempt to destigmatize Ebonics. Once you view this list through the lens of paternalistic leftist thought, it makes more sense.

      Well, I would go further and suggest it is about attempting to de-legitimize the Anglo-Saxon heritage of America by referring to it that way. The co-owners of my company are British, and we often have to explain our vernacular to each other. In general, “The Kings English” is a term applied by British citizens as a pejorative aimed at other English-speaking cultures to mock non-British dialects.

      That these “woke” sorts have adopted the term for their infographic suggests either ignorance of its usage or a deliberate attempt to mock white people by doing what they so often accuse us of — “You all look [talk] alike.” In other words, straight-up bigotry.

      • I think if that’s the goal, it’s poorly thought out. America and the UK are two very different animals, even if they shared a common ancestor. Delegitimizing English culture is a weird way of attacking American culture, especially since America already rejects a whole lot of European cultural artifacts.

        But then… These people aren’t exactly famous for well thought out plans.

          • I think they’re drawing a distinction, the poster is titled “Aspects and Assumptions of White Culture in The Untied States“, but I’m not sure the poster would change much if it was printed for the UK. The connection to reality is tenuous at best.

  3. Sorry if this is a bit of a tangent…

    What the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture has created is propaganda targeting the susceptibility of mindless drones. This is another example of how the progressive left is destroying the United States from within with their propaganda and the solid foundation that the United States was built upon is beginning to crumble in front of our eyes. I’ve said before that the only way that the United States will be conquered is from within, and the only way to do that is to demonize absolutely everything that makes the United States of America special thus destroying the core foundations of the United States. These totalitarians want to “win” by default and an apathetic population that capitulates to their demands will sit by and watch it happen, some fools will cheer as it crumbles to the ground.

    “If you can indoctrinate them when they’re children then you’ll have them forever.” Adolf Hitler

    We allowed our youth to be indoctrinated and now we’re suffering the consequences of our apathy. Pass out the participation trophies to the mindless hive drones.

    I found this from March 2018…

    I am more convinced than I have ever been that what we have been witnessing over the last 20+ years is a very intentional seed-sowing propaganda campaign from the political left that has induced a class warfare upheaval in our society and its roots can be found in Marxism. I think we are in the midst of an ongoing nonviolent revolution that is trying to shift the United States society from a capitalist society into some dream of a communist utopia. How do they accomplish this; they attack absolutely anything that can stand in opposition to their ideological worldview. To these people maintaining the status quo of what has made the United States a great nation is equivalent to maintaining “evil”, and of course everyone should unite behind any movement that opposes evil.

    We have been witnessing very sharp divisions in our society that have been promoted by progressive leaning intellectuals and politicians. We have an onslaught of progressive leaning social justice warriors that are smearing anyone that produces logic or rational thinking that contradicts their worldview. At the root of the divisions is a clear attempt (which has been very successful) to divide our society into small segments along any conceivable class possible and set those classes against each other. Once select segmented classes, that are deemed worthy by social justice warriors, are unified behind one movement against what the new social elite classify as being “evil”, the United States that our forefathers created is done. Anyone that contradicts those that oppose what social justice warriors have smeared as being “evil”, is considered actively protecting and supporting “evil”, and therefore is part of the “evil”. You’re The Evil We’ve Been Waiting For! This is what the propaganda seeds of Marxist leaning progressives have done to our society, they have intentionally and successfully dumbed down America.

    I think it’s only a matter of time before it becomes completely acceptable in our transforming society for these Marxist minded people to publicly threaten their opposition and confront anyone that opposes their ideological shift with direct physical force and it will be rationalized with a massive propaganda campaign as the equivalent to stopping evil.

    The seeds that were sown were plainly visible if we had cared enough to pay attention. The dangerous behaviors we’re seeing in our streets and the growing one-sided propaganda was predictable and maybe even preventable, but our apathy enabled it. We allowed the progressives and their militant arm of social justice warriors to win the battle of the minds and brainwash a large swath of couple of generations.

    Hind sight is 20/20; now it’s time for some 20/20 foresight.

  4. The little exercise dude at top of the poster is going to get what he deserves when he goes about lifting that severely unbalanced barbell.

  5. Larry O Connor on WMAL just announced that the poster has been removed with an apology that they were simply trying to start a conversation.

    I really don’t know why the curator of the African American museum would include such an artifact that does not relate to its purpose. If it had been posted that studies had shown that blacks believed these things about whites that might be one thing but that is apparantly not the case.

    If the curators want to start a conversation on race it would make far more sense to compile a list of black values and compare the similarities with a list whites present. I believe it is a bit presumptious to create list if values for another race even if those values have proven to be a recipe for success for so many.

    • Correct. I checked the website and, yes, the poster is removed. But the rest of the “exercise” is still there. How does that make it any better? The entire point of that exercise is to “otherize” whites and blacks. It is divisive and segregationist. In fact, the entire “exercise” is demeaning to blacks, which boggles my mind. The underlying thesis is that blacks never were, are not, and never will be part of “white” America. Talk about destroying communities. Sheesh.


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