Saturday Ethics Depression, 8/8/2020: Irresponsible Parents, Irresponsible Voters, Irresponsible Troll-Makers

This is my state of mind today.

I began today driving for two hours to find a meeting for which I had been given the wrong address, and, like the fool that I have always been, didn’t bring along the phone number of anyone who could help me. It is during ordeals like this that I begin to reflect on what a failure and underachiever I am, and how I really don’t have enough time left for turnaround. All that privilege,  and good fortune, wasted. And I have no one to blame but myself.

Then I had to write about the stuff you’ll find below, and I got really depressed.

1. “Nah, there’s no mainstream media bias, and why aren’t you agreeing with what I say?” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got angry when PBS NewsHour” anchor Judy Woodruff dared to ask a question that cahllenged the Democratic Party position in dispute with Republicans on over the content of a “Phase 4” Wuhan Virus aid bill.

When Woodruff asked Pelosi about the “flexibility” GOP lawmakers are showing in terms of allocating more money for state and local governments, as well as Republican arguments that “much of the money” allocated in the CARES Act “has not even been spent yet,” Pelosi snapped,  “Well, if you want to be an advocate for them, Judy, if you want to be an advocate for them, listen to what the facts are.”

In other word, “Hey! You’re supposed to be on our side!”

Actually, ethical journalists are not supposed to be on anyone’s side, but that quaint ethics  concept has been abandoned by virtually all journalists, including  Woodruff.

“I’m playing devil’s advocate here,!” Woodruff protested. You know, the devil, Republicans—same thing!

2. Better yet, don’t ride the subway! Here is a Wuhan virus safety sign from the New York City subways.

In addition to telling people they should wear masks, it goes to the next level and wants people to avoid interacting at all. This is incompetent messaging and  shows a basic misunderstanding of humans in general and American in particular. It also makes me suspicious: Big Brother is still working to make as all compliant automaton. If we can’t talk, we can’t resist.

It reminds me of the early “don’t touch you face!” warnings. People touch their face thousands of times a day. That message made me skeptical of all the advice from “experts” and governments, and indeed, you hardly hear it any more.

Social interaction is essential to life.

3. Irresponsible parents allow their children to read Teen Vogue. Well, they and OAC fans, I guess. Teen Vogue published an op-ed declaring that no one should have the right to own real property, pushing for the abolishment of landlords while condemning the “cruelty of payment-based housing.” The author is Kandist Mallett. Here is an example of the quality of Mallett’s reasoning:

Uh, suure, Kandist. Good thinking there. How can a magazine aiming at a teen market justify parading cracked critical thinking like this before vulnerable eyes? It can’t. This is deliberate misinformation, and presenting a fool to gullible innocents who will literally be made dumber by reading whatever such an author advocates.

3. I don’t even know what to say about this one, except that incompetence apparently knows no bounds. Hasbro created a fun new new Trolls doll to help promote the new animated Trolls film. The doll, in the voice of actress Anna Kendrick,   “gasps and giggles” when a button is pushed. Strangely, the button that excited the  presumably female doll is located here:

Redolent of Mattel’s “Growing-Up Skipper” doll, where you could put Barbie’s little sister through puberty by rotating her arm backwards, but worse, the new Hasbro doll, named “Poppy,”  prompted an on-line campaign by horrified parents before the oblivious toy company announced yesterday  that it would be removing the doll from retailers.  The company’s senior vice president of global communications, Julie Duffy, told the Providence Journal in a statement, “This feature was designed to react when the doll was seated, but we recognize the placement of the sensor may be perceived as inappropriate.”

Ya think?

4. Incompetent Voters of the Year: Cori Bush, whose sole qualification for office is that she led protests following Mike Brown’s shooting by a  white police officer in Ferguson, defeated longtime Rep. William Lacy Clay  Missouri’s Democratic primary this week. Clay was no great shakes in Missouri’s 1st Congressional District (which included Ferguson), but Bush ran on a fictional platform, based substantially on her original insistence that “Hand up! Don’t shoot!” was the truth, rather than a self-serving lie by the huge teen’s homey. Of course Bush is a BLM acolyte, with all the anti-white bigotry that implies, and after careful consideration, she concluded that crypto-Commie Bernie Sanders was the best of the Democratic options to be President. I’d be fascinated to hear Bush answer basic questions about  the Bill of Rights. To be fair, she does have a nursing degree.

Joe Biden may choose her as Vice President yet.  The Nation, the hard-left, socialist propaganda magazine, has demanded that Biden “prove that he is on the right side of justice and will put in place policies that protect Black people” by not choosing “someone who has been a top cop or in the pocket of the police on the ticket, because doing so would not only signal that he is not committed to protecting Black lives but also might discourage the voters he needs to defeat Donald Trump.”

This disqualifies Senator Amy Klobuchar, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Senator Kamala Harris, Representative Val Demings, and leaves Biden with acceptable choices Senator Elizabeth Warren, Representative Barbara Lee, Representative Karen Bass, and Stacey Abrams. Warren’s white, and therefore unacceptable even if she wasn’t an opportunistic liar and demagogue. Barbara Lee is in contention for the title of most shameless race-baiter in Congress, and was a supporter of the Black Panthers. Stacy Abrams, as we know, has no qualifications to be Vice-President at all, except that she is black and a women, which is apparently all Joe is looking for.

5. Segregation’s back, and it’s cool again! From the Washington Free Beacon:

Key School, a private school located in Annapolis, plans to host a virtual “affinity dialogue” for black parents only. The school’s diversity, equity, and inclusion page claims these sessions are the first of multiple steps in the school’s journey toward “reconciliation, restoration, and justice.” While the diversity office at the $30,075 per-year school publicly claims that all parents are welcome to join in such events, a school official acknowledged that it will hold one virtual session that is only available to black people.

“The Dialogues for Justice session on August 11 is specifically an affinity meeting for our African American/Black parents,” a spokeswoman told the Washington FreeBeacon. “The Dialogues for Justice session on August 3 is for all of our parents.”

A concerned parent—who spoke to the FreeBeacon on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution—said administrators have ignored those who have raised concerns about segregated events. The parent of two claims the school does not want to have a discussion that “goes against the narrative of white supremacy.”

“[Key School] talks about inclusivity, then holds school-sponsored meetings that separate people based on the color of their skin,” the Key School parent said. “It’s just not right, but parents have no outlet to voice their complaints. If you speak out against these tactics, then they term you a racist, and your life is essentially over. So, we all stay quiet and hope common sense will prevail.”

Key School’s diversity training for faculty and staff includes the mandatory reading of Me and White Supremacy, a book that claims all white people are complicit in white supremacy and tanning is a form of cultural appropriation. The book is part of the school’s 28-day “journey to combat racism.”

I shouldn’t have to say much about this, except to observe that any parents of any hue that continues to pay 30,000 a year to have their children’s minds warped by a place like this will deserve the little racist anti-American they get for their money.


6 thoughts on “Saturday Ethics Depression, 8/8/2020: Irresponsible Parents, Irresponsible Voters, Irresponsible Troll-Makers

  1. Jack, Jack, Jack. You’re a virtual polymath. You do a million different things all at the same time and do them well. Just this existence of this blog and the consistently outstanding quality of your posts and the quality of the comments your posts elicit, means you’re a success.

    Does everybody who goes to Harvard bear such a ridiculous burden? We all have bad days. Have a Snickers or something. You’re not you when you’re hungry.

  2. In addition to telling people they should wear masks, it goes to the next level and wants people to avoid interacting at all. This is incompetent messaging and shows a basic misunderstanding of humans in general and American in particular. It also makes me suspicious: Big Brother is still working to make as all compliant automaton. If we can’t talk, we can’t resist.

    A longtime commenter on made this observation.

    The story I linked earlier today suggested that a lot of the recent outbreak appears to be about younger people getting together socially–in Europe it was all about beaches and bars. Institute a curfew, close the beaches and the pubs, and younger people will stop passing the virus among them in the attempt to get drunk and screw.

    It’s all based on the weird belief that the law is more powerful than the desire to get drunk and screw. Having known a number of Australians, I’m here to tell you that the attempt to use government to make Australians stop getting drunk and screwing is probably more futile than it would be elsewhere. I’ve known Australians to come to the beaches of San Diego in the Australian winter–just to get drunk and screw.

    My money’s on the Australians getting drunk and screwing despite the curfew.

    – Ken Shultz

  3. Hey, if you consider yourself a failure and underachiever, what do you think of the rest of us plebes? Have some pity…C’mon, man!

    3a So many questions to ask her…”What if your landlord doesn’t have a mortgage?… If I have a subscription to Teen Vogue, do I get free meals from you?…Have you tried floating this claim at your Starbucks?…”

  4. Such things as the Diversity and Justice session for Black parents only is similar to what we called in the Army “bitch sessions”. that occurred on many levels 1.when all the enlisted men complained amongst themselves about the NCO; 2 when the NCOs complained among themselves about the junior officers; 3 when the junior officers complained among themselves about the general staff. All of these bitch military sessions were fueled by the consumption of beer. I am certain that at the school the medium will be chardonnay.

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