Reality: New Jersey Election Results Invalidated Because of Voter Fraud. Democrats, The New York Times And Your Facebook Friends: “Stop Trying To Confuse Us With Facts!”

We didn’t need the latest evidence to know that the push for mail-in balloting for the November election was a recipe for an existential national catastrophe—accusations, multiple disputed election results at all levels of government, endless lawsuits, a Constitutional crisis, riots, violence. The use of the pandemic to justify such an unacceptable risk has been one of the Democratic Party’s more audacious plots, and that’s saying something. So you run the polls like Trader Joe’s runs its grocery store: masks required, machines wiped down after every use, little footprints keeping everyone socially distanced,monitors enforcing them. Big honking deal.

The Post Office has been a waste of money and untrustworthy for at least a decade, creating a Catch 22. The amount of mail that has to be delivered the old-fashioned way is minuscule compared to the volume of former snail mail now going out over the internet. The U.S. could save money by phasing out the USPS and hiring FedEx and UPS to handle the essential mail remaining. Suddenly entrusting a national election to the rotting institution is, well, you know…

Even half-objective news reporting would make that obvious to all but the most addled citizens and children under the age of 14.  But we don’t have any half-objective news reporting  since the 2016 election made journalists permanent agents of the Left.

Have you seen this story headlined across the news media? A New Jersey judge, Ernest M. Caposela, ruled this week that the City Council election in Paterson, New Jersey, had been irreversibly tainted by mail fraud, and ordered a new vote to be held in November. The superior court judge wrote that the election “was not the fair, free and full expression of the intent of the voters.”

And that’s just a single local election.

During the just-completed Democratic National Convention, the unforgivable conspiracy theory that President Trump is trying to undermine the 2020 election by dismantling the postal service—it already isn’t up to the job of handling a large proportion of votes in a national election—was a persistent narrative, as well as the deceit that that mail-in voting is no different than absentee voting.  So here’s the New York Times, spinning like Gene Kelly:

Mr. Trump’s campaign cited the Paterson corruption case as a reason not to expand voting by mail. “By ordering universal vote-by-mail, he has created a recipe for disaster,” the suit said. With more voters than ever eligible to vote by mail because of the outbreak, Mr. Trump has repeatedly warned, without any evidence, that mail-in ballots would lead to widespread fraud and would call into question the results of the November election.

Without any evidence???? The performance of the postal service is evidence. How can the Times print that phrase in a story about smoking gun evidence??  But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! The Times then says,

But some election experts said it was somewhat misleading to use the Paterson scandal as a cudgel to discredit mail-in voting, noting that election fraud is extremely rare and, as the case in New Jersey shows, is usually easy to detect.


As if it isn’t  obvious, my head just exploded. If yours didn’t, I’ll give you the name of a good head-explosion reflex specialist.

Of COURSE the Paterson election discredits mail-in voting! Election fraud is “extremely rare” because mail-in voting in this country has also  been extremely rare! “USUALLY” easy to detect???

Oh, well, that’s good enough when our democracy’s on the line.


10 thoughts on “Reality: New Jersey Election Results Invalidated Because of Voter Fraud. Democrats, The New York Times And Your Facebook Friends: “Stop Trying To Confuse Us With Facts!”

  1. Voter fraud is only detected when it is detected. There is absolutely no way to evaluate that which goes unmeasured. Do we have any validation of everyone who actually votes? I don’t think so.

    I keep hearing there is scant evidence of widspread voter fraud but where is the evidence that photo id’s suppress the vote; unless the vote is an illegal one. If you have evidence that means you know who the actual people are,. Otherwise your claims if viter suppression are as unsubstantiated as any claim of fraud which could be going on undetected. Further, if you know who has no ID why not help them get one rather than litigate?

    I find it ironic that Biden says it is our patriotic duty to aquire and wear masks ( a box 40 disposable ones are about 15 bucks) to protect our fellow citizens but there is no such responsibility to acquire a photo id to prove you are the person on the voter roll to protect the integrity of one’s fellow citizen’s vote. Every illegal vote suppresses a legal one.

    • Would it not be prudent to question the motives of the postal workers who are complaining about the slowing of the mail when they are the ones that do the actual work ( work slowdowns are a common practice in unionized environments) and also belong to a union that supports the opposition?

      As I understand the issue, postal workers are upset that their overtime is being cut because of changes in operations. Therefore, they are the financial beneficiaries of any political narrative created to undermine the policies that reduce labor costs.

      I would not be surprised if union officials representing the postal employees did not strategize with the DNC to push this narrative.

      RE the Twitter link: I don’t use Twitter nor follow it but why would the USPS Twitter account be filled with pro Biden campaign tweets?

      • I saw a person identified as some kind of mucky-muk of the postal worker union interviewed on the news last week. He was wearing a “black lives matter” mask. Yes.

        Somewhat related: a friend who lives in Nevada informed me that in that state’s mail out of ballots recently there were at least 220,000+ sent to addresses where the named voter did not live. They knew that because that is the number RETURNED to the sender; who knows if others were kept for whatever reason. The problems with this go beyond just USPS.

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